Prince Harmon: the crown prince of Florin and groom-to-be

You are the crown prince of the kingdom of Florin. You feel uneasy about your heritage, though, since your father is widely regarded as anything from an eccentric to a crazy old coot even though he cares for his people. He inherited the throne from your uncle Humphrey, apparently a more heroic figure who was sadly lost at sea nineteen years ago. You are unsure of your ambitions -- to rule wisely in place of your father, or to go off on adventures. Your mother has arranged this marriage in the hopes of instilling more responsibility in you.

Your Goal may vary. If both you and Naeva's player are interested, then Harmon and Naeva have True Love. Your goal is to be happily married. If either one of you doesn't like that, then this arranged marriage is a horrible mistake, and your goal is to prevent it. If you want, you can invent who you would really want to be married to instead (a character not present).

Your unique talent is Raw Instinct. To represent your foresight, you may take back a single action or distinct bit of conversation, up to one minute back. Show your card and instruct the other players to ignore what just happened.

Princess Trudy - the bossy older sister who covets the throne

You are a older teenage princess -- the eldest child of the king, as well as the smartest. By rights, you should inherit the throne from your senile father. However, he has instead designated Harmon his heir, on the condition that he marry. Your mother arranged his marriage to the lady of Gilder, which she hopes will ensure peace.

You Goal is to take the throne. As a means to this, you would like to discredit Harmon as crown prince, while maintaining your own reputation. This may include preventing his wedding on some grounds, but hopefully you can go farther.

Your unique talent is Speed Reading. You can read and memorize anything with just a glance. In the game, if you ever see an in-game document, you can describe it to a GM and they will give you an out-of-character copy of it that you can read at your leisure. You also have an extra sheet of background info.

Prince Baldwin - a bratty and violent young princeling

You are a pre-teen princeling -- the youngest child of the king and queen, often overlooked. Your popular brother Harmon is the center of attention, and your bossy older sister Trudy is no better as she tries to become heir. You would like nothing better than to cause trouble for everyone without getting in trouble yourself.

Your Goal is to disrupt the wedding, without getting into much trouble yourself. By overhearing conversations, you can pass along secrets or invent lies that will get your older siblings into trouble.

Your unique talent is Sneak. As long as you're not in the middle of a conversation or conflict, you can start sneaking -- which you indicate by holding up your fists on either side of your head. While you're sneaking, everyone should role-play as if they don't see you. You can overhear conversations, but you cannot affect anyone until you stop sneaking.

King Herberunt - crazy old coot who succeeded his brother who was lost at sea

You were the oldest son of the previous king, but you were always more interested in being a librarian and a painter. Your brother Humphrey was thus made king, but nineteen years ago he was lost at sea returning from his extended honeymoon. You were then forced to marry and take the throne. You have done a fair job, but your wife Bernadot handles most of the day-to-day affairs.

You goal is abdicate the throne with reassurance. So you need to find or make someone who will be a good replacement king. This might be Prince Harmon if he gets married and/or seems responsible. It might be your long-lost brother, if he can be found.

Your unique talent is Smell Trouble. You can ask a yes/no question of any player about plans against you.

Queen Bernadot - sly old schemer covertly running the kingdom

You are the queen of Florin, and are deeply involved in running the kingdom. Your marriage to the older Herberunt was arranged nineteen years ago after he inherited the kingdom from his more competant brother Humphrey. He's not a bad husband, but he is a terrible king. He would prefer to work on his paintings and books, and is becoming even more eccentric in his middle age. You arranged Harmon's marriage to Gilder, and you sincerely hope that not only will this seal peace with Gilder but that it will prepare Harmon to take over the throne from his father.

Your Goal is to ensure that both the wedding goes through, and that the wedding will ensure peace with Gilder. You may threaten to drop the wedding to convince Gilder to stick to it.

You unique talent is Detect Lies. At any point, you can show your card to them and ask them if their last statement was a lie.

Steward Alaric - the harried host of the event

You are the steward of the palace, responsible for all events to occur therein. Born of common blood, you worked your way through the ranks of servants in the palace until you became in charge. Currently you have two nightmares: you must avoid offending the Gilderan guests at all costs, and the Captain of the Guard Sir Ferdinand has somehow gotten royal approval to have theater people in the inner palace in preparation for their play at the celebration. Because so many servants are busy with the larger preparations, you only have two helpers on hand. Terry is a funny-looking but friendly and highly-skilled professional whom you hired from a local duke over a year ago; while Jay is a last-minute replacement for your usual butler who came down sick.

Your Goal is to make sure the wedding goes smoothly, and ideally get both pompous Sir Ferdinand and those blasted theater people in trouble with the royal family.

Your unique talent is Delegate. Once for each character, you may give them an official task that they have to complete.

"Big Ears" Terry - the cheerful and friendly palace servant

You pose as "Big Ears" Terry, the servant of a local duke who was recommended over a year ago for a job in the palace. In reality, the duke is corrupt and you are a spy for the Gilderans, under orders from General Granville. You have been gathering information and sending back reports since hired here.

Your Goal is to discover the secrets of the Florin royal family, and any other missions that you may get from General Granville. Ideally, though, you would like to cash out.

Your unique talent is Sharp Eared. If you observe a conversation, you can go up to the people who just spoke and show your card to make them summarize what they just said.

Sir Ferdinand - the pompous captain of the guard and amateur playwright

You are a old knight from an ancient noble household, assigned as captain of the guard in the palace. While no one considers you bright, you did fine in your knightly studies and your later career. However, something has always been lacking. You have always loved the theater, and your fondest wish is to produce a famous play. You arranged a distinguished theater troupe to come to perform for the wedding celebration, and invited them into the palace to make their preparations. They're delightfully quirky and should make a good impression.

Your Goal is to get the theater troupe to perform your play and make it a success.

Your unique talent is Dumb Luck. You can't be harmed or affected by anyone's talent. If someone tries something on you, describe how you sneeze at the last minute or some other bizarre coincidence (think of the Pink Panther movies).

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rosencrantz & Guildenstern - incompetant functionaries working for the senile king

You are one of two functionaries working for the royal family. Note that you each have two name tags. We encourage you to switch off who has which name tag. Don't think about this too much -- just every once and a while, signal your partner and both change your name tags. You're still the same person; you just use the different name now.

You two are noblemen of Denmark who came here after political trouble in your country. You have taken up in service to the king of Florin, and he now trusts you as much as Sir Ferdinand whom you technically work for. You do feel strangely out of place, though, and are encouraged to comment on how the situation feels like a game or play to you.

Your Goals are to obey the king and spread confusion.

Your unique talent is Where'd They Go? At any point, you can disappear. You can't use this to block an attack or power from working on you, but you can avoid it being done a second time. To disappear, you step out of character, which you indicate by putting your fists on either side of your head. You then must walk directly to another spot and immediately reappear, dropping back into character. You cannot pause or take actions while walking.

Jayden - the famous pirate-fighting hero in disguise as a palace servant

You are reknowned as a pirate-fighting hero, credited with the defeat two month ago of the Dark Pirate Stevens and the recovery of his vast treasure horde for Florin. However, you are really a great coward who loves the fame of your position. Really, you were desperately fleeing the Dark Pirate Stevens when his ship ran into some rocks. An incoming storm forced the pirates to flee the wreck with only part of the treasure, and you collected the rest. You stretched the truth and implied that you had defeated and killed the pirates when you took the spoils back to Florin's capital. You are worried that your secret will be found out or your reputation smeared, though. Thus, you used your connections to sneak into the palace in the guise of a palace servant Jay.

Your Goal is impress the royal family with your vigilance in keeping pirates away. You want them convinced that pirates are still a threat, but that you are keeping the royal family safe.

Your unique talent is Run Away. You always escape any conflict. Show your card to the attackers and tell them that they can't catch up to you, then move away at a safe speed.

Lady Naeva - the bride-to-be, master of drugs and poisons

You are a noblewoman of Gilder and the ward of General Granville. Your foster father, a cunning strategist, raised you in the assassin's craft. You mastered the dagger and other weapons, but your true skill is in poisons. He wants you to marry a rich and powerful king, and then kill him and rule in his stead, turning the kingdom over to Gilder. You are not sure that's what you want, though. He has arranged your marriage to Prince Harmon, but is prepared to drop the arrangement if they don't seem rich and powerful enough.

Your Goal may vary. If both you and Harmon's player are interested, then Harmon and Naeva have True Love. Your goal is to be happily married. If either one of you doesn't like that, then this arranged marriage is a horrible mistake, and your goal is to prevent it. If you want, you can invent who you would really want to be married to instead (a character not present).

Your unique talent is your array of poisons and drugs. You can knock anyone unconscious by touching their food, touching the back of their neck, or miming blowing powder in their face. Show your card and tell the victim that they'll be unconscious for two minutes, and weak (i.e. can't fight) for five minutes after that.

General Granville - leader of Gilder's military, and the young lady's guardian

You are the master strategist who leads the free territories of Gilder. You have a network of spies including one -- Terry -- in the palace of Florin. You trained your ward Lady Naeva as an assassin, and would like her to marry well so that she can kill her husband and lead the kingdom into joining with Gilder. Your biggest concern is that Florin is not as strong or rich as they seem, and would be a drain rather than a boost to Gilder if conquered. Under law the marriage is your business as Naeva's guardian, but it would be difficult if Councilor Camille is not on your side. However, Camille knows nothing of your plans of conquest. The Amazing Avery is here to help show Gilder's power, but privately you know his potions are unreliable.

Your Goal is to make sure Florin has the gold they're rumored to, and if so make sure the wedding goes off.

Your unique talent is Always Prepared. You may have any generic item that could reasonably be on your person. You should have a set of index cards, and can write on those index cards the item that you have.

Councilor Camille - Gilder's ambassador to Florin and representative

You are a high councilor in Gilder's government. Born to noble but impoverished parents, you skillfully maneuvered and cheated your way to the top. More than the high noble families, though, you are loyal to Gilder and its way of life. This marriage has the potential to end the ruinous cycle of wars between Gilder and Florin. As councilor, you are here to represent Gilder during the wedding. Technically, however, the marriage is decided by Naeva's ward General Granville -- Gilder's military head. The Amazing Avery is here to help show Gilder's power, but privately you know his potions are unreliable.

Your Goals are to ensure Gilder's interests, find out what the old king is up to, and investigate suspicious characters.

Your unique talent is Sleight of Hand. You may open any lock, and make any item you're holding disappear. The items cannot be found by searching you.

The Amazing Avery - magician and advisor to the general

You are the heir to a long line of wondrous wizards, but sadly the talent seems to have skipped your generation. Your best skill is in potion-making, but the potions are often unreliable. Your fame has spread through many lands, but those close to you in Gilder know that your potions rarely work the way they were intended.

Your Goal is to prove the worth and usefulness of your magic to everyone. You want to support Gilder and keep your job there, but just in case you'd like to arrange possible employment in Florin as well.

Your unique talent is create amazing but unreliable potions. You will be given a number of vials. There is a label on each of what it is supposed to do, but what actually happens can only be found by drinking it. Instruct the player who drinks it should open the vial and follow the instructions inside.

Captain Barnabas

You are an enterprising and fearsome pirate captain, and have ingeniously infiltrated the palace by disguising you and your officers as actors. Your disguises do little to cover up your pirate manners and speech -- but your excuse to the captain of the guard was that you were preparing a play about pirates. Two months ago, your greatest rival the Dark Pirate Stevens was slain by the hero Jayden. Jayden is now the only man you have any fear or respect for. Jayden took Stevens' treasure as salvage back to Florin, where you believe it now lines the King's personal treasury. Somehow you will get it back. Your crew follows you without question, and you leave managing them to first mate Smee.

Your Goal is to find the king's confiscated pirate treasure.

Your unique talent is Do As I Say! You may shout a brief command, then show your card and make the target do that for a ten-count. However, you cannot do this on the same person more than once every 15 minutes or so.

First Mate Smee

All your life you wanted to be a pirate -- the most exciting, noble, and honorable profession there is. You rose through ranks, looking after and training your crew, until you became first mate under Captain Barnabas. You apprenticed likely-looking youth as pirates, such as Riley who was captured as a baby nineteen years ago from richly furnished Florin ship off the Islands of Splendor. Others were recruited, such as Angel Meroe who transfered from the Dark Pirate Stevens a year ago. Black Errol volunteered and signed a five-year contract two years ago. He is enthusiastic and his clever disguises helped you infiltrate the palace. Captain Barnabas is able, but he thinks little about his crew, and tend to bark out orders and assume that they'll be followed.

Your Goal is to replace Captain Barnabas as pirate leader, while safeguarding yourself and the rest of the crew. You will need either to get him captured while escaping, or transfer the crew's loyalty to yourself by discrediting the captain.

Your unique talent is Exacting. You can force people to obey their promises to you.

Angel Meroe - the pirate-born tough rogue

You were born a pirate and grew up with your mother, who was a pirate working for the Dark Pirate Stevens. The pirate life is all you've ever known, and it comes naturally to you. When you came of age a year ago, you transfered off and came to work for Captain Barnabas. You were thrilled to be on your own, and were determined to make your mother proud by being the best pirate you could be. Your heart was broken, though, when you learned that two months ago, the Dark Pirate Stevens and his crew were slain and their treasure captured by the pirate-hunting hero Jayden.

Your Goal is to find your mother's killer, and extract a slow revenge of suffering rather than a quick death. You really want to stay with the crew and even get their help in your revenge, since a good pirate is loyal. However, if push comes to shove, family comes first.

Your unique talent is Born Scrapper. You can best any man in a fight.

Red Riley - young foundling raised by Smee

You grew up on Captain Barnabas' pirate ship, never knowing your real parents who evidently were lost in some battle. First Mate Smee raised you kindly, though, and you've grown to be an able pirate. As you came on this mission to infiltrate Florin's palace, Smee confessed to you that you were captured from a ship that flew the Florin flag. Records in the palace might tell you who you parents were.

Your Goal is to help your pirate family on their mission, but also to find the truth of your birth.

Your unique talent is Sincerity. If you say something that is the truth, you can tell any player out-of-character that it is true and they are compelled to believe you.

Black Errol - the pirate who always wanted to be an actor

You grew up with a talent for flamboyant swordplay, speaking loudly, and dashing acrobatics. At first, the job of pirate seemed like a natural fit -- and you volunteered two years ago to sign up with a pirate crew under Captain Barnabas and First Mate Smee. Since then, though, you realize that your true calling is to be an actor! When you learned that you were going to pose as a theater troupe, the opportunity seems ripe to fulfill your dream. Unfortunately, your contract with Barnabas is for five years of service.

Your Goal is to get a noble patron to sponsor you as a real actor, without being either caught as a pirate by the authorities, or caught by your fellow pirates as a traitor for breaking your contract.

Your unique talent is Acting! You may disguise yourself as any non-named character. You will have a supply of nametags. Take a nametag and write a new name on it, and you may introduce yourself to other players who won't recognize you.