As a Wookie, you've always had a certain amount of respect, but it has been hard to find people you can trust. You have been away from your people for years, and have become lonely working with the low-lifes you are usually assigned with.

Thus, you were quite surprised when a respectable dean from the Academy on Alderaan offered to hire you for a cruise. Of course, there has a secret mission involved, but it seemed to be in a good cause. Better yet, there was a shipful of children on board -- many of whom treated you as an interesting stranger rather than a dangerous monster.

Vald Komachi is your employer from the Academy on Alderaan. She seems to be a very serious woman, dedicated to her cause.

Trin is the strange, silent figure who has been at Vald's side all through this trip. She seems strangely dangerous, and all the children seem to avoid her.

Marcus Organa is an arrogant prince from some Senatorial family on Alderaan. Vald seems to be taking him along for his contacts, but the kids don't like him and neither do you.

Vix Wolfram is a captain-for-hire that you have often worked with before. She is tough as nails and thoroughly mercernary. While you trust her, she represents the sort of life you are trying to get out of.

Henry Vorland: is the engineer, another acquaintence from your pirate days. He is always coming up with fabulous but crazy inventions.

Lisa is a nice young kid who has tried to talk to you several times on the trip in.

Lottie is a more rambunctious child, but who still treats you with friendliness and respect. What's more, she is a whiz at computers, and within hours was inside of the ship's systems.