A Secret Conversation of Mr. Rook to Mr. Edwards, following Hawksquill's accident


Rook: "Mr. Edwards.  I have a favor to ask of you.  In the 
   Culmination of our trap for the Black King, I made a deal with 
   the Beast.  You remember my offering my right hand, which was 
   presaged by my earlier possession.  I now feel that I have 
   some sort of intimate connection with that force -- which 
   has been reinforced by some recent private events."

   "Now, you have probably guessed that my work at the Foreign 
   Office was rather shady...  In short, I was and am a spy.  
   I look upon this connection as simply the continuation of my 
   work for the Empire."

Edwards: "Are you sure that's such a good idea?"

Rook: "I'm not quite sure -- but the bargain has been struck in 
   any case.  I doubt I can easily reverse it.  What is more, 
   we are critically lacking in information about our Enemy here. 
   I am taking steps to see if I can find out more about the 
   Beast -- perhaps learn to think like it."

Edwards: "I don't like the sound of this, but it is up to you.
   What do you want of me?"

Rook: "There is the possibility that this could go too far.  I'm 
   trying to be careful, but clearly it is possible for the Beast 
   to possess me.  I know from the basement of Malbray Asylum that 
   you can be counted on to do what is neccessary should this 

Edwards looks uncomfortable, but says: "You can count on me to 
   do whatever is neccessary when the time comes."