Tellarites are a humanoid race, with thick, coarse layers of skin (somewhat pinker than humans due to higher blood pressure), and more body hair than terrans, covering all but the frontal face and hands. Their bodies are tougher and stouter than most humans, with an insulating layer of fat. They have a double set of eyelids, and overdeveloped nasal openings adapted to the thin atmosphere of their homeworld (somewhat like the snouts of Terran pigs).

Tellarites are often characterized as boisterous, argumentative, and brash - but this is in part a difference of manners as compared with most humans. Many of their social dealing can be compared to human haggling, where overexaggerated outrage and insults are exchanged before coming to an agreement. Most Tellarites enjoy debate, and it is a common entertainment. A merchant's bazaar on Tellus is a lively place.

Caution is a valued trait in their society. Those who trust too much, or give in too easily, are considered weak fools.




The Tellarites were contacted by a Terran expedition before they had any knowledge of alien races. The initial contact caused widespread panic among the Tellarites, many fearing invasion or worse. However, discussions between the Terrans and government leaders were benevolent, and broadcasts eventually averted the crisis. Since then, the Tellarites have become important members of the Federation, and important traders. They have contributed significantly to civilian starship propulsion and structural design, and operate several shipyards. However, they are not a significant presence in Star Fleet - either as members or suppliers.
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