(From GURPS Star Trek) The Edoans are a slightly more recent addition to the Federation. They walk upright and have some resemblance to humans, but are tripedal, possessing three arms and three legs. They have round yellow eyes, and a concave, structured, head. Their skin is a strange orange hue, and is completely hairless. Edoans are among the best toolmakers in the Federation, due to their sensitive hands, and have great dexterity. They are very meticulous about detail, and make good scientists and technicians.

GURPS: ST-1, IQ+1, DX+3, Manual Dexterity, Severe Shyness

The Edoan homeworld is class M, in a system with a few small terrestrial planets, and no gas giants. The Edoans are very reserved, and prize privacy. They tend to be very shy and introverted, and make few close attachments.

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