My Dear Mr. Eck and Mr. Rook:

Your thoughts on working as a group were most welcome. In fact, it has long been in my mind that, in light of the truly appalling events in the last few months, that threaten the unsuspecting and innocent people of our city, we should be grateful that our superior knowledge of the Conspiratorial forces involved gives us the chance to take a stand against Evil. Why not, I say, create a formal, if secret, Society for the investigation of strange events, or even for the perpetuation of true Social Justice? If organized societies such as the Afterlife Club are banding together to prolong their own lives beyond the normal span of human years, finding respectable men of science to perform unspeakable atrocies to further this goal, and apparently involving many people of differing social classes in their nefarious schemes, then, how much greater the need for an opposing organization of concerned citizens!

Your proposal that Miss Hawksquill be our leader and coordinator, and that Mr. Edwards lead the company in any Adventures that may occur, seem quite sensible. You will recall the scenes on pages 436-452 in his book Scream of the Snow Leopard, when Emmett Allworthy, intrepid hero of the story, and his confederates, are nearly conquered by the Himalayan Yeti fiends, because of their unfortunate propensity to ``split up'' in order to investigate differing threads of an investigation. Ah, what insight! Mr. Edwards is a man who understands that one must subordinate the will of the individual to the necessity of the group, when protecting the innocent, and combatting Evil, is at stake.

For my part, I can offer no more than the ability to chronicle events as they happen, in journalistic fashion, which perhaps may be of assistance to the linking of Unexplained Events and Persons involved in the crimes that seem to follow our party wherever we may be.


Miss Violet Woodhull