Star Fleet

[...Put rousing oratory here...] Star Fleet's central and exclusive function is to defend members of the Federation. This includes defense against foreign powers, and defense of member states in violent conflict. While inter-state violence will remove a state from the Federation, Star Fleet is a much more effective deterrent.

Star Fleet also provides many other services: exploration of new territory, colonizing expeditions, convoy escorts, customs regulation, and humanitarian efforts. They support a wide variety of scientific and technical projects as well.


Star Fleet began as a handful of warp-capable warships donated from the national fleets of Earth and Luna. These were soon supplemented by new construction from Alpha-Centauri and Andor. Other members of the Federation, unable to produce their own starships, provided economic aid to the growing Star Fleet.

Star Fleet was conceived in the Year 71, and in Year 117 it was complete. At that time, the Federation adopted the policy that no members were no maintain ships of war, which was endorsed by a vast majority who weren't capable of producing starships anyway.


Human Resources

While these starships and other machines are vital to the fulfillment of its function, the primary resource of Star Fleet is in skilled and motivated personnel. Star Fleet puts the highest premium on the personal achievement of its officers and crew.

With today's technology, there are many ways to avoid reliance on personal competance: robots, computer networks, neural interfaces, implanted devices, nanotechnology, biotech, genetic engineering, and so forth.

However, history has clearly shown that an overdependence on automated machinery means eventual stagnation of the culture into a leisure society. An emphasis on individual competance over automation is a universal constant among starfaring cultures: Klingons, Romulans, Gorns, Kzinti, Humans, Vulcans, Andorians, and Orions.

Star Fleet officers cannot afford the `easy out' of excessive automation. They must remain alert and prepared for challenge at any time.

[...Earth learned a particularly harsh lesson on creating technological 'supermen' with its Eugenics Wars centuries ago...]

Racial Composition and Policy

Despite the economic and technical assistance from other members, Star Fleet remains dominated by Terran humans. Over 70% of Star Fleet personnel are Terrans. The closest second is Andorians, who account for only 11%. Alpha-Centaurans have 8%, and Vulcans 4%. The remainder is a highly varied mix.

In addition, the races remain largely segregated. Bases and ships generally are dominated by a single race, with only 10% or less of the personnel being 'aliens'. Prejudice, while sometimes a problem is not generally tolerated. It is said that the qualificatios for entrance into Star Fleet are skewed in favor of humans. However, once within the ranks, the bias is fairly well controlled.


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