Black-Eyed Pete - the unlucky pirate who always breaks things

You are the second-youngest member of the pirate crew, and always getting in trouble for breaking things. You are close to Sam Sparrow, the cabin boy, and are well-liked by most of the crew despite the tendency for everything to break around you. You like Captain Barnabas and are truly loyal to him, but even you have to admit that his cover story of your being traveling minstrels is far-fetched.

Your Goal is to prove your worth to your superiors - Captain Barnabas and First Mate Smee.

Your unique talent is Jinx. You can break any object - from a sword to a door lock to a cannon - simply by getting your hands on it.

Constable Casey - the panicky local constable of the town

You have been the acting constable of the town ever since your brother the constable disappeared two years ago. Unfortunately, this town has fallen into hard times since the new Count Everett has taken over more than a dozen years ago. The people had high hopes when the old Count died that his only heir Francis would take over. However, Francis was away on the King's business and never returned. Instead, the old count's in-law Everett claimed the seat. Since then, the new Count has wreaked havoc with withering taxes, while those to oppose the taxes disappear and rumors of dark magic have spread.

You Goal is to ensure safety - first for yourself, and also for the town if that is possible.

Your unique talent is Piercing Scream. Thanks to jittery nerves and a healthy set of lungs, you can let out a scream that stuns and deafens those within 3 paces of you and is heard everywhere. Inform those nearby that they are stunned to the count of ten and deaf for 15 minutes, and to pass on that there has been an ear-piercing scream.

Ash -guardsman assigned to Captain Jayden

You are a talented guardsman in the King's army, but you have not had a chance to prove it yet. Unfortunately, you have been assigned to an incompetant fool Jayden - who somehow has gotten the reputation as a famous pirate-fighting hero, but in reality is a blunderer and coward. It will do you no good, though, to show Jayden up - since that would reflect poorly on you both as well as cast doubt on your loyalty.

Your Goal is to impress the Inspector with your skill and loyalty, securing a recommendation for an officer's commission.

Your unique talent is Competence. To represent your foresight and skill, you may four times in the game make a proper choice. You may take back a single action or distinct bit of conversation, up to one minute back. Show your card and instruct the other players to ignore what just happened, tearing off one corner to indicate the use.

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