Star Trek Role-Playing Links

     For my own personal reference, I am keeping track of other attempts at Star Trek roleplaying which I should probably pay attention to in making my own game.

Tabletop Roleplaying

Decipher's Star Trek RPG
The current official licensed Star Trek RPG, released in 2002. It is very similar to the prior game released by Last Unicorn Games, having many of the same authors.
Last Unicorn Games' Star Trek RPG
The previous licensed Star Trek RPG, relased in 1999. It used the ICON system -- a "best roll" dice pool system where you roll a number of d6's equal to attribute (1-6), keeping the best and adding skill (1-6) vs difficulty.
S. John Ross' Untaken Treks
Steve Kenson's Lost Episodes
William Hostman's LUG-Trek Fan Page
Steve Jackson Games' GURPS
There is an official GURPS Prime Directive book (released in 2002), along with many unofficial adaptations:
GURPS Star Trek (by Collin Condray)
GURPS Star Trek (by m0riarty)
GURPS Star Trek (by Jonathan Willis)
GURPS Star Trek (by "Mr. B")
GURPS Star Trek (by Captain Nemo)
Rob Bruce has put together a Trek Hero document, but I am not considering his take canonical.
Trek HERO (by Rob Bruce)
An adaptation of Star Trek for the HERO System, 5th edition, including both Original Series and TNG-era versions.

Online Roleplaying

Where No One Has Gone Before
A Star Trek MOO (MUD, Object-Oriented).
Final Frontier RPG
Starfleet Command: An International Role-Playing Organization
A Play-by-Email group.
A long-running MUSE in the original series, with significant background and rules information.
Holoworld Fleet RPG
A play-by-email RPG (aka "alt.holoworld.rpg.startrek").
Star Trek: Genesis - RPG
A newsgroup-based interactive role-playing game
The United Federation of Players
Star Trek PBeM
Star Trek Role Playing Game

Technical Resources

Gilso Star Trek Schematics and Enterprise Deck Plans
A set of
Daystrom Institute Technical Library
A compendium of information about Star Trek, with a focus on the original series.
Jay's Physics and Star Trek Page
This includes a trekkies explanation of basic relativity and FTL problems, as well as a discussion of subspace in Star Trek.
The STArchive
A collection of Star Trek FAQs maintained by Joe Creighton, included an expanded ship list.
STARTREK.COM Technology Library
An alphabetical encyclopedia of technological terms used in Star Trek.
Star Fleet Battles Home
This has information on a boardgame which details original series starship combat.
Joshua Bell's Star Trek Page
A site with various technical discussion, including warp velocities, transporters, holodeck, and computers.
The Complete Starfleet Library
An enormous list of Star Trek related books, with some notes and mini-reviews.
School of Starship Design
Not Star Trek, but rather a source on realistic starship design, with some interesting implications.
3-D Starmaps
A site with info on real-world astrography.

Background Material

Guide to the Animated Series
Curt Danhauser's guide to the forgotten TV series, which had an invisible influence on much of the earlier Star Trek works (technical manuals, novels, etc.).
Star Trek Izan Page
A page dedicated to the original series with info on Gorn, Andorians, Tellarites, and other "lost races". Star Trek
One of the few sites with collected pictures from the original series.
Star Trek Books Home Page
I am not very fond of the Star Trek novels in general, but this is a link on the source for them at Simon and Schuster.
Star Trek Mini-FAQ: Federation Member Worlds
A bare-bones FAQ on the worlds of the original series.
The Romulan Web
A site dedicated to study of the Romulan empire.


The Star Trek Photo Gallery
A collection of photos by Christopher Gray organized by topic, including by starship.
Star Trek: The Next Generation
A good TNG fan site, with a minimum of junk in getting to the information.
TOS Guide
A guide to the original series and movies by Judit Fabian, including collections of pictures organized by episode.
Local Picture Index
I have a collection of downloads which I made for my campaigns, which you can browse through if you want.


Aramna's Home Page
USS Mustang NCC-1964 Main Bridge
Some sort of simulation, perhaps?
Ursula's Star Trek Page
Primarily a collection of links.
SFB Hexmap utility.

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