The Druids

You are members of the ancient order of Druids, lead by Alea the Prophetess. For over a thousand years you have watched over the forest and the spirits that live within it. In the kingdom beyond, the Queen and her daughter disappeared five years ago - sparking a long war with the kingdom of Guilder whom the Regent blamed for their deaths.

Within the forest, all was well until recently when a mischievous fae creature stole two magical artifacts: the snake wand and the sacred chalice. The creature, Mab, can take many forms -- and none of the other forest spirits have seen it recently.

Regan, the Forest Guardian

You are the guardian of the forest for your order, charged with protecting the order and the forest. (....)

You have a power of invulnerability that flows from the earth that can extend to anyone whom you are touching, but only if none of you move a single step from the ground.