While remarkably similar to Humans in general body strucure, Cygnans as a race share a pale, milky-white skin coloring without the color variations seen in humans, resembling albinos save that their eyes are jet black, with no discernable whites or pupils. The Cygnan sun (known as ``Shresha'') is an old one, with a lower [...]

Cygnus is the name given to the inhabitants of the planet by the Federation - their name for their land is Seranaya, for themselves simply A'Trana which translates as ``The People''.


Today, Cygnan families echo those of humans, with the parents taking an equal role in the rearing of the children. Families revolve around a ``Y'Ghara'', or homestead, where several generations will live together under the same roof. Arranged marriages between members of distant Y'Gharas are common. A young couple is supported by others in the Y'Ghara until the children are old enough to attend the State School, at which time both the parents return to work.


The Cygnan world has only one major continent, and therefore does not see the multitude of religious beliefs present in both the Human and Andorian belief patterns. Several religions are seen to have combined over the centuries, yielding their one present day faith: that of the god Y'Ghan. (This also translates in their tongue to the concept of Father and is seen more as a protective overseer than a participant in their day-to-day lives.) This is a very personal religion, and the Cygnan crew members will not be seen as particularly outspoken about their religion even if they are very devout.


The Seranaya Gathering is responsible for the laws which govern the one continent on Cygnus. Each City State has its own local government which in turn elects an Elder to join the Seranaya Gathering.

The Cygnans are extremely adept at all forms of technological endeavors, considering them to be forms of art. There are numerous systems and components now in standard use throughout the Federation which are the direct result of shared Cygnan research and technology.

It is said that one in every hundred thousand births yields a Chosen artist, an individual who can create the most amazingly beautiful artwork in the Universe. Tapestries and paintings, sculpture and lightscenes, all are immediately distinctive and show their Cygnan authenticity by the way in which they seem diaphanous when viewed from certain angles. Perhaps the most famous of these are the Presilliach Tapestries, reknowned for their beauty and prized by the richest families in the Federation. An example hangs in the sumptuous offices of Tumball Massi, Federation archivist.


The Cygnans hold a firm belief that they are the descendants of an extremely advanced, space-faring race. THeir religions are centered around the numerous half-remembered myths and legends about the lost Sky Fathers and their gifts and teachings. The gifts are remembered as ones of science and technology; the teachings are remembered as ones enjoining them to explore and share those gifts. The Sky Fathers are thought to have moved on from the Cygnan homeworld millenia ago, but the collective racial memory of their brief presence has left the Cygnan race profoundly inclined toward the advancement of technology and the need to roam the stars and share their knowledge with others. Just as the Sky Fathers came from the stars with fire and steel to light the Cygnan's way to a more advanced society, so too do the Cygnans feel the urge to enlighten the less advanced peoples that they might encounter through space. As a result, the Seranaya are the Federation's most vocally opposed members on the subject of Non-Interference and the Prime Directive. More than one illicit Seranaya ``Mission'' has been established on pre-starflight worlds by Cygnan adherents to The Way of the Fathers.

Modern History

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