Name: Arawn Player:
Grew Up On The Streets Legendary
Mean Streak Epic
Underworld Connections Fantastic
Joined the Marked Brotherhood Superb→ Weapons
"Where'd Those Knives Come From" Great→ Fists , Intimidation
Dark Justice Good→ Endurance , Might , Mysteries
See It Through Fair→ Alertness , Burglary , Contacting , Stealth
Stabbed in the Back Average→ Athletics , Deceit , Resolve , Resources , Survival
Redeemed by Chaos Mediocre    
Trying to Reform Poor  
Fate Points
Close at Hand (Weapons) No supplemental action penalty when drawing a weapon
Catch (Weapons) May use spin to catch thrown weapons
Unapproachable (Intimidation) May use Intimidation instead of Resolve to defend against Rapport, Deceit, and Empathy
Scary (Intimidation) May use Intimidation instead of Resolve to defend against Intimidation
Psychic (Mysteries) Use Mysteries to investigate occult climate of a place, or against supernatural surprises



You're playing Arawn, a local tough, formerly of the infamous Marked Brotherhood. The brotherhood all wear black and green, and receive brands on their foreheads as the "Mark of Caine". They wear hats or turbans normally, and do the bidding of their secret master within Little Amber, and everyone knows to stay clear or get a knife in the back.

However, two months ago you were grievously wounded and fell during a retreat through the storm sewers. There a strange creature, part angel and part demon, appeared and told you that it's name was Borquist, and that it was here to watch over the place. It had been watching you and thought you had value. Then it cut its hand and flaming blood flowed out. But when it put this to your wounds, you were healed. Unfortunately, your brand also disappeared. When you next met the Brotherhood, you were nearly killed again and only barely escaped.

Since then, you have been trying to reform and make up for your crimes against the community.

What you know about the others: