The Caitians are a feline race apparently related to the Kzin. They are bipedal, with a thick orange mane, long tail, and large golden eyes that provide excellent low-light vision. They have excellent hearing which extends into the supersonic range. Physically, they are extremely agile and fast. Their language is a tonal one, which utilizes many low-pitched noises like growls or purrs. Consequently, they have trouble adapting to human-style phonetic languages.

Their homeworld is planet II or twelve, around the moderate-sized yellow star the Terrans called 15 Lyncis. It has two moons, Rea and Sura.


Modern History


(From Star Trek) Caitians practice total equality of the sexes, and have throughout their recorded history. Even Caitian names have no gender indicated, so a male child is just as likely to be named after his mother as his father.

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