Vikings & Skraelings: 1092

This is a LARP for all ages about clash of cultures. Norse settlers from Iceland and Greenland once made settlements in North America, a land they called Vinland, surrounded by natives they called Skraelings. In this alternate history, after fifty years, the homestead of matriarch Yngvild is approached by the local ruler of the Lenape with a deal.


The year is 1092 in the alternate history. Among the Norse, several dozen settlements have been made in what is now Canada and northeastern U.S. states. The furthest south so far have been a handful of homesteads in the area of what is now northern New Jersey, Long Island, and the Hudson River - starting around fifty years ago. Their interactions with the local tribes have been rocky but not completely hostile, with a number of fights and a few rounds of trading. The site of this game is the homestead of matriarch Yngvild the Deep-Minded, near what is now Middletown, New Jersey, which she founded some thirty years ago.

The start of the scenario is a visit from the leader of the Lenape, Lapawinso. He is bringing with him two who can act as fluent translators for the first time.

The Lenape

These are nominally called the Lenape because they are the ancestors of the people called that who would be encountered over 400 years later. However, they are very different in many respects from their descendents, as described in the background. The characters include:

Lenape Background

The Vikings of Vinland

These people call themselves Vinlanders, descendents of Icelandic and Greenlander settlers. Vikings is simply the more recognizable term from Europeans who feared them. A generation ago, they began finding places to set up farms along the coast of Vinland (what we would now call northeast North America). The characters are the leaders and outstanding inhabitants of one farmstead in what is now northern New Jersey. The characters include:

Viking Background