Miss Woodhull,

As you all know, I have since the disasterous Turkish Affair (from which, thanks to a certain lucky streak at the races and conservative investment, I have been able to recover most everything, thank you very much--everything, that is, except the confidence of Fleet Street) cultivated some interest in occult matters and spiritualistic practices. Although, if I may be frank with you, I have always remained somewhat reserved in my appreciation of supernatural phenomena and those gifted with supernatural abilities -- trusting to the cool objectivity of Science to uncover their mysteries. As a Man of Science, I would welcome the oportunity to pursue these phenomena, that the Light of Science might shine upon them.

Furthermore, I have seen in my travels across Europe that the occult, along with its great striving for Truth, is replete with the veniality, wickedness, and madness found in all human endeavor. Insofar, therefore, as we have seen these matters to impinge upon the Universal Principles of Human Decency upon which our Modern Society is based, I agree that we should endeavor to uncover their vile practices and bring them to a halt.

At present, it is perhaps impossible to distinguish within the actions and practices of our quarry between that which is based in Genuine Occult Insights (to be brought before the light of Science) and that which has its origin in debased morality and madness. Nevertheless, I submit that, insofar as it provides the principle for action for such men as Lorenz and the insideous Dr. Fu Manchu, we must set to uncovering the pattern that guides these men, and decipher its inner logic, whether it be the sublime logic of Truth and Science, or the warped logic of madness, or perhaps some unwholesome interweaving of the two. It is that pattern which will allow us to understand these villains, and that pattern that will allow us to defeat them.

To that end, your skills should prove invaluable in helping us to chronicle our investigation, providing us with the resources to perceive just those patterns in our quarry's behavior--and from there, to uncover the logic that guides their very beliefs. Thinking as they do, we will surely be able to predict their actions and bring them to justice.

Dr. Adolphus Eck