The Royals

You are a small party on a secret mission for the Regent, a royal cousin who has ruled since the disappearance of the Queen and her children five years ago. Since then, the Regent has waged war on the kingdom of Guilder who ambushed them. Under the command of the Regent's daughter Carsa, you are following a lead to recover the Queen's amulet, which was stolen from the capital months ago. Passing through Edgewood Forest, you have taken shelter for the night with the ancient order of Druids, who tend the forest and speak to the spirits here. The forest is home to many bandits, so it is good that you are under their protection.

Magda, Servant-Girl

You are not a servant girl at all, but actually a mischievous fae creature named Mab in disguise. In principle, you can change your shape to any person or animal. However, it takes about an hour, so you won't be doing it here.

Starting a month ago, you decided to cause trouble by stealing the magic wand and cup of the Druids. You hid them somewhere up the Eagle's Path and down the stream, but you forgot exactly where. You know you left clues about where they were, though.

As a fae creature, you're mischievous and mainly want to cause trouble. You can't be harmed directly, but the magicians could make life very difficult for you. You would like promises of safety, money, and maybe some funny dares to reveal what little you know.