SotC Campaign:

My first straight Spirit of the Century campaign -- that is, set in the canonical setting -- was in 2010. The three original PCs were:

My and Jens' characters came slightly after, since I joined later and Jens was GMing the first adventure. The first novels of the original three PCs were:

The first adventure (GMed by Jens over two sessions) had us going on an Australian airship headed to Washington DC after encountering a strange island in the South Pacific. We discovered that there were giant psychic eggs with strange being inside that influenced the crew. When we brought the airship down in the mountains of California, a psychic named Florian Xander and Ellen Tayce found it. Florian Xander turned out to be working for our nemesis, Kaiser Klutz, and betrayed Tayce.

The second adventure (GMed by myself over four sessions) started with the PCs in Washington DC, where the car that picked them up from their hotel was actually a deathtrap of Jack Tripp's. After avoiding collision with a building and a group of nuns and orphans, they tossed the bomb in the trunk out the back and brought the car to a stop despite traffic. They went on to contact Senator Notkin, who wanted to broker an expedition to track down the mysterious island that the airship had found. Before leaving, though, they tracked down the deathtrap car to a garage where a mechanic created deathtraps aided by two super-strength apes. (Second Session) The train to California is attacked by jetpack-born men, going after a woman with mysterious psychic powers. They defeated them, and began the journey into the South Pacific, only to be waylaid by Japanese agents also interested in the island. (Third Session) They find the island as a storm hits, and find themselves under siege by dinosaurs with spears and catapults. They escape and investigate, only to be surrounded after destroying a batch of the psychic eggs. (Four Session) They go on the run the army of dinosaurs controlled by the psychic egg creatures, and Arctic Fox slips away in disguise to kill the leader egg. She succeeds, but the volcano begins to erupt and they escape the island just in time.

For the third adventure, GMed by Gareth, we made a second batch of PCs:

In this adventure, we followed a bunch of robberies to find that an organization called the Order of the Azure Clam had a mysterious plot relating to a yacht party to be thrown by a high society acquaintence of Mr. Fitzpatrick-Smythe. It turned out to be a plot to steal a rare diamond that the lady was to unveil in order to cast a summoning ritual.

That is the overview of characters and events. I posted reflections on the campaign on my RPG blog.


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