Name: Miranda Jones Player:
Nose for News Legendary
Great Gams Epic
First on the Scene Fantastic
"You Know Me" Superb→ Investigation
Anything For The Story Great→ Contacting , Resolve
In Over Her Head Good→ Burglary , Deceit , Rapport
Loyal to Oberon Fair→ Alertness , Gambling , Intimidation , Resources
In Amber's Web Average→ Endurance , Fists , Sleight of Hand , Survival , Weapons
"Just One More Thing..." Mediocre    
"Let Me Check in My Purse" Poor  
Fate Points
Walk the Walk (Contacting) No penalties from unfamiliar circumstances
Network of Contacts (Contacting) May define a contact on the fly, of Average quality with 2 advances
Lipreading (Investigation)
Smooth Recovery (Resolve) Take one additional moderate social or mental consequence
Unflappable (Resolve) +2 Resolve to defend against purely fear-based Intimidation actions



You're playing Miranda Jones, a local Kashfan herald. She reports to the Kashfan nobility about the goings-on in Little Amber. However, she also has another job -- reporting to the court of King Oberon. She was recruited by an agent of the King himself, and is well paid for occaisional tips.

You were told that he had to keep an eye out here because there was a weak reflection of the Pattern in Jidrash's "Little Amber". This could be used by Amberites for insidious plans. You have been briefed on all of the Amber royalty, from "Iron General" Benedict to "Dragon Lady" Fiona.

What you know about the others: