Ages ago, you were trained in mind and body by a sacred fighting order on Alderaan. You were not magicians like the Jedi, but rather purified your bodies and minds to concentrate on your physical skills. Under the instruction of the Grand Mother, you honed your body to a razor-sharp tool.

The Emperor outlawed the fighting orders and killed off the Jedi. Quickly you disbanded your order, and tried to find places in the rest of society. Vald Komachi took you in at the Academy, covered up your past, and let you teach the children their your wisdom in sports and exercise. They have stubbornly resisted your discipline, but you know that some of the wisdom will sink through.

You are escorting Vald on a mission to help transmit secret plans from the Empire. Using the Academy honors trip as a cover, you have gone to a system with an Imperial Navy communications station, which you will sneak into and help a mole transmit secret plans. The main problem is that you have been saddled with the undisciplined students who are providing your cover.

Vald Komachi is a fine woman and a fine disciplinarian to the school. She works hard as Dean of Theology, but even harder behind the scenes resisting the expansion of the Emperor's influence.

Marcus Organa is a weak prince from a Senatorial family. He is too soft, and like the Senate he may well knuckle under pressure from the Empire. His contacts and saavy are useful, but you don't trust him.

Vix Wolfram is the mercenary captain of your trip, a strong but wild bandit-woman who only seems to care about money.

Henry Vorland: is the engineer, who seemed rather crazy to you, always playing with his funny engines.

Jazz, the Wookie pilot and gunner, seems respectable enough. She is strong-willed, but is perhaps a little too playful with the children, rather than disciplinary.

Lisa is a young student who you have been working on for a while. She clearly has some understanding of the harmony that is required for advancement, but she is too soft and thoughtful. You have tried to build her up to the hard regime, but she is always distracted by her awful friend...

Lottie is an undisciplined, unreliable scoundrel who is constantly getting into trouble at school. She skips her gym classes whenever she can, often forging up some computer orders to take her away.