Design Notes


         Starbound at this point is really a background setting -- it is the stage on which stories are told, rather than a scenario for adventure in itself. Just to toss out some possibilities:

"First Contact"
I have intentionally left aliens out of the basic background, because I feel that this tends to trivialize them. If aliens are going to appear, contacting them should be a major aspect of the campaign. I may develop some notes on potential alien types, but that will be later.
"Aliens from Earth"
Since it is nearly 11,000 years on Earth since the explorers left, there could be extremely "alien" beings originating from Earth. With advances since they left, the "aliens" might catch up to the explorers.
"Police Work"
At the heart of the Starbound expedition is maintaining the community. Separated from the rest of humanity by both time and space, they need to deal with problems very carefully. Criminal investigations could easily balloon into problems vital to their dream.


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