Henry Vorland

``Engineer and Inventor'', your card reads. For a while you have been stuck with odd temporary jobs, held down by a conspiracy in the Imperial patent office which has been rejecting your inventions. Mostly you have worked in fly-by-night operations, because the Imperial-supported corporations all disapprove of free thought like yours.

This job is an interesting change of pace. You are travelling with a school trip for the Academy on Alderaan. Ostensibly you are just the ship's engineer, hounded by smart-ass students. However, secretly this is a Rebel mission to steal top-secret plans from the Empire.

At the next system, you all will get passes to slip into an Imperial communications station -- and transmit the plans stolen by a Rebel mole within the grand conspiracy. At last, a chance to show your talents.

Vald Komachi is your employer from the Academy on Alderaan. She's some sort of philosophy teacher or something, and doesn't seem interested in technology.

Trin seems to be her shadow for all you can tell. She doesn't say much, and growls at you whenever you try to show her some of your inventions.

Marcus Organa is some kind of snotty prince from Alderaan. You can't tell yet if he's part of the system. Vald says that he can be trusted, but you're not so sure.

Vix Wolfram is the captain for this trip, who you've worked with before. Tough as nails and hotter than blazes.

Jazz, the Wookie, is a good pilot and gunner -- you've worked with her before. She's a good listener, and she seems to like the kids a lot.

Lisa is some quiet kid you barely remember seeing on the trip. She tended to stay to herself.

Lottie is a fine young protegy from the Academy. She's more interested in software than in honest machinery, but her heart's in the right place. She messes about with things a lot, and seems to get a lot done (at least it keeps everyone interested).