Vald Komachi

Although publicly the conservative dean of Theological Studies at the Academy on Alderaan, you have secretly been a staunch supporter of the Rebellion ever since Palpatine declared himself Emperor. While you have maintained connections in the Senate, you have given up any hope that they will be able to reign in the Empire.

Recently, Rebellion leaders have asked for your help. A mole in the Imperial Navy has offered plans to a secret new battle station. The mole cannot transmit the plans without being found -- but he can give information on just how to slip into the communications station and transmit that data.

Your plan is to hire what help you can. You will buy the mole's information from a go-between at a non-descript bar, then break into the communications base and transmit the data to Princess Leia in a waiting ship. If all goes well, the Empire should be none the wiser.

Trin is your faithful ally, whose loyalty is as strong as her prowess in battle. She was raised in a old-style fighting order which was very strict on discipline and loyalty.

Marcus Organa is much like his Senatorial family -- intelligent and well-meaning, but perhaps not strong enough to get the job done.

Vix Wolfram is a mercenary, pure and simple. You hired her to run the ship here, no questions asked -- and you may need her help in the break in. Luckily, you have enough money that you don't have to question her loyalty.

Henry Vorland: is the strange engineer that Vix recommended. He seems more interested in his inventions than he is in money or causes, but he clearly has a beef with the Empire and seems dedicated enough.

Jazz, the Wookie, is largely unknown to you. She is qualified as a gunner and as a pilot, and Vix seems to trust her implicitly.

Lisa is a quiet, unassuming student of yours who with others is providing the cover for this trip of yours. Her main fault is that she gets caught up in crazy schemes of her friend...

Lottie is a pure troublemaker. She hacked through the Academy systems so thoroughly that she had to be physically barred from using any terminals.