Reunion Wishes

         In the spirit of the Dresden Files & Supernatural, this is a larp about a high school reunion where classmates who encountered mystic forces as teenagers get together ten years later. The forces that trailed two in particular warp time, and the events of the past collide with the present for everyone. All characters have unusual secrets, contributing to a suspicious and mysterious atmosphere.

         This larp was inspired by the larp "The School Trip," created by Martin Svahn and Johan Nilsson for Knutpunkt 2009. It also inherits ideas on powers from my earlier comedic larps, "A Royal Celebration" and "A Hero's Welcome."

         In keeping with high school tradition, the characters below are listed grouped by their high school clique: Jocks, Nerds, and Fringe. They each are given a single simple label - which is meant to be how others thought of them in high school. However, none of the characters are caricatures or stereotypes in themselves. Also, they are all gender-neutral.





         Standard larp rules for the local tradition should apply, possibly including willingness the conventions for "cut" and "break" to adjust play, and/or the American "no touching" convention.

         There are no formal mechanics for this scenario except for the supernatural abilities included in the character descriptions. If there is any trouble deciding the result of conflict between character, a simple coin flip can decide. All of the characters are at this point fairly average folk with the exception of their supernatural qualities, so it is a fair estimation that they have even chances in most contests.


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