The Bandits

You are bandits, surviving in the wilderness under the leadership of Starling. Life has been particularly tough since the Queen and her children disappeared five years ago, and the Regent took over. He has conscripted nearly all the men into armies to fight a war against the neighboring kingdom of Guilder, whom he claims killed the Queen. As outlaws, you don't give to the poor, but you at least go easy on them.

The bandits are all loyal to Starling, who is taking you on a raid of the Druid's lair to kidnap the Regent's daughter and hold her for ransom. The Druids are an ancient order who tend the forest and speak to the spirits here. Thus far you have kept peace with them, but Starling feel the reward is worth the risk.

Wilem the Giant

You are a loyal member of Starling's band of outlaws. You are a large but gentle-hearted soul, though, tending to intimidate by your size more than fight.