Do as I Say!: You may shout a brief command, then show your card and make the target do that for a ten-count. However, you cannot do this on the same person more than once every 15 minutes or so.

Exacting: You can force people to obey their promises to you. Show them your card when they make their promise, and instruct them that they must fulfill what they said.

Born Scrapper: You can best any man in a fight.

Sneaky: As long as you're not in the middle of a conversation or conflict, you can start sneaking -- which you indicate by holding up your fists on either side of your head. While you're sneaking, everyone should role-play as if they don't see you. You can overhear conversations, but you cannot affect anyone until you make it clear that you have stopped sneaking.

Menacing Glare: You are so intimidating that no one dare attack or mess with you. You cannot be deliberately harmed or affected by anyone's talent. If someone tries an action on you, show your card and have them describe how they back off from attempting it.

Jinx: You can break any object - from a sword to a door lock to a cannon - simply by getting your hands on it.

Blather: By either talking to someone or being within one pace of them, you can force them to stay and talk with you for up to five minutes. This doesn't prevent them from doing other things at the same time (including attack you!), but they must stay and exchange words.

Detect Lies: At any point, you can show your card to another player and ask them if their last statement was a lie.

Wheeler-Dealer:  You can get anyone to agree to a trade of goods, especially one involving sheep. They may change their minds immediately after, however - within a count of twenty. Your offer should be somewhat reasonable, but it can be a large number of sheep. ("I'll give you 20 sheep for that crown.")  Hand the person a note informing them of how many sheep they now own.

Sharp-Eared: If you observe a conversation, you can go up to the people who just spoke and show your card to make them summarize what they just said.

Run Away!: You always escape any conflict. Show your card to the attackers and tell them that they can't catch up to you, then move away at a safe speed.

Always Prepared: You may have any generic item that could conceivably be on your person. You should have a set of index cards, and can write on those index cards the item that you have.

Heroism: Four times during the game, you can automatically win a conflict that you lost the coin toss for. Tear off one corner of this note as a marker with each use.

Piercing Scream: Thanks to jittery nerves and a healthy set of lungs, you can let out a scream that stuns and deafens those within 3 paces of you and is heard everywhere.   Inform those nearby that they are stunned to the count of ten and deaf for 15 minutes, and to pass on that there has been an ear-piercing scream.

Magical Disguise: You may disguise yourself as any non-named character. You will have a supply of nametags. Take a nametag and write a new name on it, and you may introduce yourself to other players who won't recognize you.

Competence: To represent your foresight and skill, you may four times in the game make a proper choice. You may take back a single action or distinct bit of conversation, up to one minute back. Show your card and instruct the other players to ignore what just happened, tearing off one corner to indicate the use.