Name: Jack Burton Player:
Kashfan Born and Bred Legendary
"At a time like this, Jack Burton says..." Epic
Been There, Done That Fantastic
Loudmouth Superb→ Gambling
"Sleep - Who Needs It?" Great→ Resolve , Endurance
In the Middle of It Good→ Athletics , Contacting , Survival
Delivered On Time Fair→ Deceit , Drive , Intimidation , Rapport
Never Give Up Average→ Burglary , Engineering , Might , Stealth , Weapons
"What the...?!?" Mediocre    
"It's all in the reflexes" Poor  
Fate Points
Face the Pain (Endurance) Once per scene, spend fate point to remove mark from injury track
Infuriate (Intimidation) +2 skill to make someone angry at you
Gambling Man (Gambling) Compels involving gambling are escalated: 2 fate points gained or spent
Double or Nothing (Gambling) Once per scene after losing, may call for both sides to reroll to tie or lose double
The Devil's Own Luck (Gambling) May use Gambling skill for tests of pure luck



You're playing Jack Burton, a local tradesman and drover. He delivers pigs and other goods to the Little Amber market, and is well-liked by many. He has gotten into trouble in many places, but up until now Little Amber has been a safe haven for him.

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