The Crypts of St. Antoine

Schematic View

          ___Original Entrance
         /          (1C)
        /                             __Dead End
       /     ___Tomb of St. Antoine__/
Elev. <     /        (1C)            \__(1C)____(1C)__Cave
Room   \___/                                 /
           \                                /
            \(1C)                      ?   /(19C)
      ~350yds\                         |__/
              \__(1C/19C)__Vault room__|
                             (19C)     |

   1C =  1st Century contruction
  19C = 19th Century contruction


Elevator Room
A 60 foot deep, 3' wide square shaft going up to the basement of the Church of St. Antoine parish house. This is 1st century construction except for the shaft and a small area by it.
Original Entrance
This is 1st century construction stairs up to the original church, blocked by rubble. There is a rusted jackhammer and other construction tools here circa 20th century.
Tomb of St. Antoine
This is original 1st century construction. There is a tomb for St. Antoine, with a marble sarcophagus.
1C/19C Break
At an unmarked spot in the corridor, there is a break from 1st century hand construction to 19th century machine construction.
Vault Room
There is an unmarked room with two doors off of it, each one locked with a simple 19th/20th century lock.
Cave Entrance
There was a dead end in the original construction: a brick wall with painted plaster over it. When broken down, this leads to a cave tunnel which leads to a larger cavern.

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