PS238 Character List



Real Name Code Name Notes
Tyler Marlocke Moon Shadow The 8-year-old son Ultima and Sovereign, who enrolled him at PS238 even though he has no known superpowers. Now a protoge/sidekick of The Revenant with various gadgets. (Full:p38)
Cecil Holmes (none) Not a member of PS238 because his powers have not yet been officially identified. Cecil has the ability to identify people with metahuman abilities, known only to himself, Tyler, and The Revenant. (Full:p60)
Ron Peterson Captain Clarinet/Argonaut Son of Ul-Ron of Argos (aka Atlas), the parallel to Superman. He has his father's abilities, plus a talent for music that he used to display using a specially-constructed clarinet. (Full:p31)
Zodon (none) A five-year-old with genius intelligence and a desire to conquer the world. He generally stays in his floating hoverchair filled with many inventions. (Full:p47)
Malphast (none) A unique being, the child of a male Seraphim General from the Realm of Order and a female demon from the realm of Chaos. He has great mystical powers, but his existance remains a secret from both realms. (Full:p37)
Victor Von Fogg (none) The 8-year-old son of established villain Doctor Philippe Von Fogg. He has a powered armor suit and occasionally displays new inventions in rivalry with Zodon, though he has not shown his tinkering ability. (Full:p45)
Alexandra Von Fogg (none) Daughter of would-be world conqueror Doctor Philippe Von Fogg, enrolled at Praetorian Academy. Seemingly brighter than her brother Victor.
Kevin Kramer The Emerald Gauntlet A 7-year-old with powers similar to The Green Lantern, who inherited his green gauntlet from his father, Emerald Gauntlet Sr. (Full:p34)
Ambriel Valentine Guardian Angel A girl with a mysterious force that uncontrollably protects her from hazards, and makes her invisible to machines. (Full:p36)
Bernard Brenner (none) A permanently blue-skinned Hulk-like child, son of Bryce Brenner (aka The Unbelievable Ultrabrute) and his wife Beth. (Full:p30)
Murphy (none) Self-described as the "Prince of Daydreams" and "a fragment of the being who rules the land of Sentient Sleep" - i.e. a child version of Dream/Morpheus from Neil Gaiman's The Sandman. (p50)
Tom Davidson (none) A 10-year-old with the ability to effortlessly travel through time, an intuitive grasp of temporal mechanics, and access to the Castle Beyond Time & Space. (Full:p32)
Jenny Adams American Eagle A 10-year-old with wings and the ability to fire energy bolts from her hands, chosen by the Democratic party as their sponsored candidate for the "America's Hero" project. (Full:p29)
Dillon Fillmore USA Patriot Act A 10-year-old with remarkable physical skill, chosen by the Republican party as their sponsored candidate for the "America's Hero" project and supplied with an armored costume, metallic gauntlets,and throwing disks. (Full:p43)
Alejandro Torres The Flea An 8-year-old with clinging, leaping, and the ability to talk to and control insects. He is the most active in investigating and adventuring outside of school. (Full:p35)
Julie Finnster "84" A 7-year-old girl, and the 84th person with the standard FISS (flight, invulnerability, speed, strength) powers. (Full:p33)
Poly Mekkis Polymer A 7-year-old girl with totally malleable stretching body that she can change to imitate shapes and even clothes. Julie's best friend. (Full:p39)
Angie Sinthousy (none) An 11-year-old mad inventor and techie, known for getting into mischief and often cutting school. She is good friends with Prospero and Tyler. (Full:p41)
Prospero (none) An apparently young alien with an undecipherable language, though he can apparently understand English. He is sometimes disguised as an African exchange student at Excelsior. (Full:p40)
Suzanne Finnster Suzi Fusion A fearless 6-year-old with radioactive superpowers including blast, force field, and flight. (Full:p42)
Toby Marlocke Ultimate Powers A clone of Tyler created by Angie who was given true life, limited memories, and superpowers by Chaos & Order. He has been adopted as Tyler's twin.
Franklin Springer The Whiz An 8-year-old speedster, the son of superhero Lady Lightspeed and her non-powered husband. (Full:p46)
Jimmy Archer Kid Arachnio Son of minor hero Dr. Arachnio, with four metal spider legs attached to a backpack. (p49)
Kyle Curtis Laser Sight A young boy with the power to fire lasers from his eyes. He is severely cross-eyed, though, and wears a circular focusing lens to use his powers. (p49)
Greg Grifton Backblast A confident and aggressive young boy with energy powers that he cannot fully control. (p49)
Stanley Harrison Bullet Son and sometime sidekick of powered-armor hero Steel Sentinel, with a miniature version of his armor. Since he has been on the streets fighting crime, he sometimes looks down on less experienced classmates. (p49)
Celestia (none) The first-born daughter of Celestial, one of Earth's most powerful mystic heroes. (p49)
Xavier Jordan (none) The 3-year-old son of Black Titan and Battle Axe, with truly enormous super-strength. (p50)
Jennifer Lauder Three-Eyes A young girl with a third eyes in her forehead and mystic powers inhereited from her family. (p50)
Paul Peterson Blaze A 6-year-old with the ability to control fire and not be hurt by it. (p51)
Ramses (none) A mysterious young man who enrolled himself at PS238, claiming to be the reincarnation of Ramses II. He has minor mystic powers. (p51)
Athena Reyh The Platinum Shield Daughter of Lady Valiant, a powerful and tempermental superhero. She has enhanced strength, reflexes, and toughness - as well as a round shield she uses. (p51)
Basil Sgouros Olympus Strike Son of a Greek archaeologist who found a magic helmet that gives him great strength and power over lightning. (p51)
Harold Sigridson Asgard A Danish boy who found a trove of divine Norse artifacts in the woods near his home, including Odin's helm that grants clear sight and Thor's belt that grants super-strength. (p51)
Takahashi Shiro Shadow The son of two superheroes from Japan. He inherited the ability to control chi energy from his mother, and learned stealth and martial arts of the ninja from his father. (p51)
Nora Vegiard (none) A young girl who is a werewolf. (p52)
Jared Whitman Override A 6-year-old boy with immense telepathy and mind control powers. He had totally dominated his parents for some time until they secretly contacted PS238 who gave them a psi block virus. (p52)
Lynn Wolcott Top Hat Daughter of mystic superheroes Dr. Wonder and Arcana, who was given a top hat by a strange spirit that she can pull objects from. (p52)
Adam Woods Animator A young boy with the power to animate and control objects, though currently he can only do this to small and/or soft objects. (p52)
Alec Kent (none) A boy who can make drawings with magical properties, especially creating gates in space and/or time.
Vern McIntire (none) An extremely powerful healer, who was even able to resurrect a girl who had just died of infection (Ambriel). Part of the Rainmaker program, and temporarily kidnapped by Harold Nelson. (p50)
Hestia (none) The Earthly incarnation of Hestia Goddess of the Hearth. Part of the Rainmaker program, and temporarily kidnapped by Harold Nelson. (p50)
Uther Brown (none) A boy who can make anything into an edible substance. Part of the Rainmaker program, and temporarily kidnapped by Harold Nelson. (p49)
Zachary Shipman (none) A kid who can dig through any kind of soil or rock. He is one of Moon Shadow's biggest fans. Part of the Rainmaker program, and temporarily kidnapped by Harold Nelson. (p51)
Lyle Sutton (none) A boy who can deduce probable events from patterns around him. Part of the Rainmaker program, and temporarily kidnapped by Harold Nelson. (p51)
Kathy Bryant (The Restorer) A girl who can rebuild any object from its remains, and repair any damaged machine (including Dr. Positron). Part of the Rainmaker program, and temporarily kidnapped by Harold Nelson. (p49)
Vera Knickerbocker The Witness A girl who can see the past of any item or area by looking at it or touching it. Part of the Rainmaker program, and temporarily kidnapped by Harold Nelson. (p50)
Deirdre Yates Orchid A girl who can accelerate and intensify plant growth. Part of the Rainmaker program, and temporarily kidnapped by Harold Nelson. (p52)
Steve Newdeck Soundtrack A boy with the ability to reproduce music, up to the levels of rock concert speakers. Part of the Rainmaker program, and temporarily kidnapped by Harold Nelson. (p50)
Marvin Hazelwood The Sleeper A boy who can put anyone to sleep instantaneously. He looks very much like Dr. Newby, and is probably her son. Part of the Rainmaker program, and temporarily kidnapped by Harold Nelson. (p49)
Satori Deacon (none) A girl who can see and talk to ghosts, and also see through other magical effects such as illusions/glamours. A late addition to the Rainmaker program. (p49)



Real Name Code Name Notes
Cristina Kyle Micro-Might Former elementary school teacher and member of the Union of Justice, able to increase her density and toughness. (Full:p22)
Herschel Clay Mantium Former member of the Union of Justice, Clay was born with a level 9 intellect and a penchant for tinkering. (Full:p14)
Alfred Cranston (none) Former President of the United States discovered to secretly be a telepath. He was fitted with a psi block and made principal of PS238 as part of his probationo. (Full:p16)
Maximillian Krutz Rockslide Former member of the Union of Justice, with a huge body made of living rock. (Full:p21)
Vashti Imperia Spell Syrin Former member of the Union of Justice, with magical powers and a mysterious past. (Full:p20)
(Hamilton Thompson) Doctor Positron Former member of the Union of Justice, he is a number of living androids with human consciousness. (Full:p17)
Dr. Isadore Newby (none) PS238's school physician with limited healing powers in addition to her medical skills. (p25)
Alice Oberon (none) A teacher with no known superpowers who directs the Rainmaker program. (p25)
Roland Wooster (none) Former butler of the Union of Justice, with no known superpowers. (p25)
Harold Nelson (none) PS238's new janitor, a former member of the old Rainmaker program with the ability to temporarily enhance or remove superpowers. (Full:p66)

Parents & Other Adults

Real Name Code Name Notes
(Kent Allard) The Revenant A costumed crime-fighter with many identities and resources, as well as an enormous arsenal of gadgets and vehicles. (Full:p68)
Roaring Cloud (none) An Indian with superpowers from a time before European contact, who was cursed and became tied to the spot where Excelsior school was built. Only Satori Deacon has been able to talk to him.
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