Vix Wolfram

``Tough as nails and hotter than blazes'' is how you are usually described. You have worked for three years as a captain-for-hire ever since the Empire impounded your Correllian transport-ship. You've done smuggling, piracy, and worse -- but you never thought you'd be working as a babysitter.

Some schoolteacher on Alderaan has a secret mission, and is using the Academy honors trip as a cover. She hired you to act as captain for the ship, and also to help her in some mission to help transmit some Imperial plans. You've been itching for a chance to get back at the Empire ever since they took your ship -- so you figured it was worth the risk.

Vald Komachi is your employer from the Academy on Alderaan. Officially she is the Dean of Theology or something, but she seems to be pretty thick with the Rebellion.

Trin is the strange, silent woman who has been at Vald's side all through this trip. She sets off those danger-sensing hairs on the back of your neck, but you're not sure why.

Marcus Organa is that snotty prince who seems to think that he's better than everyone else.

Henry Vorland: is your engineer... A bit crazy, but damn ingenious -- and he can make it work with whatever you give him.

Jazz, the Wookie, is a good pilot and gunner -- you've worked with her before. But she has too much of a soft spot for your tastes, always helping out the underdog.

Lisa is some quiet kid you barely remember seeing on the trip. She tended to stay to herself.

Lottie is a menace. Half-way through the trip you found her sifting through your crooked cargo invoices on the ship's computer. Eventually you had to bribe her to keep her mouth shut about it.