Ship Organization


Helm is responsible for operation and maintenance of all ordnance (weapons and potential weapons). This includes operation and maintenance of all weapons (photons, phasers, drones, and drone racks) plus operation of shuttlecraft and tractors.

Engineering is responsible for maintenance and repair of all non-weapon systems except for medical equipment, sensors, and computers. This includes warp, impulse, life support, transporters, tractors, shuttlecraft, etc.

Sciences is responsible for all scientific and tactical intelligence gathering. This includes maintenance, repair, and operation of active and sublight sensors, and scientific analysis of all gathered information.

Navigation is responsible for all strategic and tactical maneuvering and analysis. This includes: laying courses, monitoring ship's bearing and position, tracking and predicting bearing and position of all external tactical and strategic objects (other ships and astronomical hazards).

Communication is responsible for the secure handling of all information: external transmission and receiving as well as shipboard storage and security. This includes: maintenance and operation of subspace communicators and auto-translators, cryptography, translation, and maintenance of the central computing systems.


Administration is responsible for


Hmmm. Well, "Logistics" is clearly an important job at the strategic level, but there is only a minimal amount of work on board a starship. Let me think about the non-branch, non-medical jobs involved here. Note that I have eliminated the "Records Officer" which I think is superfluous (non-secure records are handled by yeomen, secure records are handled by Communications). The *Personnel Officer* oversees transfers and recruitment of all personnel, but crew in particular. He also acts as a career councilor for the crew, and handles training programs. The *Morale Officer* is responsible for aiding the morale of the crew, primarily by recreational activities. He acquires and maintains all `public' recreational materials, as well as organizing on-board and shore leave programs. In addition, he controls daily environmental settings. The *Supply Officer* monitors efficiency and degradation of all equipment and handles requests for new supplies. The *Federation Liaison* (?better term?) is responsible for all relations with Federation civilian authorities. Given the structure of the Federation, this is an extremely important job. *Yeomen* are essentially secretaries, who are capable of advancing in pay but rarely move on to Branch duties. They personally oversee that the officer responsible receives and understands all relevant messages.
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