Name: Floyd Player:
Eldest of Eight Legendary
Loudmouth Epic
Master Chef Fantastic
Drunkard Superb→ Resources
Trinkets of Past Service Great→ Art , Leadership
Shameful Exile Good→ Contacting , Resolve , Weapons
Land On His Feet Fair→ Academics , Empathy , Mysteries , Rapport
"Amber is here" Average→ Alertness , Fists ,
Talks of Food and Wine Mediocre    
Loved by His People Poor  
Fate Points
Grease the Wheels (Resources) May use Resources instead of Leadership whenever bribes could be accepted
Headquarters (Resources) One property has quality +2, and one extra element (see description)
Minions (Leadership) 2 Average quality minions by default, plus 3 upgrades
Minions (Leadership) 2 Average quality minions by default, plus 3 upgrades
Razor Tongue (Art) Complement social skills with Art, +1 for using Intimidation to provoke



You're playing Floyd, the owner and lead chef of a celebrated Amber-style restaurant in Jidrash. You were formerly a cook from the Royal Palace of Amber itself, and would run into princes and even King Oberon himself. However, your fondness for wine ruined you and after a disastrous incident involving a zesty orange sauce, you were exiled from Amber.

However, you still had a commanding presence, impeccable taste, and friends in high places. You set up a restaurant here in Little Amber. You are fond of saying "Amber is here", and lecturing about how everywhere is just a reflection of Amber. Most people just think you're snobby.

You are familiar with all of the elder Amberites, from "Iron General" Benedict to "Dragon Lady" Fiona. Many of them have stopped in Jidrash from time to time. From them you also have a supply of trinkets including your most treasured, a bottle of wine infused with Amberite blood that gives temporary power to the drinker.

What you know about the others: