Review and Analysis

         This is a literary-style analysis of the SF Supers campaign. This was a superhero campaign set in the near future where most of the world was under the rule of an oppressive world government, but there were a bunch of superheroes who held a free community in Hawaii. cf. The Forge thread Mission Selection and Player Authorship (November 2003).

         I believe that the GM, Robert, had originally imagined that we would take part in missions for the free superhero community. However, I decided to make a character who fanatically hated the government (with good reason, I would add). He saw the Hawaiin community was being free without helping the rest of the world, and he decided to try to instigate open war. He secretly attacked both sides in various guises to provoke war. Regardless of whether he succeeded or failed, his mission determined what the story of the game was about. In story terms, the difference between "fanatic tries to instigate war and dies trying" and "fanatic tries to instigate war and succeeds" is fairly minor -- compared to, say, a story about a peaceful telepath who is slowly provoked into action.


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