Full Timeline

This is to be a summary of all events in the timeline. Specific documents will have subsets of this, as indicated by the ``classes'' shown in parentheses after each item.

AD2009 (terra)
Captain Shaun Geoffrey Christopher commands the first Earth-Saturn probe.
AD2025 (terra)
Luna declares its independence and is recognized by the United Nations. The reunification of Ireland.
AD2030 (acent)
Alphacentauran scientist Zephram Cochrane is born, who will later be a pioneer in warp propulsion.
AD2037 (terra)
NASA launches the spacecraft Charybdis, commanded by colonel Steven Richey. It is the third attempt to explore beyond Earth's solar system. The ship is declared missing after telemetry is lost.
AD2041 (terra)
A Martian expedition to Alpha Centauri discover a humanoid culture there. The first contact is remarkably straightforward. The Alpha-centaurians had already been contacted by the Vulcans, and thus were less surprised by the contact.
AD2048 (terra)
First contact between Terra and Alpha-Centauri. The Terran vessel UNSS Icarus, commanded by Captain Roger Tauber, was met by the Centauran space fleet, leading almost immediately to cultural exchange programs.
AD2061 (terra)
First successful demonstration of lightspeed propulsion by Alpha-Centauran scientist Zephram Cochrane.
AD2065 (terra)
The building of the Eugenic empires is started, including the rise of India of Khan Noonian Singh.
AD2070 (terra)
The Fundamental Declarations of the Martian Colonies.
AD2074 (terra)
The Eugenics Wars begin. These conflicts among the superhuman warlords...
AD2079 (terra)
The Eugenics Wars end with a series of nuclear exchanges in the Pacific. All told, 37 million are left dead by the conflict. The Eugenic empires crumble under revolution.
Many of the leaders of the wars escape from Earth in a sublight sleeper ship, dubbed the SS Botany Bay.
AD2087 (terra)
The SS Valiant is launched on a deep space exploration mission ($\pm 15$ years).
AD2106 (terra)
The UNSS Bonaventure is commisioned: the first FTL ship, built in cooperation between Terra and Alpha-Centauri. It uses a fusion-powered hyperfoil drive, slower and less powerful than later anti-matter driven warp drives.
Y0 (fed)
A summit of Terran, Alpha-Centauri, and Vulcan representatives meet to propose the idea of a peaceful Federation of Planets.
Y4 (fed)
The original Articles of Federation are signed at the first Babel conference. The primary signatory powers include Terra, Alpha-Centauri, Vulcan, Cygnus, and Andor.
Y25 (fed)
The second Babel conference establishes the handling of colony worlds, and creates the Social and Economic Council to ward off potential disputes.
Y40 (fed)
An extended war with the Romulans begins, lasting 6 years. Fought with nuclear weapons and no shields, the results are chaotic and devastating. Many ships had been lost before the Romulans were even identified as the cause.
Y45 (tech)
Terrans introduce the cruiser hull design upon which Star Fleet's Light Cruiser(CL) is now based.
Y46 (fed)
The Romulan Wars end with the Battle of Cheron. The Neutral Zone is negotiated over sub-space radio, with neither side ever having encountered the enemy face to face.
Y56 (tech)
Time period of the Daedalus class starship - including the Essex (NCC-173), Archon, and Horizon.
Y60 (tech)
The hand-held `bicorder' sensor is developed.
Y62 (fed,tech)
The first warp-powered vessels are launched by the Federation, including Earth's Liberty class warship, whose hull configuration is still used in Star Fleet's Light Cruiser(CL).
Y71 (fed)
The third Babel conference founds Star Fleet as a cooperative Federation project. Terran and Alpha-Centaurian vessels form the core of the original fleet.
Y78 (tech)
Star Fleet introduces deflector shields as standard.
Y85 (tech)
The CH Corcya's bridge crew is killed on a primitive planet.
Y88 (tech)
The Kzintis attack the Federation to capture territory, leading to a 3 year war. The Kzinti take several planets, but eventually Star Fleet drives them back, restoring the original border.
Y99 (tech)
The Rickenbacker class Maximum Security Transport is commissioned.
Y101 (fed)
First contact between the Klingons and the Federation. The Star Fleet cruiser Sentry picks up a Klingon shuttle pilot requesting political asylum. Soon the D4 Devisor shows up and demands his return. When the Sentry refuses, the Devisor fires upon her and the Sentry flees.
Y103 (fleet)
USS Valiant is lost in the Eminiar system.
Y105 (fed)
A colony on New Aberdeen III is found to be completely abandoned under mysterious circumstances.
Y106 (fleet)
The CS Valiant is lost in the vicinity of Eminiar.
Y107 (tech)
Phasers replaces laser weapons as standard issue.
Y109 (fed)
The fourth Babel conference finalizes the time (Y113) when all Federation member warships must be incorporated into Star Fleet.
Y110 (tech)
Time period of the Mann class starships, with spheroid hulls.
Y110 (fleet)
The HTT Flying Fortress is attacked by Klingon pirates. It is recovered by Star Fleet, but all hands were lost.
Y111 (fed,fleet)
The Klingon War of 111 (the `Firecracker War') begins in December Y110 with a Klingon attack on newly established colonies. The war ends within 5 months, with a minimum of casualties due to advances in shield technology. A simple compromise has the Federation withdraw from certain occupied worlds.
Y113 (fed,fleet)
The Federation finishes disbanding of national fleets in favor of a unified Star Fleet. 16 Orion ships and 9000 crewman mutiny and disappear.
Y117 (fed)
The Orion pirates are observed to be in widespread operation.
Y120 (tech)
The photon grenade becomes available.
Y120 (tech)
The Texas-class Light Cruiser(CL) is commisioned.
Y122 (fed)
Andorian Captain Hathari fires on Tellarite merchant ships approaching the Andorian colony world Th'allt, justifying his actions by economic protection directives from the Federation Social and Economic Council.
Y123 (fed)
A Federation ambassador is sent to Klinzai, only to be withdrawn after 6 years.
Y125 (tech)
Commando Cruiser (CMC), and Light Survey Cruiser (CLS) commisioned.
Y126 (fleet)
The USS Columbia is lost, crashed on Talos IV.
Y126 (tech)
Drone ATG guidance is developed by the Federation.
Y127 (tech)
Frigate (FF), and Police Cutter (POL) commisioned.
Y128 (fed,tech)
The transporter is perfected by Federation scientists.
Y129 (fed)
The fifth Babel conference meets to address a number of questions, including the volatile issues raised by the Terra-Return League. The vote to dissolve Star Fleet fails.
Y130 (fed,tech)
Star Fleet commissions the first dilithium-moderated starships: the Saladin class destroyer(DD) and the Constitution class heavy cruiser(CA).
Y130 (tech)
The modern tricorder becomes available, a jump in technology from the previous sensing devices.
Y131 (fleet)
A Federation commercial starliner, the Celestial Queen, with numerous dignataries on board, is boarded by Orion pirates. It is liberated with no civilian casualties by Star Fleet.
Y135 (tech)
Richard Daystrom develops the duotronic computer system which soon becomes the new standard.
Y135 (tech)
The Ptolemy class tug (TUG) is commisioned.
Y135 (fed)
Governor Kolos of Tarsus IV, faced with starvation due to a grain blight, orders the execution of 4000 colonists regarded as unessential. Unexpected Star Fleet aid which soon arrives is horrified, but Kolos is not found.
Y136 (fed)
The Kzinti begin a series of skirmishes which will continue over 6 years - attacking Federation border stations and patrols. War is never officially declared, and later Kzinti administration denies involvement in the attacks.
Y136 (tech,fleet)
Hostilities with the Klingon empire renew in a battle over Donatu V, in a dispute over territory around Sherman's Planet.
Y137 (tech)
The Starliner Pod is commisioned.
Y137 (fed,fleet)
The USS Gulliver is destroyed by Klingons at Axanar. The Klingons announce an alliance with Axanar natives.
Y139 (fed,fleet)
Captain Garth completes the Axanar peace mission, halting the advance of a Klingon fleet into Federation space and bringing about a return to peace. Klingon Admiral Kkorhetza withdraws.
Y140 (tech)
Galactic Survey Cruiser (GSC), Hospital Ship (CLH), FFT, and FFP commisioned.
Y140 (fed)
The Sixth Babel Conference meets and concludes without resolution. It had been called to discuss war issues.
Y144 (fed,fleet)
Star Fleet issues General Order \#7, an interdiction on the world of Talos IV, with the death penalty as punishment. Many Federation members decry this as a tyrranical move towards a military state.
Y145 (fed)
Kzinti renegates raid Allen's Planet, slaughtering most inhabitants. ``The Marquis'' captures and executes the rebels, but does not return the survivors.
Y145 (tech)
Battle Pod commisioned.
Y147 (fleet)
200 crew of the CA Farragut are killed by a strange Cloud Creature, including Captain Garrovick.
Y149 (tech,fleet)
First contact with the Gorns. A war is narrowly averted after two brash young captains shoot first and face embarrassing questions later. While fleets are mobilized, the conflict is defused before any actual fighting takes place. However, negotiations are set back by many years.
Y150 (tech)
Multi-role (MRS), Mine-sweeping (MSS), and Mine-laying (MLS) shuttles are brought into service.
Y152 (tech)
Federation and Kzinti units fight over a stasis box.
Y154 (fed,fleet)
The Romulans reveal the cloaking device in a short-lived war. When flaws are shown in the device, they quickly sue for peace, reestablishing the Neutral Zone with the Treaty of Pelione.
Y155 (fed,fleet)
Incidents along the Klingon border increase, as both sides object to the other's handling of unaligned worlds. The CL Texas is attacked by a Klingon D6 when attempting to recover a survey party.
Y156 (fleet)
The Federation Q-ship Starduster masquerades as an Orion freighter and attacks the Klingon tug Grolika Amelko, which was paying off hired Orion raids.
Y156 (fed)
The Klingons forcefully occupy several neutral worlds, including Narendra and Organia. Star Fleet opposes their claim and moves in fleets to prevent any further buildup. Before war can be declared, the Organians suddenly reveal themselves as immensely powerful psionics. By force they halt the fleet operations of both sides, and declare that they will enforce peace, defining a neutral zone which both sides have free access to.
Y157 (fed,fleet)
The Treaty of Algoran with Gorn Confederation is signed. This is a non-aggression and trade agreement. Star Fleet thus lifts the trade ban, and inroads are made towards an alliance against the Romulans.
Y157 (fleet)
The CA Constellation is crippled by a Doomsday machine near Tholian space.
Y157 (fed)
The seventh Babel conference meets to discuss a number of issues, including the ratification of the Gorn treaty and the admission of Coridan. Coridan was an Orion colony which seceded, whose admission was thus strongly contested by Orion members.
Y158 (tech)
Mine warfare becomes a more significant hazard. Eight Minesweepers (MS) are built from Light Cruiser hulls.
Y158 (fed,fleet)
The Klingons pre-emptively invade Kzinti space, beginning a long and inconclusive war. Star Fleet is concerned that if victorious, the Klingons may side-step the Organian treaty zone.
Y158 (fed,fleet)
Star Fleet shifts additional forces to the western fleets to counter the possibility of Klingons sidestepping the treaty zone. Based on the threat of Klingon expansion, Star Fleet petitions the Organians for a limited action to restore the ``balance of power''.
This is understood to have been a threat of force intended to influence the Klingons into a settlement regarding the war. However, the attempt backfired, apparently driving the Klingons into a treaty with the Romulans.
Y159 (tech)
A CL is lost on the Tholian border to an interphase phenomena. The CA Enterprise, called in to investigate, is threatened by the phenomena and two Tholian PC's, and barely escapes.
Y159 (fed,fleet)
The Klingons and Romulans arrive at a trade agreement. The Romulans received Klingon starships and warp technology, in trade for other goods.
Y160 (tech)
The replacement of Base Stations(BS) with Battle Stations(BATS) is completed. The CAR and FFG refits are begun. Repair and Troop Pods are commissioned.
Y160 (fleet)
CA Kongo saves the industrial colony on Pollux IX from the F5 Khedive, which tractored a meteor onto a collision course with the planet.
Y161 (fleet)
Klingons capture a Federation Trade Commision and try them as spies. The CA Kongo and CMC Okinawa go into Klingon territory to stage a bloody rescue attempt, killing the Klingon Commander of the Base Station in the process.
Y161 (fleet)
The CA Kongo is sabotaged and attacked by D7 Antagonist in revenge for the raid.
Y162 (fed,fleet)
The Klingon-Kzinti war ends inconclusively.
Y162 (fleet)
A child survivor from Allen's Planet, William Gerard, returns to the UFP after being raised by the Kzintis.
Y163 (fleet)
The GSC Marco Polo is attacked by Romulans, and is rescued by the CA Hood.
Y163 (fleet)
CA Kongo is attacked by Dragon Cartel's CR Black Heart while delivering 50 delegades to an anti-piracy conference. Both the engagement and the conference are inconclusive, however.
Y164 (fed,fleet)
The D6 Gnasher raids Rita's Planet in the Neutral Zone, massacring thousands of Federation colonists. The Federation demands action from the Organians, who announce stricter controls on both sides.
Y164 (tech)
Star Fleet begins receiving Plasma-F's from the Gorns as part of the Treaty of Algeron.
Y165 (tech)
The ``+'' refits are started with the refit of the CA Enterprise. The Plasma Frigate(FFL) is commissioned.
Y165 (fed,fleet)
The D7A Spellbinder ambushes the CC Excaliber and CL Gettysburg, but the Organians intervene by disarming both sides of the border. The disarmament is lifted after three months, but the Organians insist upon further measures to maintain peace, including a diplomatic community on Nimbus III.
Y166 (fed)
The Federation-Kzinti Articles of Agreement are signed, allowing for trade of non-weapon goods and technologies (including dilithium and deflector shields), the establishment of embassies, and the defining of a clear but open border.
Y166 (tech)
The Plasma Destroyer(DDL) is commissioned.
Y167 (tech)
The Federation class DN is commissioned, along with the CVL Pod. The GSC to CVL conversion is started, and the DDG enters full production.
Y168 (tech)
The CL+ program is started. The Strike Carrier(CVS) and specialized escorts (DE,FFE,FFR) are commissioned. The Drone Frigate(FFD) enters full production.
Y168 (fed,fleet)
Relations with the Klingons break down in a border incident, in which the CA Republic destroys a Klingon frigate, and the Klingons capture the officers responsible. Delegates on Nimbus III degrade to open battle, but the Organians continue to intervene.
Y168 (fed,fleet)
The Kzinti go to war with the Lyrans. The conflict apparently escalated from tensions leftover from the previous war six years ago.
Y169 (fed,fleet)
The Klingons join the Lyrans in declaring war on the Kzintis.
Y169 (fed,fleet)
In the Neutral Zone, the Klingons claim equal rights to Sherman's Planet under the Organian Treaty. When they attempt to occupy it, the planetary base fires upon them, which they respond to with a series of marine raids.
Y170 (fed)
The Federation concludes an arms deal with the Tholians, giving them photon torpedoes in exchange for territory and information - and paving the way for a future alliance.
Y170 (fed)
The Coalition devastates all key Kzinti planets.
Y170 (tech)
COV, NCL, FFM, FFS, Self Defense Pod commisioned
Y171 (tech)
The CVA Napolean is built. The NCD, ECL, DD+ are commisioned
Y171 (tech)
The Scatter Phaser and Repeater Phaser become available.
Y171 (fed)
(April) The Eight Babel Conference is convened to discuss increases in member dues, owing to the threat of war.
Y170 (fed)
The Federation conducts a covert assault upon the Klingon-allied world of Oschim. The fleet then ambushes and destroys the DSF forces (an F5 and F5M) which come to aid it.
Y171 (fleet)
First Fleet sets a trap for the Lion's Heart Cartel, destroying several ships and later capturing a base with the clan lord.
Y171 (klin,fleet)
The Klingons begin an assault on the Hydran capital.
Y171 (fed)
In response to increasing provocation, the Klingons declare war on the Federation. Their initial onslaught destroys the CA Hood, BATS 7, and more.
Y171 (fed)
The Klingons send ambassador Thad Vak Kaleen to the Romulans seeking an alliance. The Federation tries to intercept Kaleen, but he succeeds in reaching Romulus.
Y171 (fleet)
A savage battle with the Romulans damages the CAR+ Potempkin, DD Darius, Tug Copernicus, and FFG Lehman.
Y172 (tech)
The DN+ program is begun. The CVB and Pod-CV are commisioned.
Y172 (fleet)
The fall of the Hydran capital.
Y172 (fed,fleet)
A Federation expedition (Operation Hydra) unsuccessfully attempts to reach the Hydrans.
Y172 (fed,fleet)
Orion and its colonies declare neutrality as Klingon forces press inward, forming the Association of Independent Worlds.
Y172 (fed)
Lyrans hold most of Kzinti territory.
Y173 (tech)
NVL, NEC, DER commisioned
Y173 (fed)
The Romulans are convinced to declare war on the Federation, launching a massive attack.
Y174 (tech)
LTT, Light Battle Pod commisioned
Y174 (fed)
The Orions operate against the Alliance with an unprecedented number of ships.
Y174 (tech)
The CVB Nelson runs into a Klingon squadron, killing Admiral Osage, but the fight overall was a draw. The squadron was delayed, however, in aiding the C8V Vindicator against the CVA Napolean.
Y174 (fed,fleet)
A ceasefire is (almost?) negotiated at Olsen's Reach between the Coalition and the Federation, with significant loss of Federation territory.
Y175 (tech)
DNG, NVS, NMS, FFB, Aegis Escorts commisioned
Y176 (tech)
NSC, DW(and all variants) commisioned
Y176 (fleet)
Federation forces begin driving a wedge into Coalition held space and separating the Klingons from the Romulans. New bases are built which are attacked by Klingon fighter groups while they are vulnerable, but at an unexpectedly high cost.
Y177 (tech)
The Kirov class Battlecruiser(BCG) is commisioned.
Y178 (tech)
The Bismark class Battlecruiser(BCF) is commisioned.

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