The Terran people form the basis of Star Fleet and are often the backbone of the Federation.



Modern History

The modern history of Terra begins with the conquest of space, starting in the third millenium A.D., to use their dating system.


\begin{description} \item[A.D.2009] Captain Shaun Geoffrey Christopher commands the first Earth-Saturn probe. \item[A.D.2025] Luna declares its independence and is recognized by the United Nations. The reunification of Ireland. \item[A.D.2037] NASA launches the spacecraft Charybdis, commanded by colonel Steven Richey. It is the third attempt to explore beyond Earth's solar system. The ship is declared missing after telemetry is lost. \item[A.D.2041] A Martian expedition to Alpha Centauri discover a humanoid culture there. The first contact is remarkably straightforward. The Alpha-centaurians had already been contacted by the Vulcans, and thus were not surprised by the contact. \item[A.D.2065] The building of the Eugenic empires is started, including the rise of Indonesia of Khan Noonian Singh. \item[A.D.2070] The Fundamental Declarations of the Martian Colonies. \item[A.D.2074] The Eugenics Wars begin. These conflicts among the superhuman warlords \item[A.D.2079] The Eugenics Wars end with a series of nuclear exchanges in the Pacific. All told, 37 million are left dead by the conflict. The Eugenic empires crumble under revolution. Many of the leaders of the wars escape from Earth in a sublight sleeper ship, dubbed the SS {\em Botany Bay}. \item[A.D.2106] The {\em UNSS Bonaventure} is commisioned: the first FTL ship, built in cooperation between Terra and Alpha-Centauri. It uses a fusion-powered hyperfoil drive, slower and less powerful than later anti-matter driven warp drives. \item[A.D.2111 = Y0] A summit of Terran, Alpha-Centauri, and Vulcan representatives meet to propose the idea of a peaceful Federation of Planets. \item[A.D.2115 = Y4] The original Articles of Federation are signed at the first Babel conference. The primary signatory powers include Terra, Alpha-Centauri, Vulcan, Cygnus, and Andor. \item[A.D.2156 = Y45] The Terran fleet introduces the armored cruiser design. The venerable hull type will later be used in the {\em Liberty} class warship and the {\em Texas} class light cruiser. \item[A.D.2230 = Y119] The Terra-Return League grows in popularity, which will heavily influence the Babel conference of Y129 ten years later. \end{description}
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