Billina the Hen
This yellow hen met up with Dorothy on her second visit to Oz. She was instrumental in defeating the Nomes and returning the Royal Family of Ev back to normal after they were turned into ornaments by the Nome King. She currently lives in the Emerald City, and hatches many chicks. Billina is highly respected for being able to lay eggs, and therefore no one in Oz ever eats chicken or eggs. Billina is fun to play as an old, crotchety, southern grandma type. The movie Return to Oz shows Billina in a fun light.

Billina is extremely valuable as a front line of defense against the Nomes, since she lays eggs. Maybe the Nomes could have someone kidnap her and her chicks so that Oz could be vulnerable to invasion.

Nim +1, Str 0, Bra +1, For 0, Kee +1, Wil +2, Per +1, Sca -5
Faults: Obstinate, Gifts; Lays eggs, Beak/Talons (+2 ODF)
ODF: -3, DDF: -5
Button Bright
Button Bright is a cute little boy with pudgy cheeks and big blue eyes. Whenever anyone asks him any question, he always responds "Don't know." Always wears a sailor suit, although he's never been to sea (he doesn't even know what it is!). Fond of asking 'Why'?. Button Bright is a good comic relief device. If he travels with the PC's, have everyone describe how wise he is, thinking all of his 'Whys' and 'Don't knows' are philosophical genius.
Nim 1, Str 0, Bra -2, For 1, Kee -2, Wil 0, Per 2, Sca -1

Faults: Doesn't Know, Gifts: Darn Cute

ODF: -1, DDF: 0

Cowardly Lion
You know the story, so I won't rehash how he got courage here. The Cowardly Lion was awarded the mantle of the King of Beasts after slaying a giant spider, and rules all of the animals of Oz. He lives in the Emerald City, with the rest of the Royal Menagerie. The Lion could ask the PC's to settle disputes between animals in the jungle of Oz, bring rogue animals to justice for the crime of murder, or rescue an NPC from evil animals in the jungle.
Nim 1, Str 2, For 2, Bra 0, Kee 1, Wil 3, Per 1, Sca 2

Gifts: Teeth/Claws (+2 ODF), Faults: none

ODF: +6, DDF: +4

Skills: Jumping 3, Intimidation (roaring) 2, ruling 2
Dorothy Gale, Princess of Oz
Dorothy Gale from Kansas has had many bizarre adventures in Oz, and Ozma asked her to live in Oz, with her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry. Dorothy is well loved by the people of Oz, and greatly feared by their enemies. She has difficulty pronouncing difficult words.
Nim 1, Str 0, For 2, Bra 1, Kee 2, Wil 3, Per 2, Sca -1
Gifts Darn Cute Faults Mispronunciation ODF: -1, DDF: 1
Eureka the Pink Kitten
Eureka is a kitten that Dorothy accidentally brought to Oz. Eureka is a always hungry, and likes to eat mice and little animals. She once hid one of the Wizard's little piglets, and was tried for murder by Ozma. Eureka didn't tell that she hid the piglet until the end of the trial, saying that she thought a murder trial would be 'fun'. Eureka is usually kept locked up in Dorothy's room, but she could come out and cause mischief by playing cruel jokes on others. Malcontents with a grudge against the inhabitants of the Emerald City could use Eureka as a double agent, since she is fond of deceptions and jokes.
Nim 2, Str 0, For 0, Bra 1, Kee 2, Wil 1, Per -1, Sca -5
Gifts Night vision, Claws (+2), Nine Lives Faults Hungry, Conceited ODF: -3 DDF: -5 Skills Tracking 2, Practical Jokes 1
Glass Cat (Bungle)
From The Patchwork Girl of Oz: "The cat was made of glass, so clear and transparent that you could see through it as easily as through a window. In the top of its head, however, Was a mass of delicate pink balls which looked like jewels, and it had a heart made of a blood-red ruby. The eyes were two large emeralds, but aside from these colors all the rest of the animal was clear glass, and it had a spun-glass tail that was really beautiful."
The Glass Cat was brought to life by Dr. Pipt to test the Powder of Life. She escaped with Scraps and Ojo, and had many strange adventures in Oz before she became a pet in the Emerald city. Bungle said 'My brains are wonderful; You can see 'em work' entirely too much. Bungles brains were replaced by Ozma with a transparent brain, so now she is less vain and a more agreeable pet.
Nim 2, Str 0, For 1, Bra 1, Kee 1, Wil 1, Per 1, Sca -1
Gifts Night vision, Claws +2, Nine Lives Faults Vain (now removed), Missing Heart, Doesn't Act Properly for an Animal (refuses to catch mice because she thinks it is 'undignified') ODF: +1 DDF: 0 Skills
Glinda A curly red haired, blue eyed, beautiful good witch that rules the south. She lives in a great palace made of rare marbles. She also has a court of 100 maids of honor-the most beautiful girls in Oz (Per 3), that attend to her and embroider, sing, and dance. There are orchards of flower trees and fruit trees. Glinda works the most powerful magic of Oz, and can serve as a teacher for PC's learning magic. She can also strip the power of people who abuse magic. She is a likely source of missions for the PC's , since she knows of most things that occur in Oz due to her Magic Book. Nim 1, Str 0, For 1, Bra 2, Kee 3, Wil 3, Per 2, Sca 0
Gifts Magical Aptitude 4 Faults Obstinate, ODF: 0 DDF: 1 Skills Equipment: Magic Book, Magic Pearl, Spells: Eye Like Telescope, Dispel Illusion, Kiss, Teleport, Seal, Dispel Transformation, Forget Magic, Storm Away, Make Tent, Twist Path,
Glinda's Girl Soldiers Wear uniforms of gay colors, officers carry swords and shields with peacock feathers. Regular soldiers carry silver-tipped spears with shafts inlaid with mother of pearl. Standard Soldier All Attributes 0 but STR and FOR +1, Spear 1, ODF: +4, DDF: +1 Officer All Attributes 0 but Brains +1, Sword 1, Military 1, ODF: +3, DDF: +1 Glinda rides in a palanquin with silk curtains that is carried by twelve servants. She sometimes uses a stork chariot.
Guardian of the Gate This fellow finds out what business people have in the Emerald City, and issues green tinted glasses so visitors are not blinded. All of the glasses have a small gold lock, which along with a string, ensures visitors cannot remove the glasses. The guardian of the gate has the only key that can unlock the glasses. He basically lets in anyone who is smiling ('For how can a creature with such a smile mean harm'?), and interrogates weird looking characters ('Are you a man or a pumpkin'? or 'Is this wooden horse alive'?). All attributes 0 but Keenness 2. Equipment: Box of glasses, only key that can unlock emerald glasses
Gump A bizarre creature with the head of a Gump that was killed and stuffed (a Gump is like a moose), a body of two sofas lashed together, a broom for a tail, and wings made of palm leaves. It was instrumental in the escape from Jinjur's army, but decided to be taken apart after this adventure. The Gump's head is still living, and is hanging in Ozma's palace in the Emerald City. Stats are given for his full form. The Gump can carry up to eight passengers. As just a head, he has Scale 1, and -3 Nim, -3 Str, and 2 For. As only a head, he can't fly, has no fire fault, can't move, and still has no need to sleep/eat/drink. Nim -2, Str 0, For 2, Bra 0, Kee 0, Wil +1, Per +1, Sca 2
Gifts No need to sleep/eat/drink, flight, pain tolerance Faults Fire does +2 ODF, wings spoil, can't walk ODF: +2 DDF: +4 Skills None
Hungry Tiger The Hungry Tiger is always hungry for little babies and chipmunks. However, because of his Conscience, he doesn't. This may be good behavior for a beast, but it is bad behavior for a tiger. The Hungry Tiger left the forest to adventure with other rejects turned heroes like the Cowardly Lion. The Hungry Tiger is mostly a humor device, always saying he wants to eat little babies and other cute things but cannot due to his conscience. Nim +1, Str +2, For +1, Bra -1, Kee 0, Wil +1, Per 0, Sca 2
Gifts Claws/Teeth (+2 ODF), Conscience Faults Berserker, Doesn't act properly for an animal ODF: +6 DDF: +3 Skills Hunting 2
Jack Pumpkinhead Created by Ozma when she was still the boy Tip, he is a man made of wood with a pumpkin 'Lantern Jack' (jack-o-lantern) for a head. He always wears purple trousers, a red shirt, and a pink vest with white polka dots. He lives in a house (a huge hollow pumpkin) with his own pumpkinfield outside of the Emerald City. Nim 0, Str 0, For +2, Bra -2, Kee -2, Wil 0, Per +1, Sca +1
Gifts No need to eat/sleep/rest, pain tolerance Faults Color blind, poorly made, spoils, fire does +1 ODF ODF: +1 DDF: +3 Skills Carving pumpkins 2, farming 1
Jellia Jamb-favorite servant of the Emerald City Jellia is a cute young girl, with a playful mischievous streak. She serves many roles, one of them being an 'interpreter' for the Emerald City (she often tells fibs about what the visiting dignitaries often say). Jellia is very well loved, and is a favorite servant of the residents of the Emerald City.
Jim Jim is Zeb's old horse, who used to be a cab puller in Chicago, but who now works with Zeb in Frisco City. Jim ended up in Oz with Dorothy and Zeb when an earthquake struck. Zeb is an ornery but loyal friend, and isn't afraid to kick in order to defend his friends. He returned to Hugson's ranch is Frisco city after some bizarre adventures in Oz. Nim 0, Str 1, For 2, Bra 0, Kee 0, Wil 1, Per 0, Sca 2 Faults Gifts ODF: 3 DDF: 4 Skills Kicking 1, Cab Pulling 2
Johnny Dooit
From The Road to Oz: "At this they quickly whirled around to find a funny little man sitting on a big copper chest, puffing smoke from a long pipe. His hair was gray, his whiskers were gray; and these whiskers were so long that he had wound the ends of them around his waist and tied them in a hard knot underneath the leather apron that reached from his chin nearly to his feet, and which was soiled and scratched as if it had been used a long time. His nose was broad, and stuck up a little; but his eyes were twinkling and merry. The little man's hands and arms were as hard and tough as the leather in his apron, and Dorothy thought Johnny Dooit looked as if he had done a lot of hard work in his lifetime."
Johnny Dooit is the greatest inventor in Oz. He has enchanted tools that allow him to build pretty much anything he can think of. For example, when posed with the question of how to cross the deadly desert, he built a Sand Boat that could enable the Shaggy Man and his friends to cross the desert safely.
Johnny can serve as a 'get out of jail' free card for characters, winning a favor for him after finding him a special tool or component for one of his devices. He could also be very dangerous if he was kidnapped by someone mean and forced to build evil devices?
Nim 0, Str 2, For 1, Bra 3, Kee 1, Wil 1, Per 0, Sca 0
Faults Sings Silly Songs Gifts Teleport (as the spell; Johnny can teleport himself and his chest to his next 'job' instantly) ODF: 2 DDF: 1 Skills Inventing 3 Equipment: Magic Tool Chest (has tools that help Johnny build new inventions in 1d6 rounds) Mr. H.M. Wogglebug, T.E.(Highly Magnified and Thoroughly Educated) From The Land of Oz: Tip had not yet taken his eyes off this wonderful personage. What he saw was a great, round, bug like body supported upon two slender legs which ended in delicate feet -- the toes curling upward. The body of the Woggle-Bug was rather flat, and judging from what could be seen of it was of a glistening dark brown color upon the back, while the front was striped with alternate bands of light brown and white, blending together at the edges. Its arms were fully as slender as its legs, and upon a rather long neck was perched its head -- not unlike the head of a man, except that its nose ended in a curling antenna, or "feeler," and its ears from the upper points bore antennae that decorated the sides of its head like two miniature, curling pig tails. It must be admitted that the round, black eyes were rather bulging in appearance; but the expression upon the Woggle-Bug's face was by no means unpleasant. For dress the insect wore a dark-blue swallowtail coat with a yellow silk lining and a flower in the button-hole; a vest of white duck that stretched tightly across the wide body; knickerbockers of fawn-colored plush, fastened at the knees with gilt buckles; and, perched upon its small head, was jauntily set a tall silk hat. This Woggle-Bug became giant after Professor Knowitall used a magnifying glass on him. He became thoroughly educated (his degree) by listening to lectures while a small bug. He adventured with the Scarecrow, Tip, and the Tin Woodsman. He was made Public Educator and served as Ozma's tutor after Jinjur's Army of Revolt was expelled from the Emerald City. He is currently the president of the College of Art and Athletic Perfection, which is a good place for the young men of Oz who don't like to work. Those who attend the college are no worse off than before! Nim 0, Str -1, For 0, Bra +2, Kee +2, Wil 0, Per 0, Sca 0
Gifts Pause and Reflect Faults Motion Sickness ODF: -1 DDF: 0 Skills Culture 3, Rhetoric 3, Law 3, Mathematics 3 Ojo Ojo was just a poor, unlucky boy in Munchin Country until he and Unc Nunkie left their farm to go to the Emerald City. When his Unc Nunkie was turned to marble, he went on a quest that took him all over Oz, got him arrested, and made him a hero. He now lives with Unc Nunkie in a comfortable cottage outside the Emerald City. Nim 1, Str 1, For 1, Bra 1, Kee 0, Wil 0, Per 1, Sca -1
Gifts Faults Cries, Unlucky (now removed) ODF: 0 DDF: 0 Skills Omby Amby and the Army of Oz Omby Amby was the only private in the Army of Oz. He was eventually made an officer due to his bravery. He is the only person in the Army of Oz that actually fights, since most of his superior officers were recruited so that the army would have more 'dignity'. The army fought by the Generals commanding their subordinate officers, and down the chain of command until the lower officers commanded Omby Amby to fight. Nim +2, Str +3, Bra 0, For +2, Kee 0, Wil +2, Per +1, Sca 0 Faults Gifts ODF: +4 DDF: +1 Skills Gun +3 Equipment Gun (+3 ODF when shot; +1 when used as a club) Officers of the Army of Oz All attributes 0, Fault: Afraid to fight (blame it on heart condition, fatigue, unacceptable risk, etc) Equipment: Sword +3 ODF (never used) Ozga A distant cousin of Ozma. Tick Tock and friends rescued her from the Rose Kingdom, since the Rose Kingdom wanted a king instead of a Queen. She has fallen in love with Private Files of Oogaboo. Nim 1 Str 0 Bra 0 For 0 Kee 1 Wil 1 Per 2 Sca -3 Faults ODF: -1 DDF: -3 Skills Gifts: Thorns (+2), Talk to flowers-can ask flowers for directions, and the flowers turn toward the correct way to go. Ozma The daughter of Pastoria, the original ruler of the Emerald City before the Wizard. She was transformed by Mombi into a boy named Tip. Tip escaped Mombi, created Jack Pumpkinhead and the Sawhorse, and had several adventures before being transformed into Ozma again by Mombi. Tip was very opposed to being transformed into a girl, but Ozma is currently a well-loved ruler. Ozma rules with kindness, justness, and fairness. She is also devoutly pacifist, and even refused to attempt to repel the Nome King's invasion with force, since war made people unhappy. Ozma doesn't see Oz as a land for refugees from earth; she only admits those she believes would be an asset to the land. Nim 0, Str 0, For 0, Bra +1, Kee +2, Wil +2, Per +3, Sca -1
Gifts Darn Cute, Fairy Powers: Fairy Call (a trill whistle that summons other fairies), Thought Reading, Privacy Circle (by walking in a circle and muttering a nonsense phrase, prevents magic ease dropping), Faults ODF: -1 DDF: -1 Skills Ruling 3, Diplomacy 3 Equipment Magic Carpet, Magic Picture, Magic Belt, Silver Wand, Wireless Phone Patchwork Girl (Scraps) From The Patchwork Girl of Oz: Ojo examined this curious contrivance with wonder. The Patchwork Girl was taller than he, when she stood upright, and her body was plump and rounded because it had been so neatly stuffed with cotton. Margolotte had first made the girl's form from the patchwork quilt and then she had dressed it with a patchwork skirt and an apron with pockets in it-- using the same gay material throughout. Upon the feet she had sewn a pair of red leather shoes with pointed toes. All the fingers and thumbs of the girl's hands had been carefully formed and stuffed and stitched at the edges, with gold plates at the ends to serve as finger-nails. Brought to life by Dr. Pipt's Powder of Life, Scraps is a half crazy, but likeable living crazy quilt. She is very fond of the Scarecrow. Nim 2, Str 0, For 1, Bra -2, Kee -1, Wil 2, Per 1, Sca -5
Gifts No need to eat/sleep/rest, pain tolerance, invulnerable to blunt damage Faults Fire does +2 ODF, wetness Incapacitates, clumsy, half crazy, sings a silly song ODF: -5 DDF: -4 Skills Polychrome, the Rainbow's Daughter From The Road to Oz: A little girl, radiant and beautiful, shapely as a fairy and exquisitely dressed, was dancing gracefully in the middle of the lonely road, whirling slowly this way and that, her dainty feet twinkling in sprightly fashion. She was clad in flowing, fluffy robes of soft material that reminded Dorothy of woven cobwebs, only it was colored in soft tintings of violet, rose, topaz, olive, azure, and white, mingled together most harmoniously in stripes which melted one into the other with soft blendings. Her hair was like spun gold and flowed around her in a cloud, no strand being fastened or confined by either pin or ornament or ribbon. Polychrome is one of the rainbow's daughters and a sky fairy. She loves to play on rainbows with her sisters, but often falls off of the rainbow and ends up in Oz. Although a bit flighty, she has a good heart. She loves to dance. Nim 1, Str 0, For 2, Bra -1, Kee -1, Wil 2, Per 3, Sca 0
Gifts: Fairy power-Nomes cannot harm her in any way. She teleports and reappears a few feet away from her current location, so the attacks of Nomes can never hit her. Faults Gets Cold: Since she is used to living close to the sun, Polychrome needs to move in order to keep warm. If she is restrained or put in a cold place, she loses one health level a round until unconscious. She must be warmed up in order to heal this damage. ODF: 0 DDF: 2 Skills Dancing 2 Queen of the Field Mice This character is the normal sized field mouse ruler of all of the field mice in Oz. Generally, she is best used as a way to bail out the pc's without them realizing it. If the party is in a jam (like having everyone but a Tin Man asleep in a poppy field) have the Queen be chased by a wildcat or other animal, and let the PC save the queen. Since she has the Fault of blood debt, she will be obligated to help out the party. The Queen will give the party a whistle with which to contact her. She has thousands of mice at her disposal at any time. Generally, the mice can accomplish pretty much anything in huge swarms, even defeating large enemies by biting them in the eyes or pulling big characters out of poppy fields. Note they can only come to the aid of characters in fields (these are FIELD mice, not cave, house, or forest mice). Nim -1, Str -1, For 0, Bra 2, Kee 2, Wil 2, Per 2, Sca -8
Gifts thousands of field mouse followers Faults Blood debt ODF: -9 DDF: -8 Skills Hiding 2, ruling 2 Quox From Tick Tock of Oz: Had Quox been at all bashful, I am sure he would have felt uncomfortable at the astonished stare of every eye in the group--except Tubekins, of course, who was not astonished because he had seen Quox so often. Betsy thought a "young" dragon must be a small dragon, yet here was one so enormous that the girl decided he must be full grown, if not overgrown. His body was a lovely sky blue in color, and it was thickly set with glittering silver scales, each one as big as a serving tray. Around his neck was a pink ribbon with a bow just under his left ear, and below the ribbon appeared a chain of pearls to which was attached a golden locket about as large around as the end of a base drum. This locket was set with many large and beautiful jewels. The head and face of Quox were not especially ugly when you consider that he was a dragon, but his eyes were so large that it took him a long time to wink, and his teeth seemed very sharp and terrible when they showed, which they did whenever the beast s milled. Also, his nostrils were quite large and wide, and those who stood near him were liable to smell brimstone, especially when he breathed out fire, as it is the nature of dragons to do. To the end of his long tail was attached a big electric light. Perhaps the most singular thing about the dragon's appearance at this time was the fact that he had a row of seats attached to his back, one seat for each member of the party. These seats were double, with curved backs, so that two could sit in them, and there were twelve of these double seats, all strapped firmly around the dragon's thick body and placed one behind the other in a row that extended from his shoulders nearly to his tail. A disrespectful young dragon (3056 years old!) that made fun of the Ancient One (the oldest and wisest dragon), Quox was sent by the Private Citizen to be his Instrument of Vengeance against the Nome King. Nim -1 Str 2 Bra 1 For 1 Kee 1 Wil 0 Per 0 Sca 3 ODF: 7 DDF: 4 Gifts: Claws (+3), Fire (+3) Fault: Sleeps Too Soundly-A character must cause Quox damage in order to wake him from slumber. Equipment-Magic Ribbon-whoever looks at it loses their magic knowledge. Jeweled Locket-attached to the magic ribbon, this locket opens and six eggs roll out. These eggs are like ?heat seeking missiles?, rolling to hit Nomes. Sawhorse The sawhorse was brought to life by Ozma while she was tip. He still serves as Ozma?s royal steed, and now has gold plating on his feet so they don?t wear out. He regularly pulls a Red Wagon that Ozma and Dorothy ride in. Nim +2, Str +2, For +2, Bra -2, Kee -2, Wil +2, Per 0, Sca 1
Gifts None Faults Obstinate, fire does +1 ODF ODF: +3 DDF: +3 Skills Running 3 Scarecrow He now lives in a mansion in the country with his own farm, finding city life distasteful. His house is shaped like a giant ear of corn, five stories (1-reception with a hand organ, 2-banquet room, 3-5 bedrooms), and made of gold, with a statue of the scarecrow on the top of it. S Nim -1, Str +1, For +3, Bra +3, Kee +2, Wil +1, Per +1, Sca -5
Gifts Unfazeable, Pause and Reflect, No need to eat/sleep/rest, pain tolerance, invulnerable to blunt damage, cover up Faults Fire does +2 ODF, wetness Incapacitates, clumsy ODF: -4 DDF: -2 Skills Ruling 2, Shaggy Man (Motto: Take it easy) The Shaggy Man is a good natured wanderer from earth. His clothes are shaggy and full of holes. He has a long shaggy beard and long shaggy hair. Everyone with a heart loves him, since he carries the love magnet. He doesn?t like money, since it makes people vain and mean. The Shaggy Man loves to wander to no place in particular. Nim 1, Str 0, For 1, Bra 1, Kee 2, Wil 2, Per 1, Sca 0
Gifts Faults ODF: 0 DDF: 1 Skills Equipment: Love Magnet, Wireless Phone, Knife Soldier with the Long Whiskers-Body guard of Ozma, Royal Army of Oz Formerly, this man was the entire Army of Oz. He was afraid of his loaded gun going off and little girls. He still serves as a bodyguard to Ozma of Oz, although a larger army has taken his place. Nim 1, Str 1, For 2, Bra -1, Kee -1, Wil -1, Per 0, Sca 0
Gifts Faults Afraid of girls, Afraid of gun accidents, forgets where he put gun ammunition ODF: DDF: Skills Tick Tock the Clockwork Man From Ozma of Oz: For, standing within the narrow chamber of rock, was the form of a man--or, at least, it seemed like a man, in the dim light. He was only about as tall as Dorothy herself, and his body was round as a ball and made out of burnished copper. Also his head and limbs were copper, and these were jointed or hinged to his body in a peculiar way, with metal caps over the joints, like the armor worn by knights in days of old. He stood perfectly still, and where the light struck upon his form it glittered as if made of pure gold. Tick Tock was discovered by Dorothy and Billina in the Land of Ev, hidden in a cave. He was the slave of the evil King Evoldo of Ev, but he was angered when he couldn?t kill Tick Tock by beating him, as he did to all his servants, so Tick-Tock was imprisoned. He was found by Dorothy Gale and became a favorite of Ozma. An internal phonograph enables Tick Tock to talk. Nim 0, Str +2, For +2, Bra +1, Kee +1, Wil 0, Per +1, Sca 4
Gifts No need to eat/drink/rest Faults Must be wound for Talking, Thinking, and Walking/Movement. Helpless when he falls on his back-he needs someone to pick him back up (much like a turtle). ODF: +6 DDF: +6 Skills Tin Man (Nic Chopper), Emporer of the Winkies Nic Chopper used to be an ordinary Munchkin woodchopper, in love with a young Munchkin girl named Nimee Aimee. Nimee Aimee was a slave of a Witch, and the Witch didn?t want Nic running off with her slave. The Witch cast a spell that caused Nic to chop his leg off. He then went to a tinsmith to get a tin leg fastened. The witch then caused him to cut off all of his body parts one by one while wood chopping. Eventually, Nic was made entirely of Tin. Nimee was still in love with him (he would be a bright husband, he had no temper, there was no need to wash his clothes, and he would never grow tired dancing), but the Tin Woodsman found he could no longer love her, since he had no heart. You know how he got his heart. He is now the Emporer of the Winkies, and rules them justly. He is now nickel plated, so he doesn?t have to be polished as much. Nim 1, Str 2, For 2, Bra 0, Kee 1, Wil 2, Per 1, Sca 2
Gifts Doesn?t need to eat/drink/rest, Dandy (gets shined with putz-pomade) Faults Needs to be oiled, code against killing, cries ODF: +7 DDF: +4 Skills Axe 3, woodcutting 3, ruling 1, Equipment Axe (+3), oilcan Toto Dorothy?s dog. He is very loyal to his friends, and loves to bark at foxes, cats, and other sworn enemies of dogs. Nim 2 Str 2 For 2 Bra 0 Kee 1 Wil 2 Per 0 Sca -3 Gifts Teeth +2 Faults ODF: +1 DDF: -1 Skills Tracking 2 Ugly One The Ugly One is the long lost brother of the Shaggy Man. He was a former gold prospector in California, until the Nome King kidnapped him and made him a prisoner in the Metal Forest, and cast a spell on him to make him ugly. He was eventually rescued by the Shaggy Man, and Polychrome freed him from his curse. The Shaggy Man says ?Now, he?s as handsome as he ought to be? while Betsy Bobbins declares him ?Quite handsome?. He is loyal and good, just like the Shaggy Man. Nim 0, Str 1, For 1, Bra 1, Kee 0, Wil 0, Per 0, Sca 0
Gifts Faults ODF: 1 DDF: 1 Skills Prospecting 1 Unc Nunkie Unc Nunkie is Ojo?s uncle, who says only one word at a time. He was accidentally turned to marble, but the valiant efforts of Ojo returned him to normal. He now lives with his nephew in a cottage outside the Emerald City. He is a humorous device. Have NPC?s joke that he is very talkative when he answers a series of questions with one word. Nim -1 Str -1 Bra 1 For 1 Kee 1 Wil 1 Per 0 Sca 0 Faults Only says one word at a time Gifts ODF: -1 DDF: 1 Skills Farming 1 Wizard of Oz (Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkle Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs) You know most of the story. Found his way into Oz via a balloon mishap. Originally a circus balloonist from Omaha, Nebraska. After being exposed as a humbug, he ballooned back to the U.S. He has since returned to Oz, and is on his way to becoming a true wizard. Nim -1, Str -1, For 0, Bra +2, Kee +2, Wil +2, Per 0, Sca 0
Gifts Magical Aptitude 2 Faults ODF: -1 DDF: 0 Skills Ventriloquist 3,Baloonist 2, Sewing 2, Sleight of Hand 3, Invention 2 Spells: Make Tent, Wash Dishes, Enchant Food, Enchant Wheels, Teleport Others Equipment: Sword (collapses into tiny knives), nine piglets from the tiny island of Teenty Weenty (used in magic tricks), satchel, lantern, 2 revolvers, bubble machine Woozy The Woozy was freed from his prison by Scraps. It has proven to be a great animal, and now lives with the other animals in the Royal Menagerie. The Woozy eats bees, has very hard skin, and doesn?t need to eat but still gets hungry. It has no teeth or claws. The Woozy?s eyes flash fire and it growls when very angry. The Woozy thinks its growl is fearsome, but in reality it is only a soft ?Queek?. It gets angry when people say ?Krizzle Kroo? because he doesn?t know what it means. The Woozy always keeps promises because he is square. The Woozy?s stats are in Chapter One. Zeb Zeb (short for Zebediah) is a second cousin of Dorothy?s, and fell into Oz via an earthquake. He makes a living by driving his horse Jim on a farm. He is strong and appreciates the simple things in life. He returned to Hugson?s ranch is Frisco city after some bizarre adventures in Oz. Nim 1 Str 2 Bra 0 For 2 Kee 0 Wil 1 Per 0 Sca -1 Faults Gifts ODF: -1 DDF: -1 Skills Horse Driving +2, Farming +1 Equipment: Buggy whip BAD GUYS [Image] General Jinjur of the Army of Revolt Led a war against the city of Oz with an army of girls. The war was secret, and she often remarked it was a miracle that an army of girls should keep such a secret for so long. Jinjur decided to conquer Oz because it was ruled by men for long enough-and she wanted to use all of the jewels in the Emerald City for jewelry, and use the royal treasury to buy new gowns. The girls were confident that there would be no casualties, since no one would harm girls, and there wasn?t an ugly face in the whole army. When they conquered the city, they made all of the men do the housework and cooking, and all the women of the city gossipped.She wore a uniform with the silken waist being of emerald green and her skirt of four distinct colors -- blue in front, yellow at the left side, red at the back and purple at the right side. Fastening the waist in front are four buttons -- the top one blue, the next yellow, a third red and the last purple. The soldiers wore similar uniforms, with the color of their native part of Oz being the front color of the skirt. The soldiers were armed with two knitting needles each, held in their hair when not in use. After she was foiled, Jinjur married a man with nine cows and seems very content. For now?.. Nim +1, Str 0, For 0, Bra +2, Kee +2, Wil +2, Per +2, Sca -1
Gifts Darn Cute Faults Afraid of mice ODF: +1 DDF: -1 Skills Needles 2, Cooking 2, Cleaning 1, Sewing 2 Equipment: 2 knitting needles (+2 ODF) Army of Revolt Soldier Nim 0, Str -1, For -1, Bra +1, Kee +1, Wil +1, Per +2, Sca -1
Gifts Darn Cute Faults Afraid of mice ODF: 0 DDF: -1 Skills Needles 2, Cooking 2, Cleaning 1, Sewing 2 Equipment: 2 knitting needles (+2 ODF) Mombi the Sorceress Mombi is responsible for transforming Ozma into Tip. This sorceress agreed to transform Ozma into a boy in exchange for some of the Wizard?s magical knowledge (much of it humbug). She worked with Jinjur for a while, until Glinda took her powers away after transforming Tip back into Ozma. Nim -2, Str -2, For -1, Bra +2, Kee +2, Wil +2, Per -2, Sca 0
Gifts Magical Aptitude (Black Magic) 3 Faults Obstinate ODF: -2 DDF: -1 Skills Spells: Illusion, Eye Like Telescope, Transform to Plant, Turn to Marble, Transform to Shadow, Transform to Ant, Transform to Griffin, Sex Change Nome King, Roquat of the Rocks, The Metal Monarch, Ruler of the Underground World From Ozma of Oz: This important monarch of the Underground World was a little fat man clothed in gray-brown garments that were the exact color of the rock throne in which he was seated. His bushy hair and flowing beard were also colored like the rocks, and so was his face. He wore no crown of any sort, and his only ornament was a broad, jewel-studded belt that encircled his fat little body. As for his features, they seemed kindly and good humored, and his eyes were turned merrily upon his visitors as Ozma and Dorothy stood before him with their followers ranged in close order behind them. The Nome King looks a bit like Santa Claus. However, he is a devious, evil trickster. He first had a run in with Ozma and friends when he made slaves of the royal family of Ev. After Billina the hen guessed what kind of ornaments the royal family and her Oz friends had been transformed into after overhearing the Nome King gloat about his plans, Dorothy took his Magic Belt. The Nome King is the Darth Vader of Oz. He is constantly crafting schemes of conquest, and melodramatically reveals his plans to his victims. The Nome King is crafty, and often uses the law to justify his aberrant behavior. He likes to smoke tobacco from a pipe, lit with a red-hot coal. His favorite drink is melted silver. He tortures, beats, kills, slices up, and feeds dogs with his subordinates that displease him. He uses blackbirds to spy. The Nome King is surly, and beats on a gong when he needs to be attended to. He is never satisfied with his vast wealth, and hates surface dwellers that have taken precious metals he believes to be his. He hates everyone and everyone hates him, so no one ever visits on a peaceful errand. Ruggedo was deposed as King after being defeated by Quox, exiled from his kingdom by eggs. Ruggedo paid a surface worlder to sew as many pockets in his clothes as possible, in order to reenter the Kingdom of the Nomes to steal as many gems as possible. He succeeded, but was caught. Instead of being angry, Kaliko, the new king, allowed him to take whatever he could carry. Kaliko even treated Ruggedo to a fine meal with Kaliko?s new friends from Oz. Ruggedo expressed remorse for his past behavior at the dinner, and vowed to reform. As readers of the Oz books know, he wasn?t very successful?. Nome curses: ?Nails and nuggets!?, ?Picks and puddles!?, ?Jumping Jellycakes!? Nome food: broiled mushrooms, mineral bread, petroleum butter The Nome King Nim +1 Str +1 Bra +2 For +2 Kee +2 Wil +3 Per +2 Sca -1 Faults Eggs do ODF 2 each round that they are on the Nome. Gifts Travel through earth-all Nomes can magically become one with the earth and travel through it without displacing any earth. They move through the earth at the same speed as they would normally travel, Magic (Black Magic) 2 ODF: 2 DDF: -1 Skills Diplomacy 2, Law 2, Spells: Transform to Dove, Ugliness, Transform to Fiddle Equipment Scepter +2 ODF, All Nomes are short, fat, have long ears, and curly toes. The Nomes live underground, and make diamonds, gold, silver, and other precious items. The purposefully make these items hard to get to, since all of these things belong to the Nome King. Nomes hate surface dwellers, since they steal their precious metals and stones. The Nome Army follows orders to the letter-unfortunately, they also lack initiative. They are often defeated when someone else attacks them, and their leaders forget to order them to fight. There are 50000 nomes in the army, and General Blug was their commander, until he called the Nome King a fool. General Guph, who hates happy and good people, led the failed attack on Oz. Nomes Nim 0 Str +1 Bra -2 For +1 Kee -2 Wil -2 Per -1 Sca -1 Faults Eggs do ODF 2 each round that they are on the Nome. Gifts Travel through earth (see Nome King entry for description). ODF: +2 DDF: +2 Skills Weapons +1 Equipment: Sword +3, Spear +3, Axe +3, Steel Armor +2 Kaliko is the Nome King?s chief steward, basically a butler that waits on him (the Nome King often kicks him in the shins when things aren?t going well). Kaliko is often the Nome that persuades the others not to rebel, not matter how much the King whips them when they refuse to work. The Nome King would be very lucky to find another chief steward as loyal and intelligent as Kaliko. Kaliko was made the new Metal Monarch after Ruggedo was driven out by Quox. The Nomes listened to Kaliko better than they ever did to the Nome King. Kaliko made General Guph the new chief steward, and promised not to throw his specter at Guph unless Guph really deserved it. Kaliko isn?t as stingy as Ruggedo when it came to giving non-Nomes gems. The new Nome King allowed Queen Ann and the Army of Oogaboo to take some gems from the kingdom, since there were plenty to go around. The King also has a Chief Counselor, a kind of consultant that never tells the Nome King what he wants to hear and insults the King to his face. The Long Eared One is a Nome with huge ears that can hear anything that happens in the lands outside of Oz. His Chief Magician has spells (turn things invisible, twist path). Executioners-The Nome King?s executioners exist to torture and kill the Nome king?s enemies after they are captured. Pang is the head executioner. Equipment: Golden pincers, silver prods, silver chains, golden clamps, golden handcuffs (all inlaid with beautiful precious stones) The Nome King?s Rotten Tricks: Slimy Cave: This is simply a slimy cave, and used to house prisoners of the Nomes. Gold Crucible: The Nome King tortures his metal visitors in this white hot crucible. Trap Holes: The King uses holes with retractable tops that are controlled by levers in his throne room to trap ?visitors? to his domain, by quickly opening and closing the holes in the dark tunnels. There are hidden springs in the pits that open the retractable tops when tripped (Keenness roll of difficulty +2 to detect). Magnetic Rubber Wires: control the bouncing of the Rubber Country, which borders the entrance to the Nome King?s castle. The rocks and ground here are made of rubber, and when the wires are activated, characters bounce uncontrollably. There is a wide stream with many rocks that must be crossed if the characters want to reach the Nome King?s caverns. The water is dry, though, so the characters can just walk through the water without getting wet to avoid being bounced around forever. The Metal Forest From Tick Tock of Oz: The next moment, they were all standing upon the edge of the marvelous Metal Forest. It lay under another mountain and occupied a great, domed cavern the roof of which was higher than a church steeple. In this space the industrious nomes had built, during many years of labor, the most beautiful forest in the world. The trees--trunks, branches and leaves--were all of solid gold, while the bushes and underbrush were formed of filigree silver, virgin pure. The trees towered as high as natural live oaks do and were of exquisite workmanship. On the ground were thickly strewn precious gems of every hue and size, while here and there among the trees were paths pebbled with cut diamonds of the clearest water. Taken all together, more treasure was gathered in this Metal Forest than is contained in all the rest of the world--if we except the Land of Oz, where perhaps its value is equaled in the famous Emerald City. The Nome King imprisons some of his enemies in the Metal Forest. There is also a section of the forest where regular fruit bearing trees grow, so prisoners don?t starve. The trees grow ?Three Course Nuts?, which are like hollow coconuts. These nuts contain a cup of soup, meat, vegetables, salad, cheese, crackers, nuts, and raisins. Each three course nut contains exactly the same portions. ?Breakfast Nuts? are similar, but with coffee, oatmeal, and fruit. The Hollow Tube: The hollow tube drops people that pass through it to the other side of the world. It was created by a magician (Heirgargo) for his exclusive use, who traveled so fast through the tube that he hit a star so hard that the star exploded. The Nome King likes to have his Chief Magician turn the top of the tube invisible, and then have the Chief Magician twist the path the King?s enemies are on, so that they fall into the tube. Characters falling through the Hollow Tube arrive in the land of the Tubekins. The land of Tubekin is green and pleasant, and has one huge castle (the Hall of State) where the Private Citizen lives and a small group of private castles where the other Tubekins live. All of the Tubekins look the same, and all are Kings and Queens ruled by the Private Citizen. The Hollow Tube is private property, so traveling in it is a crime. Nine days and ten nights of torture is the penalty, although the Private Citizen will often waive this penalty if the Nome King is to blame for the trip through the tube. This beautiful place is one of the chief residences of fairies who minister to the needs of mankind. So many important fairies lived there that to avoid rivalry they had elected as their Ruler the only important personage in the country who had no duties to mankind to perform and was, in effect, a Private Citizen. Tubekins From Tick Tock of Oz: But soon they gained courage to look more closely at the Peculiar Person. As he was a type of all the inhabitants of this extraordinary land whom they afterward met, I will try to tell you what he looked like. His face was beautiful, but lacked express ion. His eyes were large and blue in color, and his teeth finely formed and white as snow. His hair was black and bushy and seemed inclined to curl at the ends. So far no one could find any fault with his appearance. He wore a robe of scarlet which did not cover his arms and extended no lower than his bare knees. On the bosom of the robe was embroidered a terrible dragon's head, as horrible to look at as the man was beautiful. His arms and legs were left bare, and the skin of one arm was bright yellow and the skin of the other arm a vivid green. He had one blue leg and one pink one, while both his feet--which showed through the open sandals he wore--were jet black. Private Citizen (aka the Great Jinjun, Tititihoochoo) The Private Citizen looks like an average Tubekin, except his eyes were black and had red sparks in them. His robe is white instead of scarlet. He is just and fair, and prefers to speak to the member of the party that does a lot of work instead of figureheads that give orders. He has no heart, but is extremely intelligent and just, so the only beings that need fear him are those that have done wrong. All Attributes +2 Skills Ruling 2 Fairy Powers: Teleport (as spell), Conjure Objects (make small object), Invisible Hands (telekinetically handle objects at a distance that could be lifted by the character), Project Voice (voice becomes super loud-heard by people throughout a palace) Queen of Light and her attendants (Sunlight, Moonlight, Daylight, Starlight, Firelight, Electra) These fairies are the living embodiments of these types of light. They act as living batteries for the kind of light they represent. If they were removed from Tubekin and imprisoned and made unhappy, the kind of light they represent would vanish. Maybe the Nomes or other mean people would steal Sunlight, just because it would make people miserable to have no sunlight. The PC?s, of course, would have to mount a daring rescue mission. Attributes zero, except for 3 Personability, and Gift: Source of Light (the character is the source for the kind of light they represent, but cannot harness the power) Princess Langwidere of Ev This vain and cruel princess has thirty different heads, but only wears one at a time. The heads are referred to by number. Each head has different properties. For example, number 17 is a redhead, and has a bad temper. She loves to acquire new pretty heads, and is very vain (mirrors cover almost every angle of her palace). She keeps her heads in cabinets, and the only way to open the cabinets is with the blood red ruby key she keeps on her wrist. She is always looking for new heads for her collection, and will offer to trade one of her current heads for the head of pretty PC?s. If they refuse, she has her soldiers throw them in her prison tower. She has no real aspirations for power-she just wants to spend all of her time admiring her beautiful heads. The true royal family of Ev was restored to power by Ozma after they were rescued from the Nome King. The princess is currently not in power, but she still wants more pretty heads for her collection? Nim 0 Str -1 Bra 1 For 0 Kee 1 Wil 2 Per +2 Sca 0 Faults Vain, Condescending (towards commoners) Gifts Exchangeable heads ODF: -1 DDF: 0 Skills None Ev?s Soldiers The soldiers have low morale, and are unhappy. There are ten, led by a fat colonel. All Attributes 0, Brawling 1. Wicked Witch of the West The baddest of the bad. She was destroyed by Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. She couldn?t come back; could she? Nim -1, Str -1, For -1, Bra +2, Kee +3, Wil +3, Per -3, Sca 0
Gifts Black Magic 4 Faults Water does +3 ODF, only one eye ODF: -1 DDF: -1 Skills Equipment: Silver whistle (summons pack of 40 great wolves to do her bidding, or 40 crows, or bee swarm) Spells: Eye Like Telescope, Turn Object Invisible Monsters and Bizarre People Bunbury From The Emerald City of Oz: The path to Bunbury seemed little traveled, but it was distinct enough and ran through the trees in a zigzag course until it finally led them to an open space filled with the queerest houses Dorothy had ever seen. They were all made of crackers laid out in tiny squares, and were of many pretty and ornamental shapes, having balconies and porches with posts of bread-sticks and roofs shingled with wafer-crackers. There were walks of bread-crusts leading from house to house and forming streets, and the place seemed to have many inhabitants. When Dorothy, followed by Billina and Toto, entered the place, they found people walking the streets or assembled in groups talking together, or sitting upon the porches and balconies. And what funny people they were! Men, women and children were all made of buns and bread. Some were thin and others fat; some were white, some light brown and some very dark of complexion. A few of the buns, which seemed to form the more important class of the people, were neatly frosted. Some had raisins for eyes and currant buttons on their clothes; others had eyes of cloves and legs of stick cinnamon, and many wore hats and bonnets frosted pink and green. The people of Bunbury have isolated themselves, since they are very afraid of being eaten by other beings. Their butter is on the inside so it doesn?t run (they do the running themselves). C. Bunn, Esquire is the patriarch of the Cinnamon Bun family, the most aristocratic family in town. Other families include the Browns, Whites, and Grahams. Pop Over and Mr. (Turn Over), the Graham Gems (3 sets of obnoxious twins), Johnny Cake (a stale cake man that is never cross grained), the Sugar Bunns, the Currant Bunns, the Spanish Bunns, French Bunns (very polite), Parker H. Rolls (a bit proud and overbearing), Raisin Bunns, Crumpets are also citizens. The main industry of the town is butter mining, and harvesting dough nuts from the dougleander and doughdera trees. The penalty for eating a citizen is to be baked in the huge ovens of the city. Standard Bunn All Attributes 0, Skills by occupation, Scale-6, Gift-Impervious to Blunt Damage Fault-Everyone wants to eat them, Get Stale after too long. Bunnies of Bunnybury This beautiful marble, rabbit-sized city is inhabited by bunnies, and was created by Glinda. The bunnies are all dressed lavishly, in silk and gem covered outfits of the latest fashion. They are ?civilized? and walk on their hind legs. Live in a village with a high marble wall. The is a sign that says ?NO ADMITTANCE EXCEPT FOR BUSINESS?, and only those with a letter from Ozma or Glinda are allowed admittance by Bristle, Keeper of the Wicket. They also won?t admit animals that like to eat bunnies. Visitors must submit to being ?reduced?, which happens when they near a bunny sized door, and the characters shrink to Scale -5 for the duration of the time that they are in Bunnybury. The soldiers carry spears, wear shakos on their heads, and wear uniforms of green and gold. The King constantly blubbers and cries because he doesn?t want to be king but he HAS to be. He would rather be doing rabbit-like things, and can?t handle being ?civilized? in one lifetime. It is against the law to resign as King. The King?s right hand man is named Blinkem. The Whiskered Friskers are the excellent band and dance troupe. He has a Bodyguard of Royal Pike men (same as the army, but the King?s bodyguard). There is also a troupe of Royal Jugglers, and the Winsome Waggish Warblers are the royal quartette of singers. Use Bunny stats in Animal section of character creation, with Fault of Doesn?t act properly for animals (rabbits wearing clothes and living in a city? Not very rabbit-like behavior). China People These are people made of china, which live in a china village in Quadling country. The village is separated from the rest of the country by a tall marble wall. Their village is composed entirely of china, which makes it very brittle. The people are about the size of dolls, and dress in lavish outfits of many colors adorned with gold and jewels. They seem to be subsistence farmers, milking cows and such. All of the animals here are made of china as well. The people are very brittle, and the china people believe that anyone that breaks off an arm of a china person must lose their own. China people don?t understand that creatures made of flesh cannot be glued back together. China people cease to be animated once they leave the china village, turning back into inanimate objects. A notable china person is Joker, the clown, who has been broken so many times that he is crazy. China Person All Attributes 0 Sca -4 Gifts No need to eat/drink/rest Faults Cease to be animated when leave china village ODF: -4 DDF: -4 Skills Varies China Animals Use stats for normal animals but subtract 4 from scale. This reflects the small size of the animals and their china bodies. Chiss, the Giant Porcupine and Evil Spirit-cowardly, can shoot quills, unlike an American porcupine. Lives in the forests of Munchkinland. Nim 0, Str 0, For +1, Bra -1, Kee -1, Wil -2, Per -1, Sca 3
Gifts Quills +3 that can be shot ODF: +6 DDF: +4 Cuttenclips The Cuttenclips live in a village made entirely of paper that is surrounded by a high marble wall, to prevent drafts. The air above the village is enchanted by Glinda so it never rains. The city clearly has a warning of no laughing, sneezing, coughing, or fast moving. All of the people here, all of the buildings, all of the animals, the plants, and even the water(?) is paper. The Queen, Miss Cuttenclip, who created the entire village and its people, lives in a real wood house in the center of the village, and was given Enchanted Paper by Glinda, since Glinda admired her paper dolls so much. Miss Cuttenclip All attributes 0 but Per +2, Scale -1 Skill: Paper doll making +3, Equipment: Scissors and Enchanted Paper Donkeys of Dunkitown From The Road to Oz: The other donkeys by this time were sitting up and examining the strangers with big, glassy eyes. They made a queer picture, indeed; for they wore wide, white collars around their necks and the collars had many scallops and points. The gentlemen-donkeys wore high pointed caps set between their great ears, and the lady-donkeys wore sunbonnets with holes cut in the top for the ears to stick through. But they had no other clothing except their hairy skins, although many wore gold and silver bangles on their front wrists and bands of different metals on their rear ankles. When they were kicking they had braced themselves with their front legs, but now they all stood or sat upright on their hind legs and used the front ones as arms. Having no fingers or hands the beasts were rather clumsy, as you may guess; but Dorothy was surprised to observe how many things they could do with their stiff, heavy hoofs. They donkeys of Dunkitown are very afraid of their neighbors, the foxes. They pound sheets of metal with their hooves to scare them away. The believe that ?donkey? means clever, as it is written in Encyclopedia Donkaniara. They also love to use big words. Their brick houses are laid out in a haphazard manner, since only stupid beings need streets and house markers, and straight streets are ugly. Madam de Fayke, Hoofist is a fortune teller that reads the fortunes of donkeys by looking at their hooves. King Kik-a-bray rules the Donkeys. The King will bestow the ?gift? of a donkey head on anyone who speaks with big words, since they deserve to be as handsome as donkeys. The donkeys will attempt to feed visitors hay, grass, and oats, not understanding that people eat different food. Nim 0 Str 1 Bra 1 For 2 Kee 0 Wil 0 Per 0 Sca 2 Faults Gifts ODF: 3 DDF: 4 Skills Kicking 2 King Kik-a-bray Same as above, but has a magic staff that helps him cast the spell Donkey Head and Conjure Food. Dragonettes Dragonettes are miniature dragons that are found outside of the Gargoyle Country and near Pyramid Mountain. They are baby dragons (66 years old) that are kept tied to rocks by their mother, who disappears for weeks on hunting trips for elephants, buffalo, and even people! The dragonettes are stuck up, thinking they have a superior pedigree since they are descended from Atlantean dragons. They will express their desire to eat trespassers, and are quite rude. They look like stereotypical green dragons with yellow eyes. Nim 1 Str 1 Bra 1 For 2 Kee 1 Wil 2 Per 1 Sca -1 Faults Stuck up Gifts Teeth +2 ODF: +2 DDF: +1 Skills None Fighting trees-Found in the South, these are animated trees that get angry with trespassers. Nim +1, Str +1, For 0, Bra -2, Kee -3, Wil 0, Per -3, Sca +1
Gifts None Faults Vulnerable to fire (+2 ODF) ODF: +2 DDF: +1 Skills None Flutterbudgets Insomniacs, exaggerators, people that worry about EVERYTHING. Flutterbudgets have all of these qualities, and their village is a place where people that are Flutterbudgets are sent. They worry about their eyes growing shut while asleep, babies being run over while safely inside the house, that amputation may be necessary for a prick on a finger, etc. People that are very nervous about ifs are sent to this ?Defensive Settlement of Oz?. All attributes 0; flaw of Worry too much Foxes of Foxwell From The Road to Oz: While the travelers were looking with curiosity at this beautiful arch there suddenly marched out of it a company of soldiers--only the soldiers were all foxes dressed in uniforms. They wore green jackets and yellow pantaloons, and their little round caps and their high boots were a bright red color. Also, there was a big red bow tied about the middle of each long, bushy tail. Each soldier was armed with a wooden sword having an edge of sharp teeth set in a row, and the sight of these teeth at first caused Dorothy to shudder. King Dox (aka King Renard the Fouth) rules the Foxes of Foxwell. The foxes are civilized, wearing human clothes and raising fowl to survive. The foxes naturally eat the fowl, and use the feathers for women?s clothing and bedding. The foxes are kind to famous visitors, but may be hostile towards bird-like characters or trespassers looking to cause trouble. The foxes have elaborate homes with gold curtains and other finery. The foxes enjoy plays, but hate Aesop?s fables (since they almost always depict foxes as evil). Fox Nim 2 Str 0 Bra 1 For 0 Kee 1 Wil 1 Per 1 Faults Skills Sword 2 Scale: -5 Gift: Teeth (+2 ODF) ODF: -3 DDF: -5 Equipment: Sword +2 King Dox Same as above, but 2 Bra and Kee, Magic Potential and Fox Face spell. Fuddles Live in Fuddlecumjig in Oz. The Fuddles are beings that are living, three dimensional jigsaw puzzles. When startled or scared, they just fall to pieces. Fortunately, the nice people of Oz regularly visit them to put them together again. The Lord High Chigglewitz (Larry), is a bald-headed fat man dressed in a blue coat with brass buttons, and he is missing a piece in his left leg which makes him limp a little bit. Grandmother Gnit is a Fuddle that sews mittens. The Fuddles never match each other, ?since they are puzzles to themselves and there would be no fun to it?. All Attributes 0, skills by occupation, and Major Fault: Poorly Made (completely fall apart when startled/scared). A character must make a Keenness roll vs. the Brains of the Fuddle being reassembled. Assembling a Fuddle takes 4D6 minutes. Gargoyles From Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz: The Gargoyles were very small of stature, being less than three feet in height. Their bodies were round, their legs short and thick and their arms extraordinarily long and stout. Their heads were too big for their bodies and their faces were decidedly ugly to look upon. Some had long, curved noses and chins, small eyes and wide, grinning mouths. Others had flat noses, protruding eyes, and ears that were shaped like those of an elephant. There were many types, indeed, scarcely two being alike; but all were equally disagreeable in appearance. The tops of their heads had no hair, but were carved into a variety of fantastic shapes, some having a row of points or balls around the top, others designs resembling flowers or vegetables, and still others having squares that looked like waffles cut criss-cross on their heads. They all wore short wooden wings which were fastened to their wooden bodies by means of wooden hinges with wooden screws, and with these wings they flew swiftly and noiselessly here and there, their legs being of little use to them. Gargoyles hate visitors. They attempt to capture them for use in bizarre rites. The Gargoyles have to sleep, so they take their wings off at night. The wings allow anyone who puts them on their person to fly while in the domain of the Gargoyles. Nim 2 Str 1 Bra -1 For 2 Kee 1 Wil 0 Per 0 Sca 0 Faults Afraid of loud noises, Vulnerable to Fire Gifts Flight, Pain Tolerance ODF: 1 DDF: 2 Skills Giant Spider Terrorizes the forests of the South. Virtually held the animal kingdom hostage before the Cowardly Lion killed it and became King of Beasts. There is a tribe of mean purple spiders in Gillikin Country, who try to imprison people to do their housework. They are ruled by the spider king. Nim +1, Str +2, For +1, Bra -2, Kee +1, Wil 0, Per -3, Sca 4
Gifts Webs (strength +1), sticks to things, teeth/claws (+2 ODF), night vision Faults Afraid of White Crabs (crabs can also automatically snip their webs) ODF: +8 DDF: +5 Growleywogs From The Emerald City of Oz: These Growleywogs were certainly remarkable creatures. They were of gigantic size, yet were all bone and skin and muscle, there being no meat or fat upon their bodies at all. Their powerful muscles lay just underneath their skins, like bunches of tough rope, and the weakest Growleywog was so strong that he could pick up an elephant and toss it seven miles away. .To reach their Domain, the Ripple Lands must be crossed. All people travelling there must roll Fortitude vs. 2, or suffer 2 damage + 4 FUDGE dice damage from seasickness (this damage can never cause a Near Death result, just Incapacitation). The Growleywogs are motivated by slaves, hate happy people, and would backstab any ally in a second if they thought it would get them more power. They were part of the Nome Kings attempted invasion of Oz. Typical Growleywogs Nim 0 Str +3 Bra 0 For +2 Kee 0 Wil 0 Per -3 Sca 1 Faults None Gifts None ODF: +4 DDF: +3 Skills Brawling 2 Grand Gallipoot of the Growleywogs Same as above, but Bra +1 and Fault: mumbles. Hammer Heads These unpleasant creatures have no arms, wrinkled necks, are quite short, and flat heads. They can extend their necks to whap creatures with their flat, hard heads. Not intellectuals, they delight in not letting people pass over hills in Quadling country. Nim 0, Str +2, For 0, Bra -1, Kee -1, Wil 0, Per -2, Sca -1
Gifts Hard head (+1 ODF), extendible neck Faults Nor arms ODF: +2 DDF: -1 Skills Head attack +1 Hip-Hopper the Champion A hopper that lives in the mountain in Quadling Country. Has only one leg, which looks like a pedestal. A champion wrestler, first bested by Toto the dog. Attributes same as Hoppers, but Skill of Wrestling 2 Hoppers Have only one leg, which looks like a pedestal. Also have long arms. Get around by hopping. Live in a huge marble cave in a tall mountain in Quadling country. The Horners live in beautiful marble houses, and their cave is carved with exquisite designs. The cave is divided in two halves of equal size by a huge marble fence. Have an ongoing war with the Horners, who live in the same cave on the opposite side of the marble fence.. Nim +1, Str +1, For +1, Bra 0, Kee 0, Wil +1, Per 0, Sca 0
Gifts Jumping +2, ?Running? +2 (in a series of fast hops) ODF: +1 DDF: +1 Horners Have a single horn in the center of their head, which is ivory and six inches long. The people are short and round, wear snow-white robes, and no shoes. Their hair is three colors: red (which hangs over their eyes), and a yellow circle of hair around a green topknot . Their chief wears a shiny star in his hair. The chief has 19 daughters, who are brought up by a code designed by the village?s decorated bachelor. The daughters are not allowed to play, and must act polite, demure, and proper. Have an ongoing war with the Hoppers. The war started when a Horner made a joke that Hoppers have less understanding because of their one leg (if you stand on your legs they?re under you-so they?re your understanding-get it?). Dicksey is the name of the troublemaking Horner that told the joke that started the war. Their side of the cave is just dull gray rock instead of marble, and their houses are made of the same material. However, the Horners mine radium, a beautiful frosted silver metal, which they use to make the inside of their homes beautiful. Radium also acts as a medicine (when a character carries a piece of radium, the character cannot contract any kind of disease). There is also a dark well in the radium mines, which has water that may be a component needed for a charm.. Nim -1, Str 0, For 0, Bra 0, Kee +1, Wil 0, Per 0, Sca 0
Gifts Horn +2 ODF: +2 DDF: 0 Iron Giant Another Smith + Tinker creation, this giant pounds the ground to make roads. Unfortunately, he is being used by the Nome King to guard the entrance to his lair in Ev. The giant pounds the ground at regular intervals, so if someone beats his Nimbleness score, the character passes safely out of the way of his hammer. Only the Nome King has the key to shut down this behemoth. Nim -1, Str +2, For +2, Bra -2, Kee -2, Wil 0, Per -2, Sca 7
Gifts ODF: +12 DDF: +9 Equipment Hammer (+3) Kalidahs-dreadful creatures with the bodies of bears and the heads of tigers, with long claws. Encountered in the forests of munchkin country. Nim +1, Str +1, For +1, Bra -2, Kee +1, Wil 0, Per -3, Sca 3
Gifts Claws +3 ODF: +4 DDF: +4 Laziest Man in Oz-Lives in Quadling Country. Is round, and hates to work. He can be persuaded to help out the party if they offer him something that enables him to be more lazy, like a square meal tablet (then he doesn?t have to do the hard work of chewing!). All stats zero, Fault of Lazy. Loons Of Loonville The creatures they beheld were round and ball-like, round in body, round in legs and arms, round in hands and feet, and round of head. The only exception to the roundness was a slight hollow on the top of each head, making it saucer-shaped instead of dome-shaped. They wore no clothes on their puffy bodies, nor had they any hair. Their skins were all of a light gray color, and their eyes were mere purple spots. The Loons live in Loonville, really a clearing in the woods of Gillikin country that forms a dome due to the branches interweaving together above a clearing in a purple forest. King Bal Loon (get it?) is their monarch. The Loons are very cautious of strangers, preferring to capture, try, and perforate them as soon as possible, since the Loons are so vulnerable. Til, a female loon that wore a big rubber skirt and a feather in her hair, was the Loon mender. The ?warts? on the Loons are places where the mending string was tied in a knot. Punctured Loons must be mended and blown up again. Loons will try to attack pc?s by attempting to ?puncture? them with thorns (+1). Loons? social standing is measured by how pumped up they are, the most pumped up being of the highest station. Of course, King Bol determines how pumped up Loons should be. Loon Nim +1, Str 0, For 0, Bra 0, Kee 0, Wil +1, Per 0, Sca -7
Gifts Invulnerable to Brawling-like Stuffed Animateds, the only thing that can damage them is to be punctured. Jumping +3 Faults However, the Loons are much more vulnerable to punctures than Stuffed Animateds. Any damage from puncture causes automatic Incapacitation, and the Loon is helpless until it is mended and blown up again. ODF: -7 DDF: -7 Mangaboos The Mangaboos are living vegetable people. There are six suns above their domain, which cause everything in their land to change colors. Gravity is also weak here, so if a character falls off of a building or is thrown, the character slows down and lands without incurring any damage. Characters with scale below can literally walk on air here, walking vertically as though they are climbing on invisible staircases. Characters with smaller scale can generally climb higher. The Mangaboos live in glass houses, which oddly grow by themselves in their land. Mountains, rock, and the bridges of the Mangaboo country are also glass. The Mangaboos are very angered when someone breaks any of the glass buildings or bridges in their town, since it takes a very long time for the glass structures to grow. The people are very handsome, are the size of an earth child, and dress in green robes. Their leader has a glittering star on the hair on his forehead. Sorcerers of the Mangaboos wear yellow robes and are covered with thorns. They have no hearts and can neither smile nor frown. Mangaboos grow on bushes, the seeds of which are dead Managaboos. They have a sort of caste system, where a sorcerer grows on a sorcerer bush, royalty from a royal bush, and so on. The Mangaboos are not fond of outsiders, and would kill any trespassers that they do not deem useful. Useful characters may find that the Mangaboos with to plant them in order to grow more useful people. If the characters are found to be neither useful or welcome, the Mangaboos will attempt to feed them to the carnivorous Twining Vines, and drive all animals into the bottomless Black Pit. The Black Pit is actually a cave that leads to the other side of the glass mountains that surround the kingdom of these vegetable people (being afraid of the dark, the Mangaboos don?t realize sentencing characters to the black pit allows them to escape). When a Mangaboo gets old and begins to sprout, the Mangaboo must be buried to ensure that the people survive. The Mangaboos were ruled by an evil prince, until Dorothy and the Wizard picked the Royal Princess. The wizard also killed the evil sorcerer Glick. The royal princess currently rules the Mangaboos, but only time will tell if the Prince will have his revenge and if the seeds of Glick will grow up to become evil? Typical Mangaboo Nim 1 Str 0 Bra 0 For 0 Kee -1 Wil 0 Per 0 Sca -4 Faults Gifts ODF: -1 DDF: -4 Skills varies depending on occupation Equipment: Thorn branch (+3 weapon) Mangaboo sorcerer Nim 1 Str 0 Bra 0 For 0 Kee -1 Wil 2 Per 0 Sca -4 Faults Gifts Magical aptitude (Black Magic) 2, thorns +2 ODF: -2 DDF: -4 Spells: Stop breath, twinkling bells Twining Vines Nim 1 Str 2 Bra -3 For 2 Kee -2 Wil 0 Per 0 Sca 2 Faults Teeth +2 Gifts ODF: +4 DDF: +4 Miss Foolish Owl and Mr. Wise Donkey, Advisors - Munchkinland These two are ?advisors? that characters can seek out to find an answer to a question. The Donkey is very wise, and will answer the questions of the characters that look ?dignified? in highly technical language that would make Mr. H.M. Wogglebug, T.E. blush. The owl will answer questions in poetry so horrible Scraps the Patchwork girl would find it offensive. Stats: per normal animals, but both have Brains and Keenness of 2, and the Owl has a fault of sings silly songs. Mister Yoop "MISTER YOOP--HIS CAVE The Largest Untamed Giant in Captivity. Height, 21 Feet.--(And yet he has but 2 feet.) Weight, 1640 Pounds.--(But he waits all the time.) Age, 400 Years 'and Up'--(as they say in the Department Store advertisements). Temper, Fierce and Ferocious.--(Except when asleep.) Appetite, Ravenous.--(Prefers Meat People and Orange Marmalade.) STRANGERS APPROACHING THIS CAVE DO SO AT THEIR OWN PERIL! P.S.--DON'T FEED THE GIANT YOURSELF." Lives in the mountains of Quadling country, in a cage. He was captured by Quadlings after he ate too many of their horses, and when he knocked down some of their houses while angry. Likes to eat people and animals. Has survived for six years on a diet of eight ants and one monkey. His arms are long enough to block the mountain pass where the characters will have to get by. He?s not too smart, and can?t tell animateds from people, and could be tricked into grabbing an animated, and will get angry and throw it away when he discovers they cannot be eaten. Mr. Yoop is no gentleman. Nim -1, Str +2, For +2, Bra -2, Kee -2, Wil 0, Per -2, Sca 4
Gifts None ODF: +6 DDF: +6 Mrs. Yoop Lives in a big purple castle on the top of a mountain in Gillikin country. The castle is huge, and has two giant doors, and one window. She is an Artist in Transformations, or Yookoohoo, the cleverest type of magic user in Oz. Mrs. Yoop has no great love of Mr. Yoop, since he would often kick her in the shins when she did not wait on him. She enjoys transforming creatures for her own amusement. She casts the spell on her doors so unwitting parties can walk in, but not out. Her Magic Apron allows the wearer to command the doors to open. Mrs. Yoop Nim -1, Str +1, For +1, Bra +1, Kee 0, Wil +2, Per -2, Sca 4
Gifts Magic (Yokohoo) +3 ODF: +5 DDF: +5 Musicker From The Road to Oz: Tiddle-widdle-iddle, oom pom-pom, Oom pom-pom; oom pom-pom! came the music to their ears, more distinctly as they drew nearer the house. Presently, they saw a little fat man sitting on a bench before the door. He wore a red, braided jacket that reached to his waist, a blue waistcoat, and white trousers with gold stripes down the sides. On his bald head was perched a little, round, red cap held in place by a rubber elastic underneath his chin. His face was round, his eyes a faded blue, and he wore white cotton gloves. The man leaned on a stout gold-headed cane, bending forward on his seat to watch his visitors approach. Singularly enough, the musical sounds they had heard seemed to come from the inside of the fat man himself; for he was playing no instrument nor was any to be seen near him. Quote: My lungs are full of reeds like those In organs, therefore I suppose, If I breathe in or out my nose, The reeds are bound to play. So as I breathe to live, you know, I squeeze out music as I go; I'm very sorry this is so-- Forgive my piping, pray! The Musicker, also known as Allegro de Capa, plays music as long as he breathes. He lives by himself, since no one can stand his annoying music for long. An interesting adventure could be to go an a quest in order to find a cure for the poor Mr. Capo?s condition, so people could enjoy the music he makes again, since constant familiarity breeds contempt. Alternatively, Mr. Capa could have important information, and the players would have to stretch to their breaking point to hear what he has to say. Musicker All stats 0, but Fortitude -1, Skill of music at 2, Fault of Cannot Stop Making Loud Music. Characters must make a Will roll at difficulty of -3, adding 1 to the difficulty each round to avoid becoming annoyed with Mr. Capa and running away. Phanphasms Phanphasms are Erbs, Erbs being the most powerful and merciless of all evil spirits They live on Mountain Phantastico near Ev, which is surrounded by a gully with lava. Poisonous salamanders and fire serpents live in the lava. There is a single stone bridge that crosses the lava gully, guarded by a scarlet alligator (which breathes flames). Their homes on the top of the mountain appear to be huts made of stacked stones, but in reality, there are beautiful buildings and palaces, obscured by illusions. The First and Foremost rules the Phanphasms, and were part of the Nome Kings force that attempted to invade Oz. They don?t wish for power or magic: their greatest pleasure is destroying happy creatures and spreading misery. Their favorite form is that of a bear with different animal heads (tiger, owl, etc), but can change into any kind of animal or being. Typical Phanphasm Nim 0 Str 1 Bra 2 For 1 Kee 1 Wil 2 Per 0 Sca 2 Faults Gifts Can Change into any kind of creature ODF: 3 DDF: 3 Skills Club 1 Equipment Club (+2 ODF=5 ODF) Queen Ann of Oogaboo and her army Queen Ann rules the tiny kingdom of Ooogaboo. Bored with the small kingdom, she assembled an army composed of all of the able bodied men of Oogaboo to conquer Oz. Although she has a chip on her shoulder, Queen Ann really only wants to use force as a last resort, since it is just easier to conquer lands by putting a flag on them and declaring them conquered. After a long adventure in the Nome Kingdom, Queen Ann grew tired of conquest and decided to return to Oogaboo. Ozma was king enough to teleport her and her army back home. The Army The army is composed of four Generals, four Colonels, four Majors, four Captains, and one Private (first Private Files, and then Tick Tock).As the reader may suspect, the officers in the army don?t fight, since they are gentlemen. However, they are very brave in commanding Private Files to fight (everyone has a different kind of bravery, and how could anyone be brave in every area?). Private Files, General Cone, General Apple, Major Stockings, Colonel Plum, Colonel Cheese, Equipment: Swords (+2), Muskets Poisonous Salamanders Nim 1 Str 0 Bra -2 For +1 Kee 0 Wil 0 Per -3 Sca -8 Faults None Gifts Poison (1 ODF/Round until victim beats 1 with a Fortitude roll) ODF: -8 DDF: -7 Skills None Fire Serpents Nim +1 Str +1 Bra -2 For 0 Kee 0 Wil 0 Per -3 Sca -5 Faults None Gifts Breathe Fire (-4 ODF) ODF: -4 DDF: -5 Skills Scarlet Alligator Nim 0 Str +1 Bra -1 For +1 Kee +1 Wil 0 Per -1 Sca 0 Faults Gifts Fire Breath (2 ODF), Teeth (+2 ODF) ODF: +3 DDF: +1 Skills Brawling 2 Rigamaroles The Rigamaroles are normal people that cannot answer a question with ?yes? or ?no?. Here is what a Rigamarole said when the Wizard asked him if she was in Rigamarole Town (excerpted from The Emerald City of Oz): Sir," replied the boy, "if you have traveled very much you will have noticed that every town differs from every other town in one way or another and so by observing the methods of the people and the way they live as well as the style of their dwelling places it ought not to be a difficult thing to make up your mind without the trouble of asking questions whether the town bears the appearance of the one you intended to visit or whether perhaps having taken a different road from the one you should have taken you have made an error in your way and arrived at some point where--" The Rigamaroles also don?t stop talking (much like many college professors and ministers). Anyone who speaks like a Rigamarole is sent here, so the village is really a prison colony for people who can?t stop droning. All attributes 0, Fault of Never stops talking Rocs Rocs are huge predatory birds that dwell near Pyramid Mountian. Rocs are usually hungry and mean. Nim 1 Str 1 Bra -2 For 0 Kee 1 Wil -1 Per -3 Sca 2 Faults Gifts Beak +2, Flight ODF: 5 DDF: 2 Skills Tracking 1 Roses of the Rose Kingdom and the Royal Gardener The Rose Kingdom is the inside of a huge greenhouse. The roses are the size of a human child, and have the faces of people. The roses have arms and legs. The Royal Gardener of the Rose Kingdom is a funny little man that dresses in a rose colored costume that has ribbons at the knees and elbows. He has a deeply lined face, twinkling eyes, and wears ribbons in his hair. It is against the law to be a stranger in the Rose Kingdom, as is breaking the glass of the greenhouse. The penalty for both is death, according to the little book the Royal Gardener carries. The Gardener currently rules the kingdom, waiting for a King Rose to blossom. The roses of the Kingdom only want a King, so they exiled Ozga from their Kingdom after she was picked by Betsy Bobbins Typical Rose Attributes 0 Sca -4 Faults Admires Self Gifts Thorns +2, : Talk to flowers-can ask flowers for directions, and the flowers turn toward the correct way to go. ODF: +2 DDF: -4 Royal Gardener Equipment: Pitchfork, watering pot, book of laws. Nim 1 Str 0 Bra 1 For 0 Kee 0 Wil 1 Per 1 Sca 0 Faults Gifts ODF: +2 DDF: 0 Skills: Gardening 2, Pitchfork 1 Equipment: Watering pot (+1), Pitchfork (+2), book of laws Scoodlers From The Road to Oz: They moved forward a little faster to see what the dog was barking at, and found perched upon a point of rock by the roadside a curious creature. It had the form of a man, middle-sized and rather slender and graceful; but as it sat silent and motionless upon the peak they could see that its face was black as ink, and it wore a black cloth costume made like a union suit and fitting tight to its skin. Its hands were black, too, and its toes curled down, like a bird's. The creature was black all over except its hair, which was fine, and yellow, banged in front across the black forehead and cut close at the sides. The eyes, which were fixed steadily upon the barking dog, were small and sparkling and looked like the eyes of a weasel. The thing gave a jump and turned half around, sitting in the same place but with the other side of its body facing them. Instead of being black, it was now pure white, with a face like that of a clown in a circus and hair of a brilliant purple. The creature could bend either way, and its white toes now curled the same way the black ones on the other side had done. The Queen For the Queen of the Scoodlers proved to be much more dreadful in appearance than any of her people. One side of her was fiery red, with jet-black hair and green eyes and the other side of her was bright yellow, with crimson hair and black eyes. She wore a short skirt of red and yellow and her hair, instead of being banged, was a tangle of short curls upon which rested a circular crown of silver--much dented and twisted because the Queen had thrown her head at so many things so many times. Her form was lean and bony and both her faces were deeply wrinkled. Scoodlers are mean. They love to turn people and pretty creatures into soup (when faced with the Shaggy Man?s love magnet, they said ?We love you-in soup!?). They can remove their heads from their bodies and throw them as weapons. The scoodlers can move their bodies towards their heads, as long as their heads can see their bodies; otherwise, they stumble about helpless. They can walk ?both ways?, forewords and backwards, and their feet are shaped like the letter ?T?. They live in a mountain in small huts made of rocks. The center of the Scoodler village is dominated by a huge soup kettle with lots of wood beneath it. The Scoodlers are ruled by an evil Queen. The queen will ask if the characters think she is beautiful; if they say no, they will be made into soup. If they say yes, she will thank them and make them into soup. Captured characters will be taken to a hut that contains other ingredients for making soup: carrots, potatoes, etc. There will be a single guard to prevent their escape. Scoodlers Nim 2 Str 0 Bra -1 For 0 Kee 1 Wil 0 Per -2 Sca 0 Faults Must be able to see attached head or flail about helplessly Gifts Detachable head; damage 1 when thrown ODF: 0 DDF: 0 Skills: Head throwing 2 Tottenhots Twilight had fallen by the time they came to the trees, beneath which were the black, circular objects they had marked from a distance. Dozens of them were scattered around and Dorothy bent near one which was about as tall as she was to examine it more closely. As she did so the top flew open and out popped a dusky creature, rising its length into the air and then plumping down upon the ground just beside the little girl. Another and another popped out of the circular, pot-like dwelling, while from all the other black objects came popping more creatures--very like jumping-jacks when their boxes are unhooked--until fully a hundred stood gathered around our little group of travelers. By this time Dorothy had discovered they were people, tiny and curiously formed, but still people. Their skins were dusky and their hair stood straight up, like wires, and was brilliant scarlet in color. Their bodies were bare except for skins fastened around their waists and they wore bracelets on their ankles and wrists, and necklaces, and great pendant earrings. Toto crouched beside his mistress and wailed as if he did not like these strange creatures a bit. Scraps began to mutter something about "hoppity, poppity, jumpity, dump!" but no one paid any attention to her. Ojo kept close to the Scarecrow and the Sc arecrow kept close to Dorothy; but the little girl turned to the queer creatures and said: "Who are you?" They answered this question all together, in a sort of chanting chorus, the words being as follows:? We?re the jolly Tottenhots; We do not like the day, But in the night 'tis our delight To gambol, skip and play. We hate the sun and from it run, The moon is cool and clear, So on this spot each Tottenhot Waits for it to appear. We're ev'ry one chock full of fun, And full of mischief, too; But if you're gay and with us play We'll do no harm to you." The Tottenhots are very mischievous, throwing around smaller opponents and sitting on heavier ones. However, they are cowardly and cry if hurt too much, and then disappear into their holes again. They complain that they?re only fooling around, and really only want to play all night. The party could strike a bargain, allowing the Tottenhots to play while the party stays in their underground homes. Live in the deserts of Quadling country. Nim +2, Str +1, For 0, Bra +1, Kee +1, Wil -2, Per -1, Sca -3
Gifts Jumping +2 ODF: -2 DDF: -3 Trapper Plants-Huge plants that trap creatures inside their huge leaves. They can be made to leave people alone by whistling a pleasant tune. The players actually have to whistle a tune for the storyteller. If he enjoys it, the plants let the party go. If not, the party needs to figure something else out. Nim 0, Str +2, For 0, Bra -3, Kee -2, Wil -2, Per -2, Sca +1
Gifts Large leaves that entrap people (+1 wrestling) Faults Vulnerable to whistling-if a good tune is whistled, the plants let their victims go. ODF: +4 DDF: +1 Utencils of Utencia A race of violent, nationalistic silverware. They live in Utencia, which is basically a Kingdom of cupboards, tables, and other kitchen containers. It is inhabited by kettles, saucepans, flatirons, corkscrews (Mr. Pop, a crooked lawyer), Prince Carver (a mean carving knife), sieves, High Priest Colander (the holiest thing in the kingdom-get it?), Sir Jabber (a can opener with a prying disposition), Judge Sifter, Mr. Paprika (a pepperbox that are highly seasoned but need common sense), King Kleaver, who smokes a pipe is says ?Fat and gristle!? when angry. The Spoon Brigade is the military of Utencia, composed of 60 spoons (carry muskets and swords), which is led by Captain Dipp. Spoon Brigade Nim 1 Str 1 Bra 0 For 1 Kee 0 Wil 0 Per -1 Sca -5 Faults None Gifts None ODF: -4 DDF: -4 Skills Axe 1, Musket 1 Equipment Sword (+2 ODF= -2 ODF), Musket ( -2 ODF) King Kleaver Nim -1 Str +2 Bra -1 For +2 Kee 0 Wil 0 Per -1 Sca -3 Faults Gifts Sharp Edge (+3 ODF = +2 ODF total) ODF: +2 DDF: -1 Skills Slicing +2 Victor Columbia Edison, the Living Phonograph-accidentally give life by the crooked magician. Of course, the phonograph talks and is a dreadful annoyance. Nim +1 Str 0 Bra 0 For 0 Kee 0 Wil 0 Per -2 Sca -3 Faults Noisy and annoying Gifts Pain Tolerance ODF: -3 DDF: -3 Skills Music -2 (plays it, but annoying) Wheelers From Ozma of Oz: It had the form of a man, except that it walked, or rather rolled, upon all fours, and its legs were the same length as its arms, giving them the appearance of the four legs of a beast. Yet it was no beast that Dorothy had discovered, for the person was clothed most gorgeously in embroidered garments of many colors, and wore a straw hat perched jauntily upon the side of its head. But it differed from human beings in this respect, that instead of hands and feet there grew at the end of its arms and legs round wheels, and by means of these wheels it rolled very swiftly over the level ground. Afterward Dorothy found that these odd wheels were of the same hard substance that our finger-nails and toe-nails are composed of, and she also learned that creatures of this strange race were born in this queer fashion. These creatures are found in the land of Ev. They live on a coast near a forest with Lunch-Pail trees. These are trees that grow lunchpails full of food (commonly ham sandwiches, apples, cake and cheese). The wheelers will threaten to execute anyone that takes a pail. The wheelers write warnings in the sand (?BEWARE THE WHEELERS?) because they are not very good fighters, and are afraid of their enemies. Nim 1 Str 0 Bra -1 For 1 Kee -2 Wil -1 Per -2 Sca 1 Faults Can?t travel up hills, can?t travel on very rough terrain Gifts ODF: 1 DDF: 1 Skills Ramming 1, Intimidation 1 Whimsies From The Emerald City of Oz: These Whimsies were curious people who lived in a retired country of their own. They had large, strong bodies, but heads so small that they were no bigger than door-knobs. Of course, such tiny heads could not contain any great amount of brains, and the Whimsies were so ashamed of their personal appearance and lack of commonsense that they wore big heads made of pasteboard, which they fastened over their own little heads. On these pasteboard heads they sewed sheep's wool for hair, and the wool was colored many tints--pink, green and lavender being the favorite colors. The faces of these false heads were painted in many ridiculous ways, according to the whims of the owners, and these big, burly creatures looked so whimsical and absurd in their queer masks that they were called "Whimsies." They foolishly imagined that no one would suspect the little heads that were inside the imitation ones, not knowing that it is folly to try to appear otherwise than as nature has made us. The Chief of the Whimsies had as little wisdom as the others, and had been chosen chief merely because none among them was any wiser or more capable of ruling. The Whimsies were evil spirits and could not be killed. They were hated and feared by every one and were known as terrible fighters because they were so strong and muscular and had not sense enough to know when they were defeated. The Chief's false head had blue hair, a turned-up nose, and a mouth that stretched half across the face. Big green eyes had been painted upon it, but in the center of the chin were two small holes made in the pasteboard, so that the Chief could see through them with his own tiny eyes; for when the big head was fastened upon his shoulders the eyes in his own natural head were on a level with the false chin. These dumb galoots live near Ev and love to fight. They are not bright at all, and are too dumb to know when they are beat. Whenever the Chief asks an intelligent question, his people get angry and beat him or throw him in water. Typical Whimsy Nim 0 Str +3 Bra -3 For +2 Kee -3 Wil 0 Per -2 Sca 0 Faults Gifts ODF: +3 DDF: +2 Skills Brawling 1 Whimsy Chief Same as above, except Bra and Kee -2, and Faults of Dances Uncontrollably and Sings a Silly Song. Winged Monkeys Excerpted from The Wizard of Oz "Once," began the leader, "we were a free people, living happily in the great forest, flying from tree to tree, eating nuts and fruit, and doing just as we pleased without calling anybody master. Perhaps some of us were rather too full of mischief at times, flying down to pull the tails of the animals that had no wings, chasing birds, and throwing nuts at the people who walked in the forest. But we were careless and happy and full of fun, and enjoyed every minute of the day. This was many years ago, long before Oz came out of the clouds to rule over this land. "There lived here then, away at the North, a beautiful princess, who was also a powerful sorceress. All her magic was used to help the people, and she was never known to hurt anyone who was good. Her name was Gayelette, and she lived in a handsome palace built from great blocks of ruby. Everyone loved her, but her greatest sorrow was that she could find no one to love in return, since all the men were much too stupid and ugly to mate with one so beautiful and wise. At last, however, she found a boy who was handsome and manly and wise beyond his years. Gayelette made up her mind that when he grew to be a man she would make him her husband, so she took him to her ruby palace and used all her magic powers to make him as strong and good and lovely as any woman could wish. When he grew to manhood, Quelala, as he was called, was said to be the best and wisest man in all the land, while his manly beauty was so great that Gayelette loved him dearly, and hastened to make everything ready for the wedding. "My grandfather was at that time the King of the Winged Monkeys which lived in the forest near Gayelette's palace, and the old fellow loved a joke better than a good dinner. One day, just before the wedding, my grandfather was flying out with his band when he saw Quelala walking beside the river. He was dressed in a rich costume of pink silk and purple velvet, and my grandfather thought he would see what he could do. At his word the band flew down and seized Quelala, carried him in their arms until they were over the middle of the river, and then dropped him into the water. "`Swim out, my fine fellow,' cried my grandfather, `and see if the water has spotted your clothes.' Quelala was much too wise not to swim, and he was not in the least spoiled by all his good fortune. He laughed, when he came to the top of the water, and swam in to shore. But when Gayelette came running out to him she found his silks and velvet all ruined by the river. "The princess was angry, and she knew, of course, who did it. She had all the Winged Monkeys brought before her, and she said at first that their wings should be tied and they should be treated as they had treated Quelala, and dropped in the river. But my grandfather pleaded hard, for he knew the Monkeys would drown in the river with their wings tied, and Quelala said a kind word for them also; so that Gayelette finally spared them, on condition that the Winged Monkeys should ever after do three times the bidding of the owner of the Golden Cap. This Cap had been made for a wedding present to Quelala, and it is said to have cost the princess half her kingdom. Of course my grandfather and all the other Monkeys at once agreed to the condition, and that is how it happens that we are three times the slaves of the owner of the Golden Cap, whosoever he may be." "And what became of them?" asked Dorothy, who had been greatly interested in the story. "Quelala being the first owner of the Golden Cap," replied the Monkey, "he was the first to lay his wishes upon us. As his bride could not bear the sight of us, he called us all to him in the forest after he had married her and ordered us always to keep where she could never again set eyes on a Winged Monkey, which we were glad to do, for we were all afraid of her. "This was all we ever had to do until the Golden Cap fell into the hands of the Wicked Witch of the West, who made us enslave the Winkies, and afterward drive Oz himself out of the Land of the West. Now the Golden Cap is yours, and three times you have the right to lay your wishes upon us." Typical Winged Monkey Nim +1, Str +1, For +1, Bra 0, Kee +1, Wil -2, Per -1, Sca -1
Gifts Flight Skills ODF: 0 DDF: 0 Winged Monkey Leader Nim +2, Str +2, For +2, Bra +1, Kee +2, Wil -2, Per -1, Sca 0
Gifts Flight Skills Ruling 1, ODF: +1 DDF: +1

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