Name: Justinian Player:
Country Boy Legendary
"Good Dog!" Epic
Ranger of Arden Fantastic
Loyal to Julian Superb→ Survival
Out In Front Great→ Alertness , Fists
Curse of the Werewolf Good→ Athletics , Rapport , Weapons
Down On His Luck Fair→ Endurance , Intimidation , Mysteries , Stealth
Fish Out of Water Average→ Contacting , Investigation , Leadership , Might , Resolve
Don't Trust Those City Slickers Mediocre    
Watches His Back Poor  
Fate Points
Animal Companion (Survival) Companion character with 4 advances, within limits as an animal
Tracker (Survival) Roll Survival to track, gaining one piece of information per shift
Brawler (Fists) When outnumbered, defense rolls are +1; when fighting 2+ minions, damage +1
On Top Of It (Alertness) May spend fate point to go first
Danger Sense (Alertness) +2 on defense if ambushed (but may still be surprised)



You're playing Justinian, formerly a proud member of the Rangers of Arden, a lieutenant in the service of Prince Julian himself. However, you were forced to retire when fighting off a band of werewolves left you with their curse. You can change intentionally, but may change uncontrollably under stress.

Recently, you have heard from sources that Julian is worried about actions that the "Dragon Lady" Fiona is moving in to do something nasty. She may be supported by her full brothers, Brand and Bleys.

What you know about the others: