The Coronado

NOTE: The following are pre-generated PCs in the Firefly/Serenity universe using the Spirit of the Century system. I used them in a one-shot adventure.

This is the crew of the Coronado, a scout ship owned by the Companions Guild and operated by Fannie Granger. Following the events of the film, there is some turmoil in the Outer Planets. The Coronado's mission is to make sure that none of that touches the members of the Companions Guild -- or if it does, to teach a lesson to whoever is responsible.

         This is a fast and discretely well-armed vessel. It is maintained by the Guild on its occaisional visits to the inner planets, but mostly the crew have to maintain it themselves. It does have a small squad of the Guild Security Forces -- a dozen soldiers trained and loyal to the Guild.

Fannie Granger

A master in the Companions Guild and captain of the Coronado. Fannie grew up as a Companion, then retired from active service years ago and married Colonel Jeremy Granger. However, her husband sided with the Independents in the Unification War and died in battle.

(Picture is of Fannie Porter (1873-1940), a famous brothel manager in the Old West.)
Lilly Shepis

A journeyman in the Companions Guild, Lilly is acting as second to Mrs. Granger. She is quick-witted and ambitious, but is getting a reputation as a trouble-maker.

(Picture is of Lilly Langree (1853-1929), a British actress.)
Lt. Kenne Black

Commander the Guild Security Forces on the Coronado, Kenne is a veteran of many years service who has never risen far in rank due to attitude problems. He is loyal, but doesn't stick his neck out unless he has to.

(Picture is of Kenne Duncan (1903-1972), a western B-movie character actor.)
Cpl. Pearl Hatfield

A hot-shot young soldier in the Guild Security Forces, Pearl has fallen in love with Lilly.

(Picture is of Pearl Hart (1871-1956) - cowgirl, bandit, and contributor to Cosmopolitan magazine.)
Galvin Holloway

Formerly a respected gentleman, Holloway fought for the Independents with Colonel Jeremy Granger (husband of Fannie) in the War of Unification. Since then, he was ruined and is now known as a professional gambler and ne'er-do-well.

(Picture is of an unnamed 19th century gambler.)
Lalu Chang

The loud-mouthed engineer of the Coronado, Lalu manages her engine room with an iron fist. She is relatively young, and has no particular Guild loyalties.

(Picture is of Lalu Nathoy / Polly Bemis (1853-1933), a pioneer woman originally sold as a slave.)
Eliza Collins

The pretty, genius doctor of the Coronado. Eliza likes the frilly things that come with being a Guild doctor, but the others rarely understand her projects or talk. She was hired for being the top of her class, and happy to wander the outer planets.

(Picture is of Dr. Eliza Cook (1856-1947), a doctor in Carson Valley, Nevada.)
Fern Hall

The comic-relief manager of the Coronado, working as handywoman and chef.

(Picture is of Bessie Rockwell, an entrepeneur of Jean, Nevada in 1918.)


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