Daredevil Adventures

This is a a summary of the Daredevil Adventures that I have. Most of this is simply the modules' own descriptions of the adventures, but I would put in a generally good review for all of them. They are generally very concisely described, non-linear adventures. The text describes the involved characters and the setting, and has a rough plot outline. From there, however, the structure is open. The PC's must define their own path of investigation.

Many of them are mystery scenarios, which are well handled, in my opinion. For example, in one scenario, the PC's find a murdered woman in an alley. The material includes:

In short, I recommend them if you can find them. I am including descriptions of the included scenarios, in case people find them inspiring for pulp-type campaigns.

Adventure Overviews

Vol. 1, No. 1: "featuring Black Claws"

The introductory book with 4 varied scenarios, most set close to home.

Fu Sungs's Secret
Who invited a dead man to dinner and what mysterious message did he bring with him.
On These Mean Streets
An anonymous cry for help reaches the daredevils. Before they can assist the sender, she is brutally murdered. Only a brief letter and a handful of clues exist to help find out who did it and why.
Fu Sung's Revenge
Once again the shadow of Fu Sung enters the daredevils lives. He was displeased when they uncovered his secret. Now he sends them a gift of death.
Black Claws
Mystery, murder, magic, and far-away places combine in a deadly adventure. The daredevils are contacted for a meeting with a mystery man but then things do not go as planned. They are swept up in a web of intrigue which may ultimately change the course of history.

Vol. 2, No. 1: "featuring Deadly Coins"

Introducing the Red Ape of Mangamak, and adventure in the South Seas.

The Powers of Dr. Remoux
A death on campus causes concern among the students and faculty alike. A dark shadow stalks the collegiate nights and the police seem baffled. Is there a connection? The daredevils find action and mystery behind ivy covered walls.
Bring It Back Alive
A contract from a mysterious millionaire is a ticket for adventure in far places. Double-dealing, danger, and death may await the daredevils as they face the unknown and attempt to capture it alive.
Deadly Coins
Death for a few dollars more? Hardly. Suddenly violence dogs the path of some curious coins in the seething streets of Hong Kong. Just knowing about them can mean death! The daredevils uncover a trail of tenuous clues which will lead them into a confrontation with the evil Doctor Ling.

Vol. 2, No. 2: "featuring The Menace Beneath the Sea"

More adventures in the South Seas, with the Japanese as special bad guys.

The Secret of Takura Hiva
It should have been a simple job, but the drone of an engine where none should be was the herald of danger. It was just the beginning of a hazardous flight for life.
Special Feature: Adding Ninja to the Daredevil's World
The Menace Beneath the Sea
The evil Doctor Ling returns as he attempts to further his plot involving the Nine Stones of Uighur. Can the dare- devils breach his stronghold? Can they defeat his minions? Can they do it in time to save the world from Ling's insidious plan? Find out in this sequel to Deadly Coins!

Vol. 2, No. 3: "Supernatural Thrillers Issue"

A bit of horror: made more intriguing by sinister plots and red herrings.

The Body Vanishes
It seemed a routine case. Determining why young Arnold McCoy had been killed. But why and how had his body vanished from the morgue? Why weren't the police cooperative? Was there more to the case than met the eye, and did it involve the mysterious curse on the Montique Water Diamond?
The Forgotten Manuscript
Things seemed placid in Northview while the dare- devils search for some missing pages from a manuscript by a highly- regarded novelist of the occult. Taking this job for a prestigious publisher was one thing, even when it involves travel and a nagging side question. Dealing with what seems to be happening in this picturesque rural New England town is another thing altogether. Can the daredevils unravel the various mysteries here and will they do it in time to block catastrophe?
The Case of Miss Brookmeyer's Murderer
A frightened young woman comes to the daredevils for help. Her life is being threatened through letters and ads placed in the daily personal columns of the newspaper. Can the daredevils stop her killer in the short time remaining until the threats are carried out? Is there more to this case than surface appearances?

Vol. 2, No. 4: "Lost World Tales"

A South American trek leads to a Lost Valley (with dinosaurs, of course).

On the Trail of Legend
An expedition explores the unmapped regions of peru in quest of the legendary Inca stronghold of Cusichu. Can the Ambercrombie expedition reach Cusichu before the rival Jourdan expedition and will they really be able to find any remnants of the Inca stronghold with only legends and fuzzy aerial surveys as guides?
The Refuge of El Espectro
Having found Cusichu, will the Ambercrombie expedition find any evidence that the lost city is indeed the Inca stronghold used by El Espectro in his war against the Spanish conquistadors? What was the fate of the Inca warriors and their leader? Do the old Spanish documents only relate the ravings of a mad man? What other secrets can be unearthed as the ruins are explored and legends become truth?
Mundo de Los Dragones
The expedition of the lost city leads to the secret escape route known to the Incas. What will be found in the lost valley behind Cusichu? Can the ravings of the Spanish survivors of their expedition agianst Cusichu have been based on fact? The exploration of the Lost Valley will reveal the truth behind the Spanish reports, though it may still appear to be madness.


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