Midsummer Mischief: Casting Questionnaire

A tale of pigs, aunts, romance, Drones and imposters set in the world of the leisured upper class as immortalised by PG Wodehouse. Come to Blandings for the Shropshire Midsummer Fete!

Please complete the following by October 10th, 2008

I say, old chap or chapess. Which are you?    Chap    Chapess

And while you're at it, who are you?    Name:

Telephone:    Email:


     How do you do? I am Jeeves to your Bertie for the next few paragraphs. It's my task to introduce you to the world of Wodehouse as found at Blandings Castle, which is where you'll be staying for the weekend. Blandings is populated by approximately four types of people.

     The men fall into the categories of elderly single gents and eligible young bachelors. The former may be widowers, bachelors or may just have escaped from their good lady wives for a while. All in all they aren't always keen on the company of women whilst the young bachelors can't get enough of the same. The gents tend to be eminent-in-their-field whilst the young chaps are trying to carve out a career for themselves. Oh, some of the young men may also be boisterous gentlemen behaving badly - or Drones as their club is called.

     All women are either old and Draconian and referred to as aunts or are young, attractive and looking for love. These latter are known as girls or occasionally as popsies. Aunts exist to boss around other people and make sure that girls marry well.

     Society is made up of these types of people and they're not all landed gentry. Quite a few of them are professionals (doctors, lawyers, writers, secretaries, vicars). As for the rest of the world, that's made up of the Salt of the Earth (labourers, gardeners, etc) who don't usually get to say much at Blandings, Staff (maids, butlers, etc.) who are really quite useful and odd foreigners, mostly Yanks, who've come for a look around old Blighty.

I'm cut out to be (tick as many as you like, the categories overlap!):

Elderly gent Aunt Staff
Young bachelor Girl Horrible child
Drone American  

Would you mind very much, old thing, if you played a member of the opposite sex?    Yes    /    No

(We ask because sometimes really strong-minded forceful men can do a passable imitation of an Aunt.)

It'd be spiffing if I could do some (tick your favourite three - more than that and we get confused):

Plotting and scheming Investigation and information
Secret identities Tomfoolery and mischief
Wacky characterization Proper decorum
Romance Being in charge

I simply adore a certain British character from fiction or film from the 1920s-40s - here's who and why:

(For the following two questions rate your ability in these techniques. Count 10 as high)

For Her: Tears, blackmail and general skullduggery (Unavoidable to get your way - and dashed good fun) / 10

For Him:Cad rating (For when one has do what one has to do - to get to the top) / 10

Are there any other players you would or would not like to be teamed up with?

I'd give my eye teeth to be in cahoots with . . .

Dash it all, I don't want to have anything to do with . . .

Please list any freeform experience you've had - games and characters: (Please feel free to use the other side of the sheet)