Thaddeus: Or do I have a James Bond car with waiting driver?

David: Errrr. Next contestant please. The closest you get is the lady's supposed Mercedes limousine 'parked outside'.

Thaddeus: OK, but what was my means of travel to bring the ``payment'' back to my ``organization''? I hope a driver came with the limo...

David: You walked into the hotel on foot, not wanting to be seen by anybody, and staying incospicuous (sorry, I need to keep you fairly stripped down, if this were a more complete game, we would have more background, and I could handle you being more prepared). This is New York (now we have a place), so cabs are available, or buses, or the underground, etc.


Thaddeus: Hmm. Does not sound like a friendly bunch. I suppose I could try to bluff my way through, but I'd need to know my character's destination: where is he supposed to go if the deal goes sour. Does he have backup to extract him or the goods?

At this point, I think I need a bit more info as to the frame story around the scenario to figure out what the best options are. If the best option is to get to the limo, then I guess we can play that out.

David: Backup? Backup. Only wimps need backup. No, you're just hanging in the wind all by your lonesome. I didn't say this was fair. The scenario ends when you're either dead, or you get away (get far enough away from this building and any pursuers that we can assume you make it back to wherever you're supposed to go). It's just a combat afetr all. The purpose it to get the briefcase and survive.

You just have to live and get away. The only 'best' option is the one you think most likely to keep you alive and with the steel briefcase in hand. You get 2 or 3 blocks away, and you live, done.

Good luck.

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