Name: Roland Player:
Silver Spoon Legendary
Gentlemanly Epic
Bored Rich Boy Fantastic
In It For Fun Superb→ Burglary
Secretly Raffles the Cat-Burglar Great→ Deceit , Stealth
Eye for Jewels and their Wearers Good→ Alertness , Resources , Weapons
Caught Red-Handed! Fair→ Athletics , Contacting , Mysteries , Sleight of Hand
"Charmed, I'm Sure" Average→ Empathy , Gambling , Investigation , Rapport , Resolve
One Step Ahead Mediocre    
Honorable in the End Poor  
Fate Points
Tripwire Sensibilities (Burglary) Roll Burglary instead of Alertness or Investigation to avoid traps
Trespass Tempo (Burglary) Use Burglary instead of Alertness for Initiative while executing a criminal plan
Clever Disguise (Deceit) Disguise stands up to close scrutiny at full skill, assembled in minutes with right tools
Mimicry (Deceit) Imitate specific person after half-hour of observation
Master of Disguise (Deceit) Pay a fate point to disappear and later reveal a nameless NPC as you in disguise



You're playing Roland, a charismatic local guide to "Little Amber" who seems to know everything about the local buildings. Unbeknownst to most, he is also "Raffles" -- the expert cat burglar who specializes in jewelry. He grew up a bored rich boy, and took to being a classic gentleman thief who leaves his calling card.

A week ago, you were hired by an anonymous patron to steal a ring from a rich hotel room. You got it, but it felt strange on your finger - like you were connected to hundreds of other places. You've delayed giving it over while you figure out the mystery of the spikard.

You cannot control it yet, but it has been giving you tantalizing glimpses of magic and other worlds.

What you know about the others: