The United Federation of Planets

Given a hundred people, you can expect one hundred different opinions on what exactly the UFP is. For any real understanding, though, the Federation cannot be considered a single entity. Rather, it is a loose alliance of a great many member states.

The Federation is dedicated to freedom of societies and freedom of individuals. It works not by enforcing restrictions upon its members, but rather by promoting cooperation and harmony. Star Fleet exists to defend the Federation and its principles throughout all of known space.

As an officer of Star Fleet, you have assumed a responsibility to the Fleet and to the Federation. You are the iron foundation upon which the freedoms of others are built. You must fight to maintain peace and obey orders to promote freedom for all.


The Supreme Assembly is the legislative branch of the UFP, which has five official representatives from every member state. However, due to the technical difficulties of convening such a group, the Supreme Assembly holds sessions very rarely. These are called in response to specific issues, and are known as ``Babel Conferences''.

The year-to-year handling of Federation affairs is handled by the various elected councils, and by Star Fleet.

The Federation Council is primarily responsible for maintaining internal peace and security, primarily by acting as a mediator for member disputes. However, it also determines the year-to-year policy for budget disbursement. It is a council of 11 representatives: 6 elected by the Supreme Assembly, and 5 representing the original five members of the Federation. While officially it only acts in an advisory role, its opinions carry weight with all members of the Federation.

Star Fleet is its own branch, and it [...].

The Economic and Social Council is responsible for instituting and publicizing studies on the social systems of Federation members. This is of direct importance since each member state's dues to the Federation are set in proportion this council's estimate of their gross economic product.


Virtually any society is elegible for membership in the Federation. The requirements are few and easily satisfied. There are minor dues which must be paid, proportionate to the economic product of that state. Other policies include that members are not to build or maintain warp-capable ships of war; and they are prohibited from starting or encouraging violent conflict with other members or with external powers.

Breaks with Federation policy will result in the member being removed from the Federation.


The Articles of Federation were signed over 130 years ago by various nations on Terra, Alpha-Centauri, 40 Eridani (``Vulcan''), 61 Cygni, and Epsilon Indii (``Andor'').

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