Lottie Draconis

At 14, you've been stuck at the Academy on Alderaan for six years ever since your parents got sick of you. Most of the classes there are easy, but they've got all this yucky disciplinary stuff and worse, theology! Your best friend there is Lisa Venture. She's kind of quiet, but she is pretty smart and notices lots of stuff.

Right now you are going on your first trip outside of the Alderaan system. You have been asked to come on a trip to other Academies as part of the honors group at school. The foreign students all seem like Imperial suck-ups here, so you concocted a scheme to slip out. You and Lisa dressed up as Jawa's -- so now you can wander about the city at leisure.

What was really neat was that you saw your theology teacher going into some sleazy dive at the spaceport, so you dragged Lisa in. Maybe if you got some good pictures of her there you could embarrass her in from of the school.

Vald Komachi is the boring theology teacher at the Academy. You always thought she was a stuck-up conservative, but clearly she has some secret agenda on this trip.

Trin is the scary gym teacher, who seems very close to Vald. You try to slip out of gym as often as possible, but she always seems to catch you.

Marcus Organa is a prince from some Senatorial family on Alderaan. He always is really snooty and ignores you.

Vix Wolfram is a captain of the ship you have been travelling on. About halfway through the trip, you hacked into her cargo manifests and found all sorts of neat smuggling tricks. For your silence, you got the key to slip out of the ship and some spending money besides!

Henry Vorland: is the nutty engineer on the ship, who's got a ton of strange inventions, none of which seem to work right.

Jazz is the big Wookie on board the ship. As far as you can tell, she's pretty cool for a seven foot hairy giant.