Marcus Organa

You are from the most prominent Senatorial family on Alderaan. Although the Senate's power has waned with the rise of the Emperor, you know there will always be a need for the support you and your family provide -- making deals to keep the colonies happy and under control.

However, there have been rumors of a military uprising, and you knew that the family would need information if it was going to stay on top. Your cousin Leia and you have been assigned to help steal some Imperial plans offered by a Rebel mole. You slip into a communication station and will transmit the plans to her ship as it leaves the system -- hopefully leaving the Empire none the wiser.

Vald is the dean of Theology at the Academy. Most see her as a conservative old crone, but you have always seen the hatred she bears towards the Emperor and even towards the Senate for letting him rise.

Trin is the martial arts instructor or something at the Academy. You recall something about her background in some fighting order or religious cult, but the details escape you.

Vix Wolfram is the sexy captain-for-hire of the ship that brought you here. You haven't had any luck with her thus far

Henry Vorland: is the crazy old coot of an engineer, who constantly is coming up with outlandish gadgets.

Jazz is the Wookie pilot and gunner.

Lisa is a young engenue who you noticed on the trip. She's mostly been quiet, but there is something odd about her that reminds you of your cousin Leia.

Lottie is a troublemaker you heard about from the Academy, some whiz kid who messes with computers.