Lisa Venture

At 14, you're now in eighth circle at the Academy on Alderaan, you have been there ever since you were orphaned at three. You have been doing well for yourself: all honors and so forth. Still, you have always felt a little out of place, like there was something missing in your life. All your life, you have been getting a sense of things you hadn't yet seen. Recently even stranger things have happened. Things have moved just because you wanted them to. You have wanted to tell someone about it, but you thought no one would believe you -- not even Lottie.

Lottie Draconis is your best friend in the world. She's constantly getting into trouble, especially when she messes with the school computers. Sometimes she gets you into trouble, too, but the teachers all like you too much to mind. Lottie listens to you and is a lot of fun.

Right now you are going on your first trip outside of the Alderaan system. You have been asked to come on a trip to other Academies as part of the honors group at school. Lottie has cooked up some scheme to dress up as Jawa's so you can wander around the city.

Vald Komachi is your theology teacher at the Academy. She's a good teacher, and has a lot of intriguing advice about the Force: not just how it is supposed to work, but how you are supposed to feel it.

Trin is the scary gym teacher, who seems very close to Vald. She is constantly getting on your case about how you have to shape up and discipline yourself.

Marcus Organa is a prince from some Senatorial family on Alderaan. He always is really snooty and ignores you.

Vix Wolfram is a captain of the ship you have been travelling on. She's all cool and professional, but she is usually nasty to you and the other kids.

Henry Vorland: is the nutty engineer on the ship, who is always playing around with his strange inventions and trying to get you interested in them.

Jazz is the big Wookie on board the ship. You have trouble understanding her, but she's really friendly and helpful. Plus she makes really neat sounds and she's all furry.