Linguist (p116) Know 5 additional languages
Gift of Tongues (p116) Know any mainstram language
  Walking Library (p117) Library equal to skill; research one time unit faster
Photographic Memory (p117) Remember all reading; research two time units faster
Studied Recall (p117) Fate point to memorize non-book targets (number equal to skill roll)
  Scholar (p118) +1 skill in defined field, +2 in specialty
Dizzying Intellect (p118) Use Academics instead of Deceit within field
It's Academic (p119) Once per session, may declare details for action related to field
  On Top Of It (p119) May spend fate point to go first
Cut Off (p120) Opponents cannot generate Spin with their defense
Ready for Anything (p120) Alertness considered +1 for initiative
Run Interference (p120) May spend fate point to interrupt a declared action
  Danger Sense (p121) +2 on defense if ambushed (but may still be surprised)
Saw It Coming (p121) Never suffers defense penalty from surprise
Constant Vigilance (p122) May take normal action when ambushed
Take It All In (p122) Use Alertness instead of Investigation to survey without searching
  The Artist's Eye (p122) May use Art to identify the source/creator of anything, treat as Empathy
  Virtuoso (p123) +1 knowledge bonus within defined field, +1 skill within specialty
Moving Performance (p123) Place aspects last multiple scenes
Stage Presence (p124) Halve any penalties due to distraction
Commissions (p125) Once per session, use Art instead of Resources
Do You Know Who I Am? (p125) May complement Rapport, Intimidation, Deceit and Contacting with Art
Weight of Reputation (p125) Spend a fate point to use Art instead of Rapport, Intimidation, Deceit, or Contacting
  Razor Tongue (p124) Complement social skills with Art, +1 for using Intimidation to provoke
Poison Words (p124) Add a specific Aspect to a target through satiric performance
All the World's a Stage (p124) Use Art instead of Deceit for impersonation
  Contortionist (p126) May attempt otherwise impossible contortions using full Athletics skill
  Acrobat (p126) Difficulties reduced by two, falling rolls gain +2 bonus
Safe Fall (p126) If falling near a wall or other surface, the fall is treated as two categories shorter
Slippery (p126) +2 vs. knockback or push attacks, or escape from bonds
  Marathon Training (p127) May use Athletics instead of Endurance for extended activity
Fast as a Leopard (p127) +2 to sprinting actions, or roll evenly vs horse/car
Faster than a Leopard (p127) +2 to sprinting actions, or +2 vs horse/car
  Human Spider (p127) +2 to all climbing, may spend fate point to negate all penalties
  Mighty Leap (p128) Reduce height related borders by three
  Equestrian (p128) Use Athletics instead of Survival when riding
  Criminal Mind (p128) Use Burglary instead of Investigation when investigating a crime
  Tripwire Sensibilities (p128) Roll Burglary instead of Alertness or Investigation to avoid traps
Trespass Tempo (p129) Use Burglary instead of Alertness for Initiative while executing a criminal plan
  Hatpin Maestro (p129) No penalties for lack of lockpicks; with proper tools, act one time unit faster
  Mental Blueprint (p129) +2 bonus when casing a location
The Big Heist (p129) May declare additional aspects using spin from casing
  Contact (p130) Define a specific contact as a Companion
Close Contacts (p131) Spread 3 advances among your contacts
Network of Contacts (p131) May define a contact on the fly, of Average quality with 2 advances
  I Know a Guy Who Knows a Guy (p132) All Contacting rolls are one time unit faster, and +2 on follow-up rolls
  Insider (p132) Roll Contacting instead of Leadership to deal with bureaucracies
  Walk the Walk (p132) No penalties from unfamiliar circumstances
  Big Man (p132) Use Contacting instead of Resources within defined field
Talk the Talk (p133) Use Rapport + 2 or Contacting when dealing with member of defined field
Big Name (p133) +2 for first-time use of Rapport or Intimidation when target has heard of you
Big Reputation (p133) Use Contacting skill instead of Rapport, Intimidation, Deceit, Leadership, or Resolve
  Con Man (p134) Use Deceit instead of Empathy to get a read on someone's weaknesses
The Fix Is In (p134) Use Deceit instead of Gambling, but will be caught upon failure
Sucker (p134) Design a Companion of Fair Quality with two advances
Big Sucker (p135) Companion has +2 to Resources, and one more advance
  Clever Disguise (p135) Disguise stands up to close scrutiny at full skill, assembled in minutes with right tools
Mimicry (p135) Imitate specific person after half-hour of observation
Master of Disguise (p136) Pay a fate point to disappear and later reveal a nameless NPC as you in disguise
Infiltrator (p136) While in disguise, roll Investigation vs. Mediocre. Each shift is a clue or message.
Disguise of the Mind (p137) Roll Deceit - 2 as any skill your guise might possess
  The Honest Lie (p137) +2 Deceit for revealing relevant and significant truth
  Takes One to Know One (p137) Use Deceit instead of Empathy to detect lies
Clever Facade (p138) If beat an Empathy read with Deceit, get a read on the reader
  Custom Ride (p138) +1 skill with signature vehicle; may spend fate point to add normal gadget
Prototype Car (p138) May add any gadget; three improvements (defined between sessions)
Car Mechanic (p139) Use Drive instead of Engineering to work on cars, or Drive - 1 for other vehicles
  Defensive Driving (p139) -1 to maneuver difficulty in a chase
  One Hand on the Wheel (p139) No penalty for other skill use while driving
Turn on a Dime (p140) No added difficulty for narrow spaces
Unsafe at Any Speed (p140) Damage to the environment is doubled
  Ebb and Flow (p141) Spend fate point to get free read before initiative
Preemptive Grace (p141) Empathy is at +2 for initiative in social conflicts
  Track the Soul (p141) Use Empathy instead of Investigation to help find someone you've met
The Skeptic's Ear (p141) Always know if someone is using Deceit before they roll
  Cold Read (p142) Get read in 2 or 3 time units less
  Heart's Secret (p142) Always get most important aspects upon a successful read
  Hit Them Where It Hurts (p142) Use Empathy instead of Intimidation to provoke, if have succeeded with Empathy before
A Peek Inside (p143) With successful read, may ask one yes/no question about target's motives
  Uncanny Hunch (p165) See Investigation....
  Last Leg (p144) May spend a fate point to defer being taken out or taking consequences
  Feel the Burn (p144) May take one extra moderate, physical consequence
  Face the Pain (p144) Once per scene, spend fate point to remove mark from injury track
  Tireless (p145) Roll Endurance, each shift reduces time units of sleep needed
  Bounce Back (p145) Reduce time to recover by two units
  Death Defiance (p146) If out of view of other PCs, spend half remaining fate points (min 1) to avoid death
Developed Immunities (p146) Immune to common poisons, +2 vs. uncommon ones, +6 vs. ones already encountered
  One Hit to the Body (p146) May fill in lower wound boxes adding up to the damage (i.e. boxes 1 and 3 instead of 4)
Thick Skinned (p147) Gain one additional physical stress box
Man of Iron (p147) Roll over damage to lower boxes rather than higher
Now You've Made Me Mad (p147) Once per scene, spend a fate point to add a wound value to a retaliatory action
  Personal Gadget (p147) Personal gadget with three improvements
  Universal Gadget (p148) Once per session, define gadget on the fly with two improvements
  Demolitions (p148) Explosion force +3 using properly placed charges
Architect of Death (p148) Difficulty -1 and 1 time unit faster when dealing with weapons
Grease Monkey (p149) Difficulty -1 and 1 time unit faster when dealing with vehicles
  Mister Fix-It (p149) Repair time is reduced by 2 units
Thump of Restoration (p149) Spend fate point to make a gadget work for (Engineering roll) exchanges
  Brawler (p150) When outnumbered, defense rolls are +1; when fighting 2+ minions, damage +1
Dirty Fighter (p150) When tag an opponent's aspects, get an additional +1
Crippling Blow (p150) Once per opponent per scene, spend a fate point to make the damage a consequence
Signature Strike (p154) Once per scene, inflict a consequence in addition to normal damage
Mix it Up (p151) May save spin from defense rolls to use as bonus on your next attack
Army of One (p151) Opponents do not get bonus of numbers against you
Whatever's on Hand (p152) May use Fists instead of Weapons when using an improvised weapon
Fists of Fury (p152) Opponents who use all-out defense do not get a +2 bonus
  Martial Arts (p152) May tag an opponent with an aspect
Brickbreaker (p153) Any stress to non-character targets is doubled, once per exchange
Demoralizing Stance (p153) May use Fists instead of Intimidation when displaying martial arts
Flying Kick (p153) Move 1 zone and attack at full, or move 2 zones and attack at -1
Lethal Weapon (p154) May spend a fate point to increase the severity of a consequence one step
Fist of Death (p154) Once per opponent per fight, spend a fate point to fill highest unchecked stress box
  Flow like Water (p153) Get +3 for full defense instead of +2
Bend like the Reed (p153) After getting spin on defense, may make a throw maneuver as a free action
Gambling Man (p154) Compels involving gambling are escalated: 2 fate points gained or spent
Double or Nothing (p155) Once per scene after losing, may call for both sides to reroll to tie or lose double
The Devil's Own Luck (p155) May use Gambling skill for tests of pure luck
  Know When to Fold 'Em (p155) Opponent rolls secretly in advance, tells if result is above or below skill
  Never Bluff a Bluffer (p156) May use Gambling instead of Deceit or Empathy to deal with bluffs
  Winnings (p156) Once per session, use Gambling instead of Resources
Players' Club (p156) May use Gambling instead of Contacting to make gambling contacts
Gambling Buddy (p156) Once per session, introduce on the fly a companion with Gambling and 2 advances
  Long Shot (p157) Shoot 1 zone further: pistols to 3 zones, rifles to 4 or more
  Shot on the Run (p157) May use Guns skill as defense against physical attacks
  Stay on Target (p157) When aiming, roll at +1 to place an aspects, +2 with a targeting scope
  Trick Shot (p157) +2 on any action that involves shooting an inanimate object
  Fast Reload (p158) Spend fate point to cancel out of ammo consequence, or +2 vs. attempt to place ammo aspect
  One Shot Left (p158) May declare a last shot (in the scene) for a +3 bonus
  Rain of Lead (p158) Ignore 2 points of penalties when performing a block
  Quick Draw (p159) No penalty for drawing as a supplemental actions
Lightning Hands (p159) May use Guns instead of Initiative to determine initiative
Snap Shot (p159) Once per exchange, may spend a fate point to act next regardless of initiative
  Gun-Crazy (p159) May use Guns instead of Engineering when working with guns
Custom Firearm (p160) Special guns with craftsmanship and two other improvements
  Two Gun Joe (p160) Increase stress of hits by 1, defense against single disarm at +1
  Infuriate (p161) +2 skill to make someone angry at you
  Subtle Menace (p161) Use Intimidation regardless of power imbalance, reduce superior position bonus by 2
The Serpent's Tongue (p161) Use Intimidation instead of Empathy or Rapport to read through fear
  Unapproachable (p162) May use Intimidation instead of Resolve to defend against Rapport, Deceit, and Empathy
  Scary (p162) May use Intimidation instead of Resolve to defend against Intimidation
Aura of Menace (p162) Spend a fate point to intimidate a target as a free action
Aura of Fear (p162) Once per scene, take full action and spend fate point to intimidate all opponents at -2
The Promise of Pain (p163) Threaten and spend fate point to force a consequence instead of stress
Steely Gaze (p163) Lock eyes to force Intimidation contest until interrupted or a consequence is taken
Fearsome Gaze (p163) If opponent takes a consequence from Steely Gaze, he takes 2 consequences instead
Master of Fear (p164) Use Aura of Fear with no -2 penalty, and minions may not roll to defend
  Scene of the Crime (p164) May roll Investigation in seconds when revisiting a previously investigated place
Eye for Detail (p164) Spend a fate point to make a perception-based roll from memory
Uncanny Hunch (p165) Once per scene, write down a guess, and if correct use Investigation or Empathy for any skill
  Lip Reading (p165) May eavesdrop on conversations he can only see
  Focused Sense (p166) When concentrating on only the specified sense, gain +2 to Investigation
Impossible Detail (p166) No increased difficulty from small/subtle clues
  Quick Eye (p166) Investigation efforts 1 or 2 time units faster
  Personal Conspiracy (p167) May define a contact on the fly, of Average quality with 1 advance (2 if accept need)
  Lieutenant (p167) A Fair quality companion with Independent and Skilled(Leadership) and 2 advances
  Minions (p168) 2 Average quality minions by default, plus 3 upgrades
Reinforcements (p168) Spend a fate point to replace up to half your minions
  Legal Eagle (p169) +2 Leadership for legal procedures; process legalities 1 time unit faster
World Court (p169) No penalty for lack of familiarity with the locale
  Funding (p169) Your organization has Resources of your Leadership minus 2
  Instant Functionary (p170) Use Leadership instead of Deceit to infiltrate an organization
  Center of the Web (p170) Gain information from organization 1 time unit faster, or faster with shifts
Ubiquity (p170) Gain information 2 time units faster, without actively contacting organization
  Unbound (p171) +2 Might to break bonds
  Herculean Strength (p171) All non-combat weight-based difficulties reduced by 2
Piledriver (p171) +4 to attacks with Might against inanimate targets
Unstoppable (p171) Use Might instead of Athletics for move actions
Wrestler (p172) Use Might instead of Fists for wrestling
Body Toss (p172) Targets considered 1 weight factor less for throw or push
Hammerlock (p172) +1 to action block by grabbing, inflict 1 stress for failed escapes
  Artificer (p172) Use Mysteries to improve artifacts
  Personal Artifact (p173) Magical item, treated as gadget with three improvements
  Rare Artifact (p173) Once per session, define artifact on the fly with 3 improvements, but dark past aspect
  Mesmerist (p174) No limits to target skills, willing targets always at +2, 1 time unit faster
Hypnotic Speech (p174) With minutes of calm conversation, use Mysteries instead of Rapport or Deceit
Mind's Shadow (p174) Roll Mysteries to implant or remove memories
Enthrall (p175) Mesmerist attack to place temporary aspect or compel behavior through conflict
  Fortuneteller (p176) Make two predictions per session instead of one
  Herbal Remedies (p176) Roll Mysteries instead of Survival to find herbs, and instead of Science to heal
  Palm Reader (p176) Make a single Mysteries roll instead of Empathy
  Secrets of the Arcane (p176) +1 skill in defined field, +2 in specialty
  Psychic (p177) Use Mysteries to investigate occult climate of a place, or against supernatural surprises
Voices from Beyond (p178) May summon spirits of the dead or other planes
Words on the Wind (p179) Once per session, request an omen and roll Mysteries vs. Mediocre
  Spirit Companion (p178) A companion with 3 advances who must be called (requires 1 minute or fate point)
  Barnstormer (p179) Always fit plane through any possible opening, fate point for impossible
  Flawless Navigation (p179) Never lost under mundane circumstances, max penalty of -2 otherwise
  Fly by Night (p180) No increased difficulties due to environment
  Flying Ace (p180) Use Pilot instead of Guns to attack with armed plane
Death From Above (p180) Do 2 extra points of stress with attacks from above, max once per 2 exchanges
Walk Away From It (p180) Spend half remaining fate points (min 1) to avoid death in crash (including passengers)
  Personal Aircraft (p181) +1 skill with signature vehicle; may spend fate point to add normal gadget
Prototype Aircraft (p181) May add any gadget; three improvements (defined between sessions)
Plane Mechanic (p181) Use Pilot instead of Engineering to work on planes, or Pilot - 1 for other vehicles
  Best Foot Forward (p181) First impression roll may never be lower than base
  Five Minute Friends (p182) Spend fate point to make a friend in five minutes
  International (p182) No penalties for unfamiliarity with setting
  Ladies' Man/Popular Gal (p182) +2 bonus to Rapport for seduction of compatible targets
  Blather (p182) Roll Rapport vs Resolve or Rapport to distract continuously
  Heart on My Sleeve (p183) +1 to defend against Empathy read by choosing aspect to reveal, or simple fact with spin
  The Right Questions (p184) Use Rapport instead of Contacting to gather information from neutral or better target
  Smooth Over (p184) Attempts to calm someone down receive a +2 bonus
  Smooth Recovery (p184) Take one additional moderate social or mental consequence
Cool Customer (p184) Once per exchange, take full action to roll Resolve vs. Mediocre to remove first stress box
Aplomb (p185) Roll over composure stress to lower boxes rather than higher
Unflappable (p185) +2 Resolve to defend against purely fear-based Intimidation actions
Right Place, Right Time (p185) May use Resolve to defend in physical combat, or move/take cover
  Inner Strength (p186) +2 Resolve vs. attempts to get in your head, +3 with full defense action
Still Standing (p186) May take one additional moderate consequence of any type
Driven (p186) May always invoke a consequence for a bonus
Unyielding (p187) May convert any one health stress to two 1-point composure stress
  Iron Determination (p186) State true intentions for +1 to Intimidation or Resolve rolls
  Grease the Wheels (p187) May use Resources instead of Leadership whenever bribes could be accepted
  Money Talks (p187) Use Resources instead of Contacting to publically find someone or something
  Home Away From Home (p188) May specify once the location of a second Library/Lab/Workshop
  Headquarters (p188) One property has quality +2, and one extra element (see description)
Lair (p189) Headquarters has three extra elements instead of one
Stately Pleasure Dome (p189) Headquarters has all extra elements, one of which may be unique and distinctive
Trusted Employee (p190) One staff is companion with Independent and 3 other advances
  Best That Money Can Buy (p190) +1 to Resources when trying to purchase the best of something
  Long Term Investment (p190) Once per session, sell an investment for +2 to a Resources roll
Money Is No Object (p190) Once per session, spend fate point to make a roll +4
  Forensic Medicine (p191) May use Science instead of Investigation for medical evidence
  Doctor (p191) +2 for rolls of first aid or medical attention
Medic (p191) Remove 1 level of stress per shift, instead of per 2 shifts
Surgeon (p192) +1 skill in surgery or intensive medicine, +2 in specialty
  Scientific Genius (p193) +1 skill in chosen field, +2 in specialty
Theory in Practice (p193) Once per scene, spend a fate point to use Science instead of any skill, if fail take minor conseq.
Scientific Invention (p193) Use Science instead of Engineering to create gadgets
Weird Science (p194) May create and upgrade late 20th century gadgets and help engineers to do the same
Mad Science (p194) May create impossible futuristic gadgets within a defined theme
  Bump and Grab (p195) Spend a fate point to make a simple attempt as a free action
  Cool Hand (p195) No increased difficulty due to environment for any fine manual work
  Sucker Punch (p195) Use Sleight of Hand instead of Fists for the first exchange, with a distraction
  Juggler (p196) +2 on juggling or use Sleight of Hand instead of Art for performance
  Legerdemain (p196) Use Sleight of Hand + 1 instead of Art to entertain
Stage Magic (p196) Within an arena you control, no size limit for Sleight of Hand targets
Master of Illusion (p197) Reduce time to prepare tricks by 3 units
  In Plain Sight (p197) No increased difficulty due to environment, may use Stealth in the open
Master of Shadows (p197) May move one zone per exchange while remaining hidden, halve discovery penalties
Shadowed Strike (p198) May attack while remaining hidden, using Stealth to defend
Deadly Shadows (p198) May use Stealth for attack rolls
  Quick Exit (p198) Roll Stealth vs highest Alertness present to disappear
Vanish (p199) May disappear as a full action in the middle of a conflict
  Hush (p199) Roll Stealth for a group (max = Stealth number) under your orders, without other stunts
  Lightfoot (p199) +2 to circumvent weight-based triggers or avoid tracking
Like the Wind (p200) Reduce discovery penalties for movement by half
  Animal Companion (p200) Companion character with 4 advances, within limits as an animal
  Animal Friend (p201) +2 when interacting with a specified animal type
Call of the Wild (p201) Roll Survival vs Mediocre to summon (number = shifts) of nearby friendly creatures
King of the Beasts (p201) +2 with all of a broad class of animals (sea, land, or vermin)
  Due North (p202) +2 to find your way out, with no penalties for unfamiliarity
  Tracker (p202) Roll Survival to track, gaining one piece of information per shift
  Hands Free (p202) No penalty to other actions for riding
  Hell Bent for Leather (p202) +2 for sprint actions while mounted
  Ride Anything (p203) No penalties for lack of familiarity
  Breaking it In (p203) +2 on all rolls to break a new mount, +1 with that mount for that session
  Flawless Parry (p203) Get +3 bonus instead of +2 for full defense action using Weapons
Riposte (p203) May use spin in defense to immediately inflict 1 stress as a free action
Turnabout (p204) Once per opponent per scene, spend a fate point to use spin as a free attack
  Catch (p204) May use spin to catch thrown weapons
  Ricochet (p204) May make trick shot with -1 penalty, but +2 to stress of hit
  Good Arm (p205) May throw up to two zones away instead of one, at a -1 penalty
  Anything Goes (p205) May use anything as a weapon without penalty
  Close at Hand (p205) No supplemental action penalty when drawing a weapon
  Weapon of Destiny (p206) +1 with signature weapon, which is always nearby if possible
  Weapons of the World (p206) No familiarity penalty, once per session +1 for a scene with a new weapon, given a story