Thaddeus: Not so good anymore.

David: There are several guys with better weapons, and you started out by sending away half your force, and then putting yourself in a position in a lighted room without cover. What happens now would seriously depend on the genre. How gritty and realistic do the players wish to play it? What's right for the genre?

Thaddeus: Hmm. Not doing too well at the player side... Not knowing the rules, can I spend a "Plot Point" or something to have a SWAT team show up? Or how about having whatsherface duck out of the bathroom and blow them all away? Oh, well, let's see...

David: Improvisation is certainly available, but you have been doing that already. When you have asked how things are set up, or made conclusions, I've tried to accept those, and to give you answers which embodies the intent of the question. For instance, you could have been carrying any sort of gun. You chose a Browning, and so a Browning it was. We are going to avoid anything more radical, including the use of plot points, because this is a single combat, and the intent was to show diceless resolution and its use of 'luck' and 'randomness'.

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