PS238 Issue by Issue

What follows is an overview of all the PS238 issues, grouped by their collections. Included are a brief plot summary and lists of characters (student and adult).

Issue Notes
Collection I: With Liberty and Recess for All
#0 Synopsis: The school is introduced in a series of short vignettes.
Featured students:
Featured adults:
#1 Synopsis: Ron Peterson is introduced, while he still has a fear of flying. Zodon plays a trick on him, but all comes out right in the end.
Featured students: Ron/Captain Clarinet, Zodon
Featured adults: regular teachers & staff
#2 Synopsis: "The Student from Beyond the Stars" - The alien Prospero is introduced.
Featured students: Prospero
Featured adults: regular teachers & staff
#3 Synopsis: "The Amazing Adventures of the Uncanny Incredible Perfectly Ordinary Average Boy" - Tyler Marlocke is introduced, along with Cecil Holmes.
Featured students: Tyler, Cecil
Featured adults: regular teachers & staff
#4 Synopsis: The students take a field trip to the Moon, where a few of them get separated from the rest of the class, and Ron meets an old friend.
Featured students: Tyler, Ron/Captain Clarinet, Zodon, Kevin/Emerald Gauntlet, Suzi Fusion
Featured adults: regular teachers & staff
#5 Synopsis: Tyler, Ambriel, Zodon, and Bernard wander into a secret corner of PS238 to discover bits of its past.
Featured students: Tyler, Ambriel, Zodon, Bernard
Featured adults: regular teachers & staff
Collection II: To the Cafeteria For Justice
#6 Synopsis: New students Dillon and Jenny (aka USA Patriot Act and American Eagle) join PS238 and compete to become class president, only to be beaten in the election by an unexpected candidate. New student Malphast is also introduced after an unusual home visit.
Featured students: Dillon/USA Patriot Act, Jenny/American Eagle, (Suzi Fusion), (Ron/Captain Clarinet), (Victor Von Fogg), (Murphy), (Kevin/Emerald Gauntlet), Tyler, Zodon
Featured adults: regular teachers & staff, Media Director Robert Lincoln
#7 Synopsis: Tyler, Suzi, Zodon, and Tom team up for a history report on the first metahuman, Mr. Extraordinary. Also, new student Angie is admitted to the school on Herschel's recommendation after an incident in the hangar.
Featured students: Zodon, Tom, Tyler, Suzi Fusion, Naomi Boomer, Angie
Featured adults: regular teachers & staff, Thaddeus Boomer/Mr. Extraordinary
#8 Synopsis: Rainmaker student Lyle gives a history report on the original Project Rainmaker from 1960, and its first subject - young Harold Nelson.
Featured students: Lyle, Hestia, Zach, Harold Nelson
Featured adults: Dr. Irons
#9 Synopsis: "Night School" - Tyler is introduced to Revenant, and has his first adventure as Moon Shadow. Also, some students meet Charles Brigman at the K-Square store.
Featured students: Tyler, (Angie), (Prospero)
Featured adults: Revenant, The Consultant, The Kestrel, The Highwayman
Collection III: No Child Left Behind
#10 Synopsis: Angie, Tyler, and Prospero take a visit into outer space.
Featured students: Angie, Tyler, Prospero
Featured adults: Mr. Clay
Notes from Class Synopsis: Vignettes including the "To the Cafeteria... For Justice" bit, Adam the Animator at the costume store, and introducing The Flea who has an adventure with Ron.
Featured students: Adam/The Animator, Alejandro/The Flea, Ron/Captain Clarinet
Featured adults: Mr. Clay, Miss Kyle
#11 Synopsis: After a recap of Malphast's origin... Tyler, Cecil, and Malphast get in trouble with Charles Brigman, who then ends up challenging them and Suzi Fusion in an interdimensional game of Four Square.
Featured students: Tyler, Cecil, Malphast, Charles, Suzi Fusion
Featured adults: Ms. Imperia, Miss Kyle
#12 Synopsis: "Time After Tyler" - Tyler finds himself in the Castle Beyond Time and Space, and sees alternate reality versions of himself.
Featured students: Tyler, Tom, (Zodon)
Featured adults: regular teachers & staff
#13 Synopsis: On Tom Davidson's orders, Tyler attaches a device to the back of Zodon's chair to interfere with his time-travelling.
Featured students: Tyler, Tom, Zodon, Harold Nelson, Angie
Featured adults: Captain Chronos, The Time-Waster
#14 Synopsis: "Return of the Rainmaker" - Harold Nelson returns as an adult to PS238 with Dr. Irons' head to kidnap the Rainmaker students, who go along because Lyle says it is important.
Featured students: Rainmaker kids
Featured adults:
#15 Synopsis: The Revenant and Tyler attempt to rescue the Rainmaker kids, and discover Dr. Irons' secret plan.
Featured students: Tyler, Rainmaker kids
Featured adults: Revenant, Harold Nelson
Collection IV: Not Another Learning Experience
#16 Synopsis: "How do you save a guardian angel?" - Tyler, The Flea, and The Revenant return the Rainmaker kids to PS238 while fending of Praetorian recruiters.
Featured students: Tyler, Alejandro/The Flea, Rainmaker kids,
Featured adults: Sentinels (Tracer, Macromind), Revenant, Harold Nelson, Ultima, Sovereign
#17 Synopsis: "Down With Gravity!" - Tyler and other kids find themselves mysteriously dropped in a lake
Featured students: Tyler, Jenny/American Eagle, Dillon/USA Patriot Act,
Featured adults: Revenant, Harold Nelson
#17 Synopsis: "Down With Gravity!" - Tyler and other kids find themselves mysteriously dropped in a lake, which turns out to be a rogue metaprodigy. Meanwhile, Ambriel wanders as a ghost until Vern shows unexpected power.
Featured students: Tyler, Jenny/American Eagle, Dillon/USA Patriot Act, Charles, Ambriel/Gaurdian Angel, Vern, Cecil, Zodon
Featured adults: Revenant, Harold Nelson
#18 Synopsis: Without planning to, Tyler assembles a team of kids to deal with Charles Brigman. Meanwhile, Satori Deacon is introduced to PS238, and befriends a ghost on school grounds.
Featured students: Satori, Tyler, Kevin/Emerald Gauntlet, Ambriel/Guardian Angel, Julie/84, Alejandro/The Flea, Ron/Captain Clarinet
Featured adults: regular teachers & staff
#19 Synopsis: Tyler and his team defeat Charles only to have him whisked away in a new mystery. In the meantime, Zodon is working on the time machine that was already featured in earlier issues.
Featured students: Zodon, Victor Von Fogg, Charles, Tyler, Kevin/Emerald Gauntlet, Ambriel/Guardian Angel, Julie/84, Alejandro/The Flea, Ron/Captain Clarinet
Featured adults: Praetorian Guards
#20 Synopsis: Tyler needs to finish his time travelling to fix what happened before, and ends up going even further back. As he waits outside the principal's office, he finds Ron misbehaving because his parents are getting divorced.
Featured students: Tyler, Zodon, Angie, Tom Davidson, Ron/Captain Clarinet
Featured adults: Captain Chronos, regular teachers & staff
#21 Synopsis: A series of simple conversations happen over recent events. Miss Kyle sends a message for Moon Shadow to talk to Ron - and they talk about Ron's future, but they are interrupted by an alien attack! Moon Shadow must save Ron, or is it the other way around?
Featured students: Tyler, Alec, Cecil, Zodon, Angie, Prospero, Ron/Captain Clarinet
Featured adults: regular teachers & staff
Collection V: Extraterrestrial Credit
#22 Synopsis: Ron and Moon Shadow are saved from the alien. However, mysterious alien forces are at work, and Cecil is tracking them down. He captures an alien that Zodon was fighting using a shrink ray gun he got from Revenant. As a result of recent events, though, the Department of Metahuman Affairs assigns a permanent liaison.
Featured students: Tyler/Moon Shadow, Ron/Captain Clarinet, Cecil, Alec, (Malphast), (Zodon)
Featured adults: regular teachers & staff, Agent Bain
#23 Synopsis: "Welcome to Career Day" - Tyler and Julie and other kids visit career day. Super-temp Victorious is shown up as a washout by Victor Von Fogg, but Will Wheaton impresses the kids with his telekinetic powers and acting anecdotes. The Praetorian Academy tries to recruit Julie and Ron, lead by academy student "Underguard Greyhound" who walks off with Tyler.
Featured students: Tyler/Moon Shadow, Julie/84, Zodon, Ron/Captain Clarinet, Alejandro/The Flea, Victor Von Fogg, Charles/Underguard Greyhound, Jenny/American Eagle, Dillon/USA Patriot Act
Featured adults: regular teachers & staff, Victorious, Praetorian Onyx
#24 Synopsis: "Taken from earth...left on a rock floating in eternity...and it's not even lunchtime yet" - Tyler is kidnapped by Charles from the career fair and stranded by the four-square field in space (the "rock of challenge" from issue #11). Malphast takes Cecil through several dimensions to rescue them, with a little help from his parents.
Featured students: Tyler, Malphast, Cecil
Featured adults: Diana Langdon/Doctor Positron #8, Malphast's parents
#25 Synopsis: "Invasion Day" - The Earth Defense League and Cosmos Legion head off a mothership, but a major incusion happens at PS238.
Featured students: Cecil, Tyler, Zodon, (Victor Von Fogg), (Kathy/The Restorer) (Bernard), (Kevin/Emerald Gauntlet), (Jenny/American Eagle), (Suzi Fusion), (Alejandro/The Flea), (Vern), (Ambriel/Guardian Angel)
Featured adults: regular teachers & staff, Ms. Ryley (Dept. of Metahuman Affairs), Revenant
#26 Synopsis: "Quarantine" - Everyone teams up to fight off the aliens and rush Tyler into quarantine. Even Zodon and Victor cooperate, and Satori plays host to the schoolyard's local ghost, Roaring Cloud.
Featured students: Tyler/Moon Shadow, Zodon, (Kevin/Emerald Gauntlet), (Alejandro/The Flea), (Bernard), (Suzi Fusion), (Jenny/American Eagle), (Dillon/USA Patriot Act), Satori, Victor Von Fogg, Franklin/The Whiz, Poly
Featured adults: regular teachers & staff
#27 Synopsis: The aliens have been fought off, but the school is collapsing. Principal Cranston and Doctor Newby are trapped in the lab with Tyler in stasis. While they try to escape by releasing Cranston's powers, Tyler telepathically experiences Cranston's memories as president.
Featured students: Tyler/Moon Shadow, (Zodon), (Victor Von Fogg),
Featured adults: regular teachers & staff, Ms. Ryley/Astral Girl
Collection VI: Senseless Acts of Tourism
#28 Synopsis: Has Miss Kyle left PS238 for good? Why was Zodon spotted holding onto the tail of her airliner? These and other questions are why the Flea is chasing these rogue meta-persons out West. This isn't your 'normal' Las Vegas; it's a place run by a metahuman enforcer squad, where everyone is welcome as long as you leave your super-grudges at the city limits. Is Sin City ready for PS238's ultra-kids?
Featured students:
Featured adults:
#29 Synopsis: In Las Vegas, Miss Kyle is trapped by Praetorian Guards, while Julie, Poly, and Zodon go to a casino to hide. What trouble can they get into there? Who is the Crystal Skull and what deal will he offer Zodon?
Featured students: Julie/84, Poly, Zodon, Alejandro/The Flea
Featured adults: Miss Kyle/Micro-might, Praetorian Guards, Crystal Skull
#30 Synopsis: The Las Vegas adventure that Miss Kyle would rather forget takes several exciting turns as the stowaway super-kids learn that it's not easy to beat the house when the house can beat back, some super-villains are super-sneaky, and Praetorian Academy is still a force to be reckoned with! All this and Julie Finster starts a new destiny that will cause a small metahuman revolution when she tosses away her cape for good!
Featured students:
Featured adults:
#31 Synopsis: After being nearly destroyed by aliens, the little town that unwittingly plays host to ps238 has begun to change. Superheroes are moving their households in from all over the world, including Tyler's parents! And now that the government has announced that the newly-renamed 'Wonderburg' will be a model metahuman community, will ps238 be able to keep its location at least a semi-secret? Will Tyler's alien virus be cured in time to meet his folks? And will the townspeople be forced to move away to make way for row upon row of Halls of Justice?
Featured students:
Featured adults:
#32 Synopsis: Along with nearly every super-group relocating their headquarters to Wonderburg, the newly-renamed home of ps238, the mysterious Praetorian Academy has recruited several new students into its ranks including... Captain Clarinet? Has he hung up his cape and concerto for good? And why is Angie asking Herschel for help with cloning technology?
Featured students:
Featured adults:
#33 Synopsis: Tyler's jaunt to the Castle Beyond Time and Space comes to a head as the decision rests with him and him alone as to whether or not human kind will keep its superheroes, or if they will pass into legend until a new age of heroes comes to pass. Meanwhile, back at ps238, frantic efforts are made to get Tyler out of stasis and into the care of his parents, who are now local residents - and some of the solutions may border on mad science!
Featured students:
Featured adults:
Collection VII: Daughters, Sons, & Shrink-Ray Guns
#34 Synopsis: Julie Finster, distant relative of Suzi Fusion, comes from a family that hasn't had many direct relatives who wear costumes and fly about. To make matters worse, Julie is the 84th person with the FISS powerset (Flight, Invulnerability, Speed, Strength), making her somewhat common and unfashionable in the super-heroing world. Her cousins, the atomic-powered 'Nuclear Family' have come to town, lording their fame and fortune over Julie's household. Can her self-confidence survive? And what's with all the demons and cherubs flitting around Wonderburg?
Featured students:
Featured adults:
#35 Synopsis: Marlocke has always been a boy with no powers, going to school alongside the children of Earth's mightiest. Has he finally gained the abilities his parents have yearned for him to have? Can he control them without unraveling the universe? And will the planet survive a showdown between the Lords of Order and Chaos?
Featured students:
Featured adults:
#36 Synopsis: The forces of Order and Chaos - who suspiciously resemble angels and demons - are wreaking havoc in Wonderburg, and it may be up to Malphast to stop it. As the offspring of both order and chaos, he might have a hidden ability to save the world or doom it to eternal struggle between good and evil. And will Tyler's clone have a part to play in all of this?
Featured students: Malphast, Tyler, Cecil, Toby, Alec
Featured adults: Miss Kyle, Principal Cranston, Mr. Wooster & Ms. Ryley (Dept. of Metahuman Affairs), (Tyler's parents Ultima and Sovereign), (Bernard's Dad), (Malphast's parents), (Emerald Gauntlet Sr.)
#37 Synopsis: After alien invasions, incursions into our world by the supernatural, and choices about the future of superheroes, it's back to schoolwork for the kids of ps238. Miss Kyle has assigned a creative writing assignment, and we get to read along. What insights into the budding superhero mind will we see? And is Zodon using this exercise to drop hints about his next evil scheme?
Featured students: Dillon/USA Patriot Act, Jenny/American Eagle, Tyler, Toby/, Julie/84, Ambriel/Gaurdian Angel, Zodon, (Victor Von Fogg), (Kevin/Emerald Gauntlet), (Poly), (Alejandro/The Flea), (Bernard)
Featured adults: Miss Kyle
#38 Synopsis: The rival school to ps238, Praetorian Academy, has challenged the students of ps238 to a soccer game! When it's discovered by an intrepid few that the goal of the game is to make ps238 look unworthy of parent and public support, it's up to Tyler and his friends to figure out how to turn the tide of public opinion, if not win the game! The only problem is who Praetorian Academy's Headmaster has sent to keep things from going awry!
Featured students: Tyler, Cecil, Alejandro/The Flea, Julie/84, Ron/Argonaut, Praetorian Echo, Praetorian Tektite, (Kevin/Emerald Gauntlet), (Bernard), (Franklin/The Whiz)
Featured adults: Dr. Positron, Rockslide, Miss Kyle, Herschel
#39 Synopsis: Three heroes have been chosen - student-heroes, but still heroes - to journey to a mystic time when dragons, wizards, and other mythical beings walked the Earth! Their quest: To rescue ps238's magic teacher, Spell Syrin, from her exile to the fairy-tale past. Meanwhile, Wonderburg has received a brand new 'SIITS-9000' device for firing dangerous things into orbit or even into the sun, and Zodon has plans for this wondrous technology that could spell doom for large portions of mankind.
Featured students: Tyle, Alec, (Marvin), (Kevin/Emerald Gauntlet), Suzi
Featured adults: Spell Syrin, (Principal Cranston), (Dr. Positron), (Herschel)
Collection VIII: When Worlds Go Splat!
#40 Synopsis: Wonderburg has installed something no superhero community should be without: the Shoot It Into The Sun-9000 emergency disposal system. Got a time bomb or a gizmo that threatens life on Earth? Just pop it into the SIITS-9000 and out of the gravity well it goes! But a few of ps238's students think Zodon may be using it for nefarious purposes, and in their investigation, find themselves on their way into space with something too dangerous for even the Nuclear Family to keep!
Featured students: Kevin/Emerald Gauntlet, (Ron/Argonaut), Ambriel/Gaurdian Angel, Dillon/USA Patriot Act, Victor Von Fogg, Zodon
Featured adults: Atlas
#41 Synopsis: The events in space last issue have alerted the race who made Emerald Gauntlet's powerful glove to its existence. And it looks like they want it back! After seizing his father and taking him away to places unknown, the junior Emerald Gauntlet has to get help from his family's arch-nemeses, the clan of Doctor Von Fogg! What price will the young green-gloved gladiator have to pay to have a chance at rescuing his father?
Featured students: Kevin/Emerald Gauntlet, Alexandra Von Fogg, Toby/Ultimate Powers, Ron/Argonaut
Featured adults: Mental Nucleus, Emerald Gauntlet Sr, Dr. ?, Herschel Clay, Principal Cranston, Prefect, The Headmaster
#42 Synopsis: While the Emerald Gauntlets (junior and senior) are dealing with the extra-dimensional Emerald Ones, back on Earth, mysterious visitors from another world have arrived. They are looking for Atlas, father of Argonaut (formerly known as Captain Clarinet), and will stop at nothing to find him! What is their purpose here, and what will their plans for one of Earth's greatest heroes hold in store for his son - and for Julie, also known as '84?'
Featured students: Cecil, Tyler/Moonshadow, Ron/Argonaut, Frostbite, Bullhorn, Ambriel/Gaurdian Angel, Poly, Jenny/American Eagle, Julie/84
Featured adults: Ms. Ryley/Astral Girl, Principal Cranston, Dr. Positron, Prefect, Herschel, Revenant
#43 Synopsis: 84's ambassadorship to planet Argos, home of Earth's champion, Atlas, has taken a very strange turn: She's been made the leader of their armed forces and sent into battle against an ancient enemy! Meanwhile, the junior Emerald Gauntlet, Kevin, with his newly augmented powers, is being sent to claim a most powerful artifact from being taken by a race the Emerald Ones consider to be the greatest evil they know. But why is Alexandra Von Fogg so willing to work with the Emerald Ones to enhance Kevin, the son of her family's greatest foe?
Featured students: Tyler/Moonshadow, Julie/84, Jenny/American Eagle, Ambriel/Gaurdian Angel, Poly, Cecil, Ron/Argonaut, Kevin/Emerald Gauntlet
Featured adults: Atlas, Revenant, various Argosians including Forak, (Principal Cranston), (Miss Kyle)
#44 Synopsis: Thrust into a 'war' by two alien races, 84 and Emerald Gauntlet have to fight their way through an otherworldly landscape of peril and danger, one that has fended off two advanced civilizations for years! Back on planet Argos, will Earth's champion, Atlas, decide to become king? And will his son, Argonaut, discover that there are those who see him as an embarrassment to the royal line, which is the kind of problem they've had to make vanish before?
Featured students: Kevin/Emerald Gauntlet, Julie/84, Tyler/Moonshadow, Ron/Argonaut, Alexandra Von Fogg
Featured adults: various Argosians, Mental Nucleus, Emerald Gauntlet Sr
#45 Synopsis: With Atlas, one of Earth's most famous heroes, gone to his homeworld for who knows how long, it was decided that he needed a replacement. Forak, the exiled engineer from Atlas' planet, is tapped to take up the mantle whether he wants it or not. Focus grouped to death, thrust into a world of super-villains without any preparation, and prone to nausea when flying, it's up to the students of ps238 to help Forak fill the cape of an absent hero.
Featured students: Ron/Argonaut, Tyler/Moonshadow, Julie/84, (Jenny/American Eagle), (Dillon/USA Patriot Act)
Featured adults: various Argosians, Miss Kyle, Ms. Ryley/Astral Girl, Forak, Atlas
Uncollected Issues
#46 Synopsis: Victor Von Fogg has obtained the technology behind the Ultimate Negatory, a device with the power to erase worlds. He has adapted the plans to create the ultimate power source, one that harvests the energy of an entire parallel universe! But Zodon has caught wind of his plans, and, oddly, wants to enlist the aid of ps238's hero-children to stop Victor's plans. And it turns out that the metahuman kids of Earth aren't the only ones who want to have a word with the young Victor about blowing up universes!
Featured students:
Featured adults:
#47 Synopsis: Zodon, the hoverchair-bound boy genius, is recruiting. He wants to lead a team into an alternate universe to rescue someone, though he's reluctant to say who, before Victor Von Fogg uses that universe to fuel one of his newest inventions. But first, team Zodon has to break into Herschel Clay's company, Clay Industries, where Zodon's dimensional portal equipment was taken for study years ago. Complicating matters, Herschel is there as well, discovering that some of his own inventions have gone missing!
Featured students:
Featured adults:
#48 Synopsis: Ambreil Valentine becomes the newest recruit of the Trans Dimensional Defense Division, section 43. She's been selected to officially arrest Victor Von Fogg for attempted destruction of a universe containing sentient beings. Of course, she'll have to get past Victor's increasingly god-like powers while keeping him from consuming the parallel universe she and her friends have traveled to.
Featured students:
Featured adults:
#49 Synopsis: Moon Shadow and Argonaut have a huge problem: They're stranded in an unknown and increasingly hostile part of the galaxy, running low on supplies and without any way of navigating home. Their only hope is...Cecil Holmes, one of their classmates, who holds the key to their return to Earth. Meanwhile, Guardian Angel, Zodon, and their friends take on Victor Von Fogg in a showdown over the fate of a parallel universe! All this and so much more in ps238 #49!
Featured students:
Featured adults:
#50 Synopsis: Lady Alexandria Von Fogg has returned to Praetorian Academy with some of the Headmaster's greatest secrets, but one still eludes her: Why does he run this militaristic school? Find out the answer to that and other amazing questions like, 'what do you do with a boy superhero who lost his powers' and 'can Cecil be trusted with his own spaceship?'
Featured students:
Featured adults: