Thaddeus: BTW, here's my thinking (in case you were curious). I have to get Miss Mystery out of here. If we go up, we become targets on the fire escape and we still have to get back down again. To go down, I have to lower the ladder, which will be quite difficult without the use of my hand. Either way, as long as I have good targetting on the last of the goon squad, I'll take the best opportunity of it that I can.

David: My theory is that when under a barrage of fire ricocheting in unpredictable ways (remember what started this example?), in bare cover, under heavy fire, where I can only tag one of the guys shooting at me, it's time to move, and move fast.

Of course I know something that you don't that would have made that option more attractive.

Thaddeus: So close, yet so far...

I actually considered that. The problem is that there's nowhere to go once in the box.

David: Yeah, it does sort of leave you in a guessing game with the guy outside as to who pops over which side first. Of course, you can fire over the side easily, but he'll have a harder time from the ground, and no bullets are making it through that dumpster. What you could do is fire a few loud rounds and wait for the police. You'll have a lot of explaining to do, they'll find the microfiche, and you wouldn't get what's in briefcase #1, but you would be alive. Ofc ourse, the police are likely to be here soon anyway...

Thaddeus: Was I smart enough to wear a bulletproof vest? Do I have any other weapons? Just wondering.

David: Nah, not this late in the game. You get to survive as you can now.

Have fun.

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