The Druids

You are members of the ancient order of Druids, lead by Alea the Prophetess. For over a thousand years you have watched over the forest and the spirits that live within it. In the kingdom beyond, the Queen and her children disappeared five years ago - sparking a long war with the kingdom of Guilder whom the Regent blamed for their deaths.

Within the forest, all was well until one month ago when a mischievous fae creature stole two magical artifacts: the snake wand and the sacred chalice. The creature, Mab, can take many forms -- and none of the other forest spirits have seen it recently.

Alea the Prophetess

You are the leader of the ancient order of Druids, and have the power of prophecy among others. You know much though not all of what has and will happen.

Currently, the Regent's daughter Carsa and her attendants are visiting. She is planning to betray her father, wishing to find the Queen's amulet and call upon you to use its power to find the Queen's true heir. Unfortunately, a fae creature has stolen the chalice and wand that you would need to perform the ritual. The creature has returned in the guise of a servant girl with the Regent's daughter, but it has forgotten exactly where it hid the artifacts. Also, the witch Bridget among Starling's bandits saw where the creature went to hide the cup and wand in the forest.

Once you have the cup, the wand, and the Queen's amulet, you can perform a magical ritual that will reveal the Queen's true heir. (NOTE: You as player can decide who the Queen's true heir is among the players there.)